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His work explores the emotional response, new forms of slavery, the tormented soul, and the language of corrupted thought. His work also sheds light to the subconscious conversations we have behind the mask worn. He disconnects the painted image from the common experience and perception of the viewer to enable the creation of new figurations and experiences. To create these complex images, he blurs the lines between the imposed disciplines of the art world such as painting, illustration, and drawing to disrupt the concepts of what is considered high and low-brow art. 

Children of God #2
Children of God #1
Children of God #3
Children of God #5
Children of God #3

N. Carlos J. is a New York City visual artist, designer and curator based in Brooklyn, who employs painting, illustration and drawing elements within his works. With a degree in Fine Arts and a background in mural painting, his works range from smaller multiples to large scale murals in the public forum. He began his study in fine arts at the High School of Art and Design, and continued at the Fashion Institute of Technology where he received his BFA. 

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