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Our world is filled with a barrage of distractions that can provide escapes and facades to hide our true selves. Many people show how they want others to view them, few people show who they really are. We are intricate beings. Alfield’s work not only captures our complexities, but aims to inspire people to look beyond the surface and find their authentic selves. His work also explores themes of black and brown people empowerment, self-confidence and self-reflection, faith and collaboration.


Caution: Black Girl Magic
Caution: Black Girl Magic is from a photo series I did back in 2017 entitled #MelaninatedNaturals, which focused on highlighting black women and their natural hair. It was part of a larger project entitled "No GMO's" in collaboration with creative Keyon Lovett.
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Photo by me Modeled by (left to right) Deshawn Madison, Aleka Thrash, and Angalia Bennett
“Black & brown people face walls everyday. ⠀ Our history, our present and our progress have all been met with walls. Walls held up by colorism and self-hate, ignorance and oppression. Walls that stall us as soon as a glimmer of hope arises. Walls that tell us we’re not good enough. Walls that suffocate our beauty. Walls that minimize our abilities. Walls that show us they love our culture but not our people. ⠀ But still we rise above it.⠀ Because the thing about walls are, they are constantly broken down and climbed over.
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Photo by Me Modeled by Kenyalie Mcintosh

Alfield Reeves is a self-taught published photographer residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is originally from Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. He picked up photography during his sophomore year at Western Michigan University. He specializes in editorial, wedding, event and portrait photography. He’s known for his fashion editorial and black & white work. His work is featured in online platforms and magazines like Vogue Italia, SaveArtSpace, Burlington, NowThis, Blavity, and CRWN Magazine.

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