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My work is based on the atmosphere of a moment and its intimacy…the secrets behind it. I have always believed that stories have a life of their own.
I like to silently intrude into different private scenes of ongoing stories, inviting you to come along with me as a silent spectator, no matter which moment that is. I open a door for you to experience it as your own and decide where to go from that moment on.

Digital Illustration for an upcoming interior mural.
The Girl Who Wanted it All
Killer Queen
Free Love
All Along
I'm starting to think I imagine you all along... Part of True Romantic series. A project born out of the uncertainty experienced in the times of quarantine when we had to stay apart from our lover.

Laura Peretti is an Illustrator and designer based in New York.  Born in 1986 in Argentina, she studied Graphic Design at Buenos Aires University and Art with recognized Argentinian artists.  In 2020 she got her MFA in Illustration at School of Visual Arts, New York, where she continues to work in freelance illustration and art production.

Her work goes from paintings on wood panels, to digital media, using color and shapes to find balance while crafting fluid illustrations that show strength in a provocative and alluring way.

United States of America
San Francisco
United States
Los Angeles
Republic of Korea



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