Chaeeun Lee

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"Harmony in Contradiction” is main concept in my bodies of innerscape abstract works. Through its focus on line and gestural marks, each painting creates an interplay between fluid natural shapes and spatial depth. These translucent paint marks and flat shapes appear spontaneous yet purposeful, adding an element of dynamism to the overall composition. The contradiction between airiness and flat surfaces adds illusionistic spatial depth to the work. The gestural marks employed by the sense of movement contribute to the creation of fluid natural shapes that evoke a sense of harmony and balance. The lines across the canvas posses an organic quality, reminiscent of flowing and intertwining emotional states. Through exploring these fundamental elements, I hope to captivate and invite viewers to have their own discovery and interpretation.

Enter the Mirage (2023)
Enter the Mirage(2023) 53x63in Acrylics on Canvas
Hidden Ego (2023)
Hidden Ego(2023) 102x55in Acrylics on Canvas
Between Lines II: Andata(2023) 102x55in Acrylics on Canvas
Between Lines II: Untitled (2023)
Between Lines II: Untitled (2023) 50x62in Acrylics on Canvas
United States
New York
United Kingdom



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