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I always loved the feeling of applying paint with a brush. The texture created when paint is combined with liquid solvent, and the changes observed when colors are mixed with one another provide a constant, intimate thrill. My painting reflects a line-based language, defined by layers and color combinations. More than anything, I try to be true of myself while I work. I believe directness of acting and being is the way to one’s true nature. This nature is not something we make; it is already there. Zen teaches that we spend years forgetting and abandoning this nature, but that we can always access it again. Once realized, this approach translates effortlessly to everything I create.

The process of painting is not simply about my own journey but about connecting with others. My abstract works reflect something that is shared between all beings. Mahayana, or ‘great vehicle’, captures this idea of finding wholeness through turning inward. Therefore painting, like life, is inherently a collective exercise. I consider the contents of each painting to reflect a captured moment - the record of a fleeting experience. I hope my work provides viewers with a window to the truth of their own being.

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Growing up in Korea, I found art quite naturally. I was a quiet child who enjoyed reading, drawing, calligraphy and other peaceful activities. After graduating from Seoul Women’s University with a BFA I pursued an international education, completing an MA at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, then an MFA at New York’s Pratt Institute. Each place and experience has informed my creative process. My work, which is made up of lines that follow the flow of my unconscious mind, has been shown in cities like New York, Chicago, Miami and Seoul.

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