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My parents immigrated from Guatemala to the United States in search of that “American Dream” but never abandoning their roots, and so my work encompasses the beauty and history of Guatemala. I wanted to not only demonstrate the scenic landscapes but also capture the culture through colors and portraiture. As an illustrator with the unlimited tools to create, I implemented pyrography for detail and engrain the work to highlight and accentuate the details into the pieces. Guatemala is a very rural, historic and beautiful place and wood burning was the only medium I felt that could capture the features. Guatemala is another home for me that I visit every year and each time is an insightful experience that leaves me melancholy as I return home to my regular American lifestyle. I may not have been born in Guatemala, but it runs in my blood and holds meaning and connection to my identity. I want viewers to look at and appreciate the beauty that I see when I visit Guatemala and its culture.

La Lonchera
pyrography and acrylic on wood, 5.5"x9"
pyrography on wood, 9"x12"

Nathaly Orozco was born in Los Angeles and currently resides in Santa Monica. She attended the California State University, Northridge, and received her B.A. focused on illustration.
Both of her parents were born in Guatemala and immigrated to the United States in 1989. This influenced her art greatly as she was still surrounded by the Guatemalan culture in her home. Along with her siblings, they grew up on cartoons, piquing her interest in art at a young age. Although no one in her family is an artist, she is a first-generation, Guatemalan-American artist inspired to make art based on her family's roots and childhood influences.
She is a multifaceted illustrator in her style and uses mediums such as pyrography, pen and ink, colored pencils, paint, and so on.

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