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Virtual Reality Climate Change Memorial





The ‘Virtual Reality Climate Change Memorial’ is set in a post-2050 future where some of the worst climate predictions have come true. Species going extinct, constant “natural disasters”, extreme weather conditions, cities drowning, millions displaced or homeless, food scarcity, extreme air pollution making it hard to breathe, and more. The memorial is a virtual space to grieve all that has been lost, away from the physical world that is in turmoil. As well as this function, considering the contemporary audience, the space also hopes to inform about climate change using factual evidence and compelling stories based on truth with the intent to ‘move’ the audience emotionally and to action. At its center is a graveyard of 100 entities predicted to be lost by the year 2050, around which is a growing collection of creative responses to the idea detailed above. 

Going forward I would like to open the space up to include creative responses to this idea from artists and creatives worldwide as this is a global issue of which disastrous effects can already be seen around the world. If you are interested in submitting some work for this space please read the details in the link provided and get in touch with any questions.


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DEAR2050: Oceans on the rise





We are pleased to announce our second call for artists and activists in concert with our call for scientific manuscripts. We invite you to join our efforts with this year 2021 call “Oceans on the rise” around the effects of climate change on the oceans.

We welcome art works of all styles, artistic, artivist and activist initiatives, art & science collaborations and everything in between.

Participation offers:

• The opportunity to share your art work with a new, diverse audience

• The presentation of your art work in this year’s DEAR2050 exhibition

• The sale of prints of your art work in our online shop

• The chance to have an impact on the public discourse about the climate challenge.

• The chance to win exciting prizes (jury selection)


The deadline for finalizing works is 31 August 2021.

Please notify us of your intention to participate with your proposal as soon as possible but no later than 25 March 2021.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Prize summary: 
Win 1000 CHF
Prizes Details: 


1. First prize: CHF 1000

2. Second prize: CHF 500

3. Third prize: CHF 500


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"Count Us In" Creative Open Call





What or who do you want to protect most from the effects of climate change?

For February, the month of ‘love’, Count Us In are inviting artists and illustrators to submit new or existing work in the form of a single image to inspire people to consider: What or who do you want to protect most from the effects of climate change?

Selected entries from the open call will be published as part of an Instagram takeover on the Count Us In Instagram account from Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

What is Count Us In?

Count Us In is a radical collaboration by over 70 organisations around the world (and growing) including TED, the EU, Tottenham Hotspur, IKEA, the Olympics and many more. Our aim is to inspire 1 billion individual citizens to take practical actions to reduce their carbon pollution and place pressure on leaders to make bold the changes needed to prevent the worst effects of climate change over the next decade. We will achieve this through Count Us In soft-launched in late 2020 with big ambitions for 2021. See for more information on the project.

Creative Tips: What makes great climate communication? 

This open call is designed to inspire change and ignite action! Based on our our research here are some top tips for your image submission:

1. Uplift! Research tells us that when it comes to climate, imagery and messages of doom and despair can actually be ineffective. The Count Us In approach is about highlighting the positives that will come if we act now. Consider optimistic, celebratory or even humorous angles.

2. Think local:  Make it personal and close to home. It could be a place (local park where you hike) an animal (your cat!), an experience or a relationship. 

3. Be Specific: Research also tells us humans respond to specifics - so the more detailed you are about what you want to protect, the clearer your message will land. 

4. A clear message: Be creative but bear in mind an abstract image or generic (albeit beautiful) landscape may not be the most effective at communicating your message. Something figurative, graphic or with people may be more useful. 

5. Avoid climate cliches: Decades of campaigns about polar bears and burning planets mean that - even if it's true - those messages are less effective at getting people to pay attention.


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Człowiek! Tu byłem!





Wirtualne Muzeum Antropocenu announces an international open call for our first exhibition “Człowiek! Tu byłem!” (eng. Human was here!)

From November 26 – December 20, 2020 we invite artists — regardless of background, education and nationality to submit works to our inaugural exhibition.

“Człowiek! Tu byłem!” is a visual and conceptual exploration of the Anthropocene - the era of the human, its complexities and contradictions. What does it feel like? What does it sound like? What does it look and taste like? Engage your senses and dive into what it means to live in and experience the Antropocene.

All visual, literary, and sound works are welcome.


Wirtualne Muzeum Antropocenu (eng. Virtual Museum of the Anthropocene) is the first of its kind fully virtual cultural institution examining and documenting the nuances of the human era - the Anthropocene. We reflect upon and examine the environmental changes triggered by human activity as well as the relationship between humans, nature and technology. The interdisciplinary approach is at the core of our work, allowing us to combine the freedom of creative expression with the scientific and technological innovations and breakthroughs in our explorations.


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Liverpool Arab Arts Festival 2021: Call for Proposals





Liverpool Arab Arts Festival (LAAF) is inviting proposals for our 2021 festival. The festival will be held Friday 16 – Sunday 25 July, 2021.

The devastating impact of climate change is being felt across the world. Global warming is fuelling extreme weather events, rising sea levels, intense heat, natural disasters, environmental degradation, food and water insecurity, mass migration, and conflict.
These consequences are already daily experiences for many within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
Our 2021 festival will respond to how climate change is impacting MENA communities who are already experiencing the destruction of their environments and land due to conflict and colonialism.
We welcome proposals from artists from or based in the MENA region, or artists across the globe with MENA or Arab heritage, that responds directly to, or are influenced by, issues related to climate change.
Examples include:

  • The climate and environmental crisis within the Arab world
  • Local and global issues related to conflict, colonialism or climate justice
  • Works/ideas that increase awareness and encourage a global exchange of new ideas
  • Works that imagine a more sustainable future

Proposals can be in any art form, including: dance, theatre, music, visual art, spoken word, or literature.
Outputs can include: live performances, events, artworks, exhibitions, workshops, public realm works, talks, panel discussions, young people’s activities, or digital activities.
We are strongly committed to promoting the inclusion of womxn, queer, Black Arab, and Deaf or disabled artists in our work.
We ask applicants to consider how they can minimise their environmental impact at every stage of their proposal.
The deadline for applications is Friday 4 December 2020.


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The Right to a Future: Fighting Climate Change MUSIC VIDEO





Deadline: 30 November, 2020

Call for Videos: The Right to a Future: Fighting Climate Change Music Video

Learn more here:

Sea levels are rising! Ice sheets are melting faster than ever! There are too many greenhouse gases! The Earth is on fire! Global temperatures are increasing rapidly! Weather patterns are out of control! Forests are being destructed! Animals are dying! People are dying!

What does the future hold? What will life be like for our young people, our communities and future generations? Will there even be a future? And if so, what kind of future will it be?

The year 2020 saw continued tremendous change with youth activists, school pupils and communities coming together across the planet to protest against the lack of climate leadership from world leaders and to underscore the sense of urgency of the severe climate crisis we are facing.

And this youth movement must continue in 2021 and beyond to keep pressure on all world leaders that can help reverse the detrimental effects of climate change.

New York City and Berlin-based record label BB3 Dynamics Records is going to create an educational music video called “The Right to a Future” to the accompanying music written by Berlin-based composer Bates Belk which is aimed at helping raise awareness and educating current and future generations about the importance of protecting the Earth’s environment now and in the future. To help us create “The Right to a Future” music video, we are asking people of all ages and languages from across the planet to send us their own videos of anything that they have filmed and recorded that shows their contribution and views on the importance of helping protect the Earth’s environment. Examples of videos that can be sent for this music video to help educate and raise awareness can be filmed recordings from people in countries all over the world of:

--powerful and emotional images filmed by you from climate strike protests

--active destruction images filmed by you of human beings destroying forests and oceans

--Factories emitting chemicals, smoke, toxic waste in the air and on the ground

--people enjoying parks, gardens, forests, mountains, beaches, lakes, oceans, deserts, farms, their own backyards

--people coming together to help save plants, land and animals from human destruction

--anything you have personally experienced and filmed wherever you are in the world that you feel demonstrates your part in climate protection no matter how big or small

--abstract and realistic visual art (photography, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, drawings etc.) created by you that reflects your climate protection vision and message

There is no right or wrong video to enter for this. It is your viewpoint wherever you are on the planet with whatever you have recorded and filmed. It is your experience and we want to share your unique experience, creativity views and visions in the music video that will then be distributed globally. You can be as creative and “out-of-the-box” as you want! We want you to! Do not hold back! Go for it!

Videos that get selected will then be edited together in Berlin, Germany to the song “The Right to a Future” written specifically for this project by composer Bates Belk that you can hear here ( with the goal of raising awareness and educating current and future generations about the importance of protecting the Earth’s environment. You have a message and we want to share your message! We want you to be part of this!

The final music video in early 2021 will then be:

--globally distributed via VEVO YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music, Vimeo and Tidal with much coverage in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia

--have specific distribution in Africa and South America

--sent to classrooms and educational facilities in countries and communities across the planet for inclusion in future environmental protection lessons for our youth

***Conditions of Submission of Your Video***

--Deadline for submission is 30 November 2020.

--There is NO entry fee.

--Videos can be any length you so choose…however just know that we will be editing many videos down to fit a short timeline for a cohesive storyline with the accompanying Bates Belk music. So, any video filmed by you between .10 seconds and 2 or 3 minutes should be fine. Again, any video that gets sent in will be edited down to fit the music and other videos sent in.

--If your video is selected, you will have your name in the “credits” section at the end of the video.

--There is a “Video Release Form” that you need to fill out and sign here. This is to ensure that BB3 Dynamics Records has the formal approval by you to use your video in “The Right to a Future” music video, but please note that you still own your video and that you may still use your video you have recorded and sent to BB3 Dynamics Records for other projects you so choose. The video you send in is a “non-exclusive” right and you still own your video.


--We will let you know in December 2020 if your video has been selected and will share the final edited music video with you in early 2021.

--Send (1) your video and (2) the filled out and signed “Video Release Form” to


Help us spread the word within your communities, with your friends, with your families, your colleagues and associates where you work, in your schools and your classrooms!

DOWNLOAD “The Right to a Future Fighting Climate Change” One Sheet Description to share in your communities


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