Make your Own

Disciplines: All
Location: All
Other: Inclusive of disciplines outside visual art as well


Application Fee: None
Participation Fee: None
Additional Fees: None

Looking for visual artists, designers, illustrators from all over the world to take part in the project called 'Make your Own' as a part of the 'Is your guilty pleasure having unique bags?' by Coffewear.

Participating creatives will transform their drawings and design a work of art. The artwork should be inspired by coffee or something connected to upcycling, but the final piece can be abstract!

MUYA Open Call - 幻化纬度 (Transform & Unique & Latitude)

About MUYA:

MUYA is an artist and designer independent subscription and WeMedia art platform based in English and Chinese languages. We hold the respect and love for the art and look forward to hearing from more and more diverse and unique artistic thoughts. We are aiming to build an art interview space and a platform for individuals.

In the time of 2020 and 2021, although we had a tough time in 2020, it will not stop us from moving forward. Whenever we are working, we are still working hard for a better future step by step, day by day. What did you do in 2020? And What are you planning for 2021? MUYA is welcoming our new publication plan for next season. We are looking forward to your submission!!

honorarium opportunities for Zines

EXILE books is offering LOTS of oportunities to and be paid and published between now and the end of 2021

Upload your zines to the EXILE Zine Pool and be elgible for ranging from $100 to $500!  The Pool serves as an open ended submissions database for juried selections for special projects, as well as a virtual zine library. 

Heres how it works:

*It doesn't cost any money to submit your work and you can submit as many different works as you like. 

*Every zine will be on public view in the zine pool. Jurors for special projects will make their pics exclusively from the pool. 

What type of work should I send in? 

Juries will be looking for material that focuses on these areas:

MUYA (Designers & Artists Interview) Open Call

MUYA was founded in 2020 and is committed to exploring all aspects of perceptual culture. Includes contemporary art, design, illustration, craft, street art, animation, new materials, media and more. MUYA invites artists, curators, studio partners and creators from around the world to engage in a dialogue. To solve the problem, development direction, emphasis on new, unconventional creativity as the main ideas.


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