AAP Magazine #38 Women, $1,000 Cash Prizes + Publication

Our 38th printed issue of AAP Magazine will feature the best projects showcasing the theme "Women"'.

Since the medium's inception, women have been the subject of photographers but also experimented photography as a tool of documentation and a space of self-expression. This 38th edition of AAP Magazine encourages photographers to celebrate all the important things women do.

Send us a cohesive body of work or portfolio - capturing the essence, hard-work, beauty, resilience, kindness... of women! The subject is completely open, it can be fashion, nude, documentary, portrait, sports, fine art, commercial.. Any capture method or process, whether digital or analog, including monochromatic toning, is welcome.

Girl Power!

Ever since it made its grand entrance on the popular culture stage thanks to the US punk band Bikini Kill, the term “Girl Power” has steadfastly held its position as a significant (political) catchphrase. “Girl Power” gained more prominence in pop culture after it was embraced by the British pop band the Spice Girls in the late 90’s, transforming it into a significant and appealing slogan. The meaning of ”Girl Power” is a self-reliant attitude among people in ambition, assertiveness, and individualism. In this art show, we wish to pay homage to the voices and the stories woven by women across generations. It is a tribute to the transformations, the triumphs, and the unity that can arise when women unapologetically embrace their individuality and their stories.

CALL FOR ARTISTS | Artist, Mother, Proud & Serious VOL II

Women United ART MOVEMENT, a global platform advocating for gender equality in the art world, is excited to announce a new call for artists for VOL II of the annual publication ARTIST, MOTHER, PROUD & SERIOUS!


Artist, Mother, Proud & Serious is a labour of love. It is a tribute to women who often find themselves on the edge of the art world because they don’t fit the stereotype of what “a professional artist” should look like. They often feel like having to justify their passion for the arts and their time in the studio.


Historically, a female artist who is also a mother, has not been considered an art book material. That is, until we came along and pushed the boundaries with our 400-page VOL I. We see you!


Down There

Approximately half of Earth's population has vulvar anatomy. The vulva includes, but is not limited to, the vaginal opening, labia majora, labia minora, urethral opening, mon pubis, and external clitoris. Historically relegated as shameful, dirty, or impure across cultures, bodies with vulvas and/or vaginas have been both misunderstood and insufficiently studied by scientists and doctors for centuries. Down There seeks to lift back imposed veils of stigma and mystery, bringing to the forefront conversations around vulvar anatomy, vocabulary, diversity, emotionality, etc. Visual arts media as well as writing, poetry, performance, and video submissions will all be considered.


Women United ART MOVEMENT, a global platform championing women in the arts, is excited to announce a new call for artists for the anniversary issue of its quarterly print and digital publication Women United ART MAGAZINE!


CALL FOR ARTSTS | IAMWOMEN: Reimagining Her Light online group exhibit

Women United ART MOVEMENT is excited to announce a new call for art for a group online exhibit IAMWOMEN: REIMAGINING HER LIGHT!

Celebrating women of all different walks of life through their beauty and their elegance and their rage and their pleasure as it stretches across their art. The exhibition takes you on a journey across the world through the seasons of femininity from the perspective of women artists, regardless of race, education, location, career stage, marital status, etc.

Women United Art Movement seeks to feature original visual artwork from international women artists of all mediums. The IAMWOMEN virtual exhibition uses artwork, discourse, and live events, to showcase the art of womanhood in all its stages through various forms of mediums. 


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