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Call for submissions - Artist of the Month ( September )



ARTJOBS, over the years, has established collaborations and partnerships with publications, galleries, talent agencies, auction houses, public and private institutions to continue to discover and promote the best artists from the arts & creative industries.

Artist of the Month
A competition established to encourage the pursuit of excellence in art.

To have your work seen by 600,000+ visitors around the world, including world-leading companies,  brands, publications, creative agencies, galleries, talent agencies, collectors, curators, writers, and more, we encourage submissions from artists to take this opportunities to submit your best works and connect with our online audiences from 200+ countries ! 

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Best Picture of the Month ( September )




Stories change the world
BestPicture aims to promote photography, photo based art and the best visual story to audiences all over the world.  
The selected works will receive the title: "BestPicture of the Month" and the works will be seen by our audiences from 200+ countries, including leading publications, galleries and collectors.

Supported By : ArtJobs & ArtWeek

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ArtConnect x Modulor Open Call | Material Hybdrids





Show us projects that combine different materials in unique and interesting ways. Win prizes from Modulor to choose from their huge selection of professional art supplies and get featured in ArtConnect’s Magazine as well as Modulor’s own magazine for creatives.

How do materials inspire you and enter into your artistic process? What combinations of materials excite you? Show us projects that you think combine materials in fascinating ways.

This open call is created especially with the new school year in mind and is open to students registered at art schools in Europe. Projects may be either digital or analog as long as they incorporate and highlight at least two materials in combination or juxtaposition.

We want to make it possible for you to take some risks and experiment with new materials and that’s why we developed this open call together with Modulor.


*Currently enrolled as a student in a fine art program in Europe
*An up-to-date ArtConnect artist profile
*Publish the work as a Project on ArtConnect with max. 10 images or one audiovisual sample (max duration 5 min.)
*Describe how this project is related to the theme of material hybrids.

Prize summary: 
250 euros total in art supplies
Prizes Details: 


1 x First prize winner will receive:

1 x 150 euro voucher redeemable at Modulor’s online store

2 x Runners-up will receive:

1 x 50 euro voucher redeemable at Modulor’s online store

All three projects will be:

Featured in ArtConnect Magazine

Featured in Modulor’s Online Magazine

Have their work shared on both Modulor and ArtConnect’s social media to an audience of art lovers, professionals, and collectors


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Free to Submit
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This Halloween, we’re asking artists and performers to reimagine the theme of dis-possession and the invisible for a virtual exhibition, APPARITIONS, accepting all mediums. Coming from a diasporic perspective, dis-possession is: separation and disconnect from ancestors, heritage, land, and bodies.

The intention is this exhibit will be a collective sacred space around Halloween, a time that’s centered on ancestral rituals and being open to the intangible. Submit anything you’d like to share in this space, including time-based media, interactive media, performance art, visual and performing arts, poetry readings, and live performances. Also, while this theme is inherently diasporic and personal, the exhibit isn’t limited by a diasporic lens, so don’t let this deter you from submitting!

WHAT TO SUBMIT: 1) artist bio AND 2) documentation and description of your work or a proposal for a live performance.

KEYWORDS: (im)material, sensory, memory, haunting, (dis)embodied, (in)corporeal, vessels, portals, mediators, ancestral, intergenerational, displacement, nostalgia, past, visions

DEADLINE: October 5th by midnight to


Entry Fee:

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Due to the effects caused by the COVID19 pandemic, the hosting of more than 40 international artists expected for our 2020 residency program at the Centro Negra has been affected.

Faced with this situation, we have decided to start a new initiative. Crossing – Space for transformation is intended for those who need a space to create, hold exhibitions or workshops, focus on analysis and/or promotion of their work, for those who wish to have a coworking office or the ones who want to take a temporary retreat in a space surrounded by nature and a lively artistic community.

We invite all independent creators, entrepreneurs, artists, writers & researchers, cultural agents, audiovisual producers, and people interested in art and nature to check the new possibilities of exchange, collaboration, access to spaces, and resources that our platform is offering.
Your participation will provide support and contribution to the continuity of our project.

Crossing will be active between September 2020 and March 2021. Those interested may choose any of the possibilities offered on our list. Housing can be booked for a period of minimum 2 weeks and maximum 2 months. This initiative is designed to bring together resources, spaces, and knowledge. It facilitates the meeting between people of different origins, backgrounds, and ideas with the common interest of being part of a temporary community based on caring, sharing experiences, and knowledge.

Contact & Links: 

Art + Critique: Critical & Contextual Studies in Art Practice ONLINE




Combined critical studies and studio practice course that integrates practice and theory in a comprehensive programme of lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials and off-site visits.

The course will help you develop your practice and research and provide you with a solid background in the histories and discourses of contemporary art. The lectures survey the histories and discourses of contemporary art, demystify the art world and provide multiple entry points into critical theory. The programme fosters collaborative study and provides practical tools in group feedback sessions and workshops on creative practice, research and writing.

By the end of the course participants will have a critical awareness of contemporary art practice, with a road map and toolbox of methodologies for their continuing practice and the confidence to pursue it independently. The course is open to everyone but it is particularly suited to those who have a background in art and wish to develop their practice and extend their knowledge of contemporary art practices and discourses.

For more information please visit the course page and for additional information, such as the schedule, lectures and reading please download the Course Outline.

Art + Critique: Critical and Contextual Studies in Art Practice
Thu, 15 Oct – Tue, 8 Dec 2020
Tuesdays + Thursdays 6:30pm-8:30pm
£250 / Concessions £200 (student, unwaged, disability, senior)

If the course fees are a barrier to your participation please visit the website to get in touch so that we can find a way to make it more accessible for you. The course will be delivered online, participants will receive a course pack with detailed information at least three days before the course begins. Please read the Learning Agreement before Registering for the course.

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