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Country: Portugal
City: Lisboa
Country: India
City: New Delhi

L’Officiel China was first published in 1980. In 2003 it merged with the Chinese title Fashion, the longest-lasting fashion publication in China and a pioneer of Chinese culture. Born from those two fashion icons, L’Officiel China is the perfect mix of iconic Eastern and Western styles, introducing selected French content together with the latest Chinese trends.

Country: China
City: Beijing

Vogue Novias has been the leading bridal title in Spain since its launch in 1993. Published twice a year, the magazine is the most inspiring and influential guide to getting married.

Country: Brazil
City: Sao Paolo

In five years Jack has gone from an idea talked about in the pub to a company that have put on live events, urban festivals, had a bi-monthly, A5 fanzine that grew into a monthly A4 glossy magazine and launched WJ online.

Today Who’s Jack is going from strength to strength, largely due to the attitude of its Editor, Louise Orcheston-Findlay and Dept Editor Laura Hills. Jack began because we wanted something more than what was already on offer, something attainable with aspirational visuals, something relatable and something lacking in arrogance. Something for the rest of us.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Under the influence is not ruled by popular trends, instead they take inspiration from subversive subjects, they create and they influence. They awaken their readership to new ideas. They are the precursor to what will happen in the coming years. They are a vein communicating fashion and creativity, luxury and art through the commonality of human nature. It is a timeless object, a book, and a style reference, something tangible to keep and collect.

Country: France
City: Paris
Country: Canada
City: Toronto

The annual guide features the year's hottest parties and society events, the most notable milestones, and most prominent and distinguished VIPs in Singapore.

Country: Singapore
City: Singapore

True Love Magazine is considered a sister publication to Afrikaans Sarie and English Fair Lady. These three titles are published by Media24 (Naspers).

True Love is situated in the giant media house's Johannesburg offices.

Country: South Africa
City: Johannesburg
Country: Australia
City: Sydney
Country: Spain
City: Madrid