The definition of architecture is the art or science of building, often with a focus on habitable structures.  We are familiar with architects like Gehry, Wright, and Gaudi as well as famous buildings like the Empire State Building in New York and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But are habitable structures a requirement? Actually, it can be much broader than that. For instance, the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids in Egypt, interiors of cathedrals or the main hall at New York's Grand Central Station are all examples of world-famous architecture. In addition, examples of architecture do not have to be world famous.  Private houses, bridges etc. are all examples and skylines may represent a collection of similar or different types of architecture.

International Art & Design Exhibition [V-AU: 2024 / 4]

You can participate in the international art and design exhibition with any art discipline. Apply now to meet distinguished artists on a common platform.

If you are an illustrator, painter, photographer, designer, sculptor or have a different art discipline, V-AU, a Belgium-based art platform, invites you to the exhibition. You can be a part of the exhibition with international artists. At the end of the events organized online, you will have a verifiable certificate and digital catalog.


It's time to make your art discoverable at a very affordable price!

EXTENDED CALL: Brashnar Artist-in-Residence Summer 2024

Brashnar Artist-in-Residence (BAiR) is an artist owned and operated urban artist residency program located in the neighborhood Hrom on the west side of Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. BAiR is a multi-faceted residency program allowing resident artists the freedom to explore the potentials of their practice while experiencing Macedonian culture through group related activities.

Call for entries “JIA Illustration Award 2024”

This is an illustration contest that the Japan Illustrators' Association (JIA) recruits from all over the world once a year.

Anyone, professional or amateur, can apply.

GRANDPRIX : 1 artist / Prize money 500,000 yen / Digital certificate / Supplementary prize Gold award : 1 artist / Prize money 200,000 yen / Digital certificate / Supplementary prize
Platinum Award : 1 artist / Prize money 100,000 yen / Digital certificate / Supplementary prize Silver award : 20 artists / Digital certificate / Supplementary prize Bronze award : 30 artists / Digital certificate / Supplementary prize

Supplementary prize : Admission fee and annual membership fee to the Japan Illustrators Association will be exempted.

Fiberart International 2025


Fiberart International 2025 (Fi2025) seeks to exhibit the best of contemporary art and invites submissions that reflect a wide range of works related to the fiber medium. The exhibition is recognized around the world as a benchmark that documents trends and innovations in the field. The goal of the exhibition is to include innovative work rooted in traditional fiber materials, structure, processes and history, as well as art that explores unexpected relationships between fiber and other creative disciplines.

Domestic Affairs: 9th Annual Juried Exhibition

Susquehanna Art Museum’s 9th annual juried exhibition invites artists to submit works that explore subjects relating to the domestic. In a time when social, political, and familial norms are being revealed and renegotiated on an international scale, the term ‘domestic’ relates to a wide range of topics.

Submitted works may include but are not limited to the following subject matter: the architecture or design of homes, neighborhoods, and cities; domestic labor; gender and social roles; domestic and foreign policies; domesticity; boundaries and borders; indigeneity; political and interpersonal relations; and domestication.


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