England is a Forest

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN for 2d artwork to be included in the upcoming exhibition ‘England is a Forest’ curated by Small Works Art Gallery at Sluice [Vernacular] Colchester, 2024. Please read the following for more details and submission guidelines.

Sluice [Vernacular] Colchester, 2024

Developed in partnership with We Are The Minories, Sluice [Vernacular] Colchester 2024 will feature exhibitions, performances, screenings and talks throughout Colchester town centre utilising cultural, municipal, and unoccupied commercial sites. Sluice 2024 is an aggregation of artist and curator-led and non-profit organisations and initiatives. The three day event will launch 13 June and take place 14,15,16 June 2024.

LANDSCAPES – an International Juried Photo Exhibit

Landscape photography shows spaces within the world that are sometimes vast and unending, other times microscopic. Landscape photographers typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of natural vistas. Many landscape photographs show an unsullied depiction of nature, devoid of human influence—instead featuring subjects such as strongly defined landforms, weather, ambient light and other sublime elements. Beyond purely aesthetic considerations, landscapes often contain intensely personal and emotional subjectivities, hinting at secret histories of fondness, love, and nurturing, or past emotional turbulence, loss, and regret.

Landscape Exhibition


OPAL is looking for artwork that depicts the artist's interpretation, relationship, or experience with the landscape theme. All mediums will be accepted (drawing, painting, mixed media, digital/new media, printmaking, photography, ceramics, fiber, sculpture, etc).

This show welcomes diverse visions of the world outdoors. Here are a few ways to interpret what landscape art can be:

● Re-imagine everyday environments as new frontiers.

● Pay homage to pastoral scenes rich in heritage, or depict urban jungles thrumming with activity.

● Reveal the nostalgia of fading rural relics and uncover beauty in overlooked metro corners.

● Compare and contrast urban and natural environments.

The Forgotten

The Forgotten, people, places and belongings that once mattered, now unremembered, out of mind, left behind.
Items once significant to someone, personal items, buildings, object, person, a place that once had the importance to another, the possibilities are all around us.

Our juror for Forgotten is Paula Tognarelli. Paula Tognarelli recently retired as the Executive Director of the Griffin Museum of Photography for 20 years, producing on average 54 exhibitions a year at the museum. She frequently reviewed at national and local portfolio events and jumpstarted hundreds of photographers’ careers.

A Taste for Art

About this exhibit:

This international juried art exhibition is open to all media. Entries must have a food, restaurant, or agricultural theme.



September 23 at 11:59pm

(Enter art via



October 7, 2023



October 27 & 28

by appointment



October 31- December 2, 2023



November 11, 2023



Notifications will be sent prior to the closing of this exhibit.



Sacramento Art Cookbook

This year Sacramento Fine Arts Center (Sac Arts) celebrates food and art in two ways. We have a food-themed juried art show this November. Information for that show is available now. We’ve also received a grant to do something unique and creative; an art cookbook. This community art cookbook will be self-published by Sac Arts with assistance from the Sacramento County TOT Grant program. This cookbook will be made up of recipes from multiple individuals and feature artwork from local artists. Sac Arts is looking forward to working with the community to create a publication that celebrates Sacramento’s rich culinary and visual arts sectors.


General Information: Submissions to this cookbook will be open to all residents of the Greater Sacramento Region.


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