Banff Musicians in Residence Winter 2025

This program provides space and focused time for musicians of all genres to concentrate on artistic development while working on projects that can be either individually or group/ensemble based. You may be working in your established genre(s), or exploring a new one.

Along with the freedom to structure your time around the needs of your project, you will receive artistic inspiration and career advice from well-established faculty. You will have access to a range of artistic influences across the three weeks with the opportunity for interaction and collaboration to produce outstanding, creative results.


OPEN CALL is for young musicians, performers,  artistic researchers, and anybody else interested in presenting his/her project in the Forum Platform.

We welcome
 proposals, particularly those relating to the following subjects

– Improvisation and music creation ;
– Pedagogies for and with the instrument/Voice:
– Instruments - Voice performance techniques;
– 21st century repertoire;
–Mediterranean music ;
– Extended techniques on instruments ;
– Interactions between instrument and electronics;
– Performance and Performer;
– Instrument recordings – history, analysis, recording techniques;
-Chamber Music
-Women music creation
-Music Creation and  Entrepreneurship

Mudhouse Residency accepting applications for the 2024 Residency Session


JUNE 10 - JUNE 24 | JULY 1 - JULY 15 | JULY 22 - AUGUST 5


We will be holding three summer residency sessions in 2024; from June until the beginning of August. Fellowship and General Applications for Visual Artists & Writers are open! Deadline to apply is 3/30/24.


Jazz & Sonic Arts: GATHER LISTEN HEAR - Summer residency

Pictured: Jazz Club, Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, 2017.
Cello: Okkyung Lee, Vocals: Jen Shyu, Saxophone: Tia Fuller, Guitar: Matt Stevens. Photo by Rita Taylor. 

An innovative program for early career jazz and sound artists to become changemakers, explore new directions and advance your creative potential. 

The Artists Forum Juried Arts Competition

THE ARTISTS FORUM invites artists to showcase interpretations for the phrase: Techno-Feudalism. Techno-feudalism, a recently coined term by Greek economist and politician Yanis Vaoufakis, is the transformation of capitalism by tech platforms, done by exploiting the labor force through new technologies.

An example of this concept would be companies hiring people to work from home or through and app, but not paying for employees computers, car repairs, or the infrastructure needed to perform their work.

An expansion on this concept covers the manipulating of media to better serve a political agenda, such as running bots on niche topics that create a sense of divisiveness or political unease.

Expression of Interest for Virtual, Art, Music & Film Festival

Through vibrant music, art, movement and thoughtful discourse, we celebrate our love of the natural world, the creativity and diversity of Earth’s ecosystems, and the ingenuity of artists. 

For the next Natural Resonance Festival, we are seeking artists, musicians, filmmakers, and writers that are inspired by the environment around them. We are also broadening our horizons to include classical music performances of composers, documentaries, and spoken poetry!

This year, our theme is RESILIENCE. Within this theme, we will be viewing resilience through the perspective of our personal wellbeing, our ecosystems, and our communities. 


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