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A Retreat in Princes' Islands - Tab Residency Spring Applications






Tab Residency program offers artists a residential space to devote time and focus on creating both individually and collectively and a gallery space to be used for solo exhibitions, performances, music collaborations, and spontaneous conversations.


Tasarım Bakkalı (Tab), founded and run by artists, is open to all contemporary artists throughout the year. The residency periods are organized with open calls for three month periods and applications are accepted before the deadline of the open calls.


The Princes´ Islands are an archipelago off the Anatolian coast of İstanbul, Turkey, mostly car free, naturally and historically preserved area. Ten minutes walk from Büyükada port, the residency building is a four floored shared building, one floor for the studio spaces, one floor for accommodation rooms, one floor for common spaces such as kitchen and living room and a garden.


The residency studios does not contain any specific workshops so they can be used for many kinds of production. The studios are organized considering the needs of each artist. Please feel free to ask for other equipment or tools besides listed, depending on your needs. Disciplines involved can be visual arts, industrial design, fashion, interior design, conceptual art, literary arts, architecture, new media, performing arts (the artist should consider the size of the exhibition space), multi disciplinary works, any kind of recycle, upcycle or reuse projects.


Visual Art

New Media




Film Making




Performing Arts

Textile Art




Internet Connection

Electronics tools, printer, scanner, basic painting equipment, well equipped toolbox (drill, jigsaw, dremel, bench grinder...) and various materials to be reused for upcycle and recycle projects.

Musical Instruments





Woodworking Tools

What is expected of the artist:
The artist should prepare an exhibition in Istanbul for the particular gallery space.
Donation of an artwork is not mandatory but will be appreciated.
The artist should straighten out the needs and style of production beforehand.
The artist should be experienced enough to design and prepare an exhibition in a limited time. (1-3 months)
The artist should provide information about old works and exhibitions.
A residency fee of 700 euros monthly should be paid before the beginning of the residency.

What are the benefits of the program:
The residency in Büyükada offers the artists a quiet and peaceful living and studying opportunity, very close to the charming chaos of Istanbul.
The artist will have the chance to prepare a solo exhibition in İstanbul.
The exhibition will be exposed to the community via certain media channels.

How to apply:

The applications are accepted via e-mail.

Contact & Links: 

The Art Of Monteque




"Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."  Steve Jobs

To artists that have something to say; if this is here you and at the core of who you are you feel that through your work you can make a difference then we have a place for you!. The Art Of Monteque would like to feature you in our magazine or our review. We are looking for artists with strong voices who are passionate about what they do. We featured the Arts in all its forms so regardless if you are a musician, a dancer, a actor, a filmmaker, poet, playwright, storyteller  or a visual artists there is a place for you with us. If you are talented and have a passion for what you do then we want to talk to you! So if you are indeed one of the crazy ones then come and lets change the world together.


Selected artists will be featured in The Art of Monteque Gallery, Magazines, Video, or interviewed


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 






July 24 to 26 2020


Hosted By The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch

Presented By

The Art Of Monteque Uncle Earl Enterprises Movie Reviews and More

Illumination is a three day event celebrating the arts, life and community with music, visual arts, dance, poetry, and performances bringing together the community and the arts in celebration of life, unity and equality.

July 24, 2020: Appreciation Day

Is the recognition and full appreciation of the community, independent entrepreneurs of good quality and environmentally sustainable work and the arts. With experiences of, culinary delights, the arts, inventive showcases and a farmers market in a visually stunning

landscape of beauty and old world charm. This is the perfect excursion for any lover of extraordinary experiences.

July 25, 2020: Illumination Event and Awards Dinner

An illuminating celebration of music, visual arts, dance, poetry, and performances. An awards dinner will be the capstone to an artistically festive day. Three awards will be presented to individuals which encompass the full spirit of life, art, unity and community.
There will be a raffle along with a silent and live art auction

July 26, 2020 Thank You Brunch

A simple brunch with music and performances to thank supporters, artists and entrepreneurs.


For artist who would like to participate there are still openings for visual artists, poets and photographers. artists who would like to participate there is a $40.00 submission fee and we ask artists who have been selected to participate to donate a piece of artwork to help support The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch.

If interested please contact Brian Sebastian at (424) 278-8875 or The Art Of Monteque at


Artists who are selected been apart and featured in the illumination event.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$40.00 submission fee and we ask artists who have been selected to participate to donate a piece of artwork to help ra support The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch.
Contact & Links: 

Lucky Dip




The Concept

To host an exhibition based purely on the theme of chance! Artists will be selected at random for a unique group show in March 2020.

By removing the control attached to Open Call selection, artists will be purely chosen by chance. This gives every artist equal opportunity to have their works elected for the show regardless of background, education, status or connections. It also removes part of the curatorial control, making for a more challenging and interesting resulting show.


How does it work?

Every artist who completes an entry form will have their name entered into a ‘Lucky Dip’ draw. Once the deadline has passed, 20 names will be drawn at random by an unbiased panel of judges. The process will be filmed to show fair selection.

Each artist can enter up to five works for consideration. Upon successful selection, we will review the artists chosen and artworks will be selected by our in-house curators based on their suitability with the other artists in the show. It is likely that most successful artists will have between one-three works selected for exhibition.


What does it cost?

It cost £5 per artist to be entered for the lucky dip. This money will be used towards covering the promotional cost of the show, install equipment and cash prizes for up to two artists awarded at the end of the show.



What can I enter?

Any artwork, any medium and any theme. However there are some restrictions:

Please ensure all work entered fits under the umbrella of contemporary art. Please see examples of our previous exhibitions for visual inspiration.

Please ensure all work entered is under 1mx1mx1m.

Please ensure all work is complete and fully dry before delivery

If entering a concept piece at application stage, please ensure the work is completed and ready to display by the deadline for delivery.

Please only enter work that will be available during the dates of the exhibition.

2D Work

Any wall based work is acceptable if it is within the size restrictions.

3D Work

Any 3D based work can be entered if it is within the size restrictions. We do have plinths available at the gallery but would prefer artist to supply their own where possible.


Film, video and animation based work will need to provide their own display equipment. Please ensure you are able to provide this before submitting an application for this open call.


Performance art can be entered, however any cost associated with the performance must be covered by the artist (travel cost, hotel cost, performance fee, materials etc) and you must be available for the opening night.


We do not accept work that is:

Racially offensive.

Homophobic, Transphobic or derogatory to the LGBT community.

Pornographic or depict explicit sexual acts.

Harmful to the public or contain noxious or toxic substances

Copies of works by other artists or works that are in breach of copyright



There will be two prizes available for artists: The AIR award and visitor’s choice with a minimum of £500 of cash prizes to be won. (Prize amount may increase depending on the Number of Entries)


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Visual Art Open Call



​International competition open to artists from around the world. 

Through this call artists and photographers are invited to present their best artworks

without any limitation of medium, size or topic.

We are also on Instagram and Facebook


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

International Art Competition “Animals”






                         International Art Competition “Animals”

Contemporary Art Room Gallery is proud to announce their 2nd “Animals” Online Art Competition for the month of November 2019. This is an international competition and artists from around the world are welcome to submit their work. Through this call artists and photographers are invited to present their best artworks related to the world of animals. A variety of interpretations of Animals theme can be submitted (representative, abstract, conceptional).All visual art mediums are acceptable (painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, digital, prints, fiber art, collage or installation art) except sound and video art.

Fee is $15 for 2 images of artwork. You may enter more than once,there is no limit to the number of images that an artist can submit. The deadline to apply to this art competition is November 20, 2019.


All winning artists will receive a digital award certificate. First, second and third place will be largely displayed with an article about the artist and their work. Winning artwork (First place) will be on the poster of the show. Depending on the number and quality of all submissions received, Merit awards and Honorable Mention awards may also be presented.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 


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