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Woman Scream Festival 2021-Global Call for Submission





Woman Scream Festival (Grito de Mujer) in its 11th. edition, opens its first call for video proposals to participate on the virtual events that will take place online, starting March 1st  throughout March  31st , 2021. The chosen theme for this season is: "Women Warriors: Violence is not in quarantine!"

“We, the WOMEN warriors, adapt to any circumstance. We stay strong, in the midst of the worst pandemic. We, who are indoors, quarantined with our abuser. We, the girls who live with those who mistreat us. We, the resilient of life. We, the strong WOMEN who don’t give up, who won’t be silenced, who will never give up or stay quieted! We are brave, we are art, we are hope, we are poetry, we are the SCREAM ”.


Participating Categories *:

Short/Micro Film
Video Poems
Micro Conferences
Micro Workshops (literature, art, women, etc.)
Short Theater
Visual Arts


This call is open from November 25th, 2020 to January 5th. 2021. (We won’t keep any contact with participants)


Who can participate:

People of any gender, age or nationality (Children with prior written permission of their parents only*) with one (1) proposal, filmed on video in any of these languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and / or German , preferably created exclusively for the festival.

We accept previously published works*, as long as they comply with the guidelines of this call and fit into any of the themes of Woman Scream Festival, as detailed below (*See notes):

-Single participation per category (One person can participate in up to two languages, same category).

-Video proposals related to the slogan of the 2021 festival will be accepted:

"Women Warriors: Violence is not in quarantine", a tribute to women and girls living in quarantine with their abusers, and / or similar topics within Woman Scream Festival themes.

-Proposals whose messages are focused from hope, in a positive way, will be valued. Raising self-esteem and strengthening women self-value messages are welcome to support those women and girls in truly need during difficult times.

-We do not accept proposals that visualize or promote violence in any way, or sexual, sexist nor offensive content. Woman Scream is a family-friendly event. Please take it into consideration before submitting.



-The chosen proposals will be included on the Woman Scream 2021 agenda for March, under any date according to global calendar availability.

-Event Promotion.

-Certificate of Appreciation sent to email of selected participants once the festival is over.


Time duration, by category:

-Short films (Brief. No established limit)
-Video-Poems (3 mins tops. Including greetings)
-Micro Conferences (15 mins tops).
-Micro Workshops (Topics of interest to the festival: literature, art, women, etc.) (15 mins tops).
-Short theater (monologue 5 mins tops. Group 15 mins tops).
-Performance (video 5 mins tops).
-Music (song, performance, solo or group, 1 piece)
-Dance (1 piece, solo or group)
-Visual Art (10 tops. including greeting)


Submission format

-You must upload the video to Vimeo or YouTube and send us the link.

-If selected, we will ask you to send us the video file through WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other, to download. If your content has Copyright, we’ll need your authorization to upload it on our YouTube and Facebook channels, for festival broadcasting use.

-You can record using a cell phone with good resolution or a digital/video camera.

Attachments must be in:

MPG4 format
Maximum Resolution (1080x72)
For publication on Social Networks (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

We’ll value creativity, relevance to festival’s subject, quality of presentation, image, lighting and sound.


If your proposal is selected

Additional attachments, besides downloadable video file, must be send:

-Short biography (5 lines tops)
-A good resolution photo
-Contact email (please double check email to avoid mistakes).
-Written authorization where you allow Woman Scream to use the material to promote the festival on its social networks and pages, indicating that you’re participating freely out of solidarity in compliance to guidelines.


Greetings to the festival


Each newly created video must contain a greeting or mention to the Woman Scream Festival 2021, indicating name, nationality and country of residence at the beginning (20 seconds or less)


If your proposal hasn’t been created recently but, you wish to send it to this call, you can do so, if you are selected, you must attach to your video a mention or greeting to Woman Scream Festival 2021, along with your name, country, nationality and / or place of residence (10 seconds or less).


How to send your video

To submit your proposal, use the form at the bottom of page:



OPENS NOVEMBER 25th, 2020- UNTIL JANUARY 5th, 2021.




Our team will be selecting the proposals that best represent the theme of the festival based on the quality of content, image, sound, creativity and relevancy.


Important notes:


* Children participation: Must include written document authorization, signed by parents or tutors, in PDF format, with their names, country of residence and personal identification number of your country (identity card, ID, etc.), authorizing the "Woman Scream Festival" to release child (include name) video/image distribution on our social networks and channels. Proposals that fail to include this document, will not be considered.

* We will not consider proposals that fail to meet any of the aforementioned requirements.

* We will not maintain any communication with the participants, except with selected ones. The chosen videos will be part of our Woman Scream Festival for March 2021 calendar at by Feb 15th.

* Your possible questions could be answered in this call. Please read the details carefully.

* Woman Scream Festival reserves all selection rights. Decision is final.

* Non selected proposals will be eliminated, but we will keep your email to send future calls (unless you indicate otherwise).

Registration will be considered as a guarantee that the author owns the image, music and text rights to project their work within the framework of the Festival, as well as the acceptance of the bases automatically when submitting their work to this call.


Prize summary: 
Certificate and participation on festival
Prizes Details: 

-The chosen proposals will be included on the Woman Scream 2021 agenda for March, under any date according to global calendar availability.

-Event Promotion.

-Certificate of Appreciation sent to email of selected participants once the festival is over.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

De:Formal Online Residency





De:Formal is pleased to announce our new online residency program, a response to creating art and building community during the time of social distancing. The residency program is a virtual space for artists to explore and create, to build international communities, and to have dedicated time and space for experimenting on something new.

Our goal is to create a no-cost and easily accessible environment that allows artists to experiment with novel ideas, host virtual happenings, or anything else that inspires the artist. We are creating a platform dedicated to promoting art that is made and exhibited through the browser. It is a love letter to and an experiment in, digital art, and the internet.

We provide each artist with a temporary Wix account to explore digital studio practice. Wix is an easy-to-use and flexible website builder that will function as your studio / blank canvas / performance stage / streaming channel / community space for the duration of the program. We will promote work in progress, artist events, and other related material through our social media throughout the program.

The residency program lasts for one month, the first three weeks are dedicated to studio time, research, and creating online work through the provided web portal. The last week is for presentation and celebration. Residents have the option of having live streams of your work, hosting virtual artist talks, online Q&A, themed webinar, live performance through Twitch/Zoom/Instagram Live, and any other online activities. 

Each participating artist will be given an interview feature on De:Formal alongside the residency.


De:Formal Online Residency hosts one artist in resident at a time on a monthly rotation

Each resident receives a $60 artist fee on the last day of residency

Each resident is expected to treat the program like any other on-site residencies, please be prepared to spend dedicated time each day on researching, creating, or thinking about your digital studio practice

Each resident has the option to host online events during the last week of the program

Each resident is expected to deliver work in progress material for social media promotion at least twice a week

Each resident is expected to participate in an artist interview feature

Residents may create whatever they like through the web portal provided, but any kind of hate speech and discriminatory contents will not be allowed

Residents who wish to include adult contents should have a warning of some kind before users enter the site


We welcome artists working in all medium, from anywhere in the world, with access to a computer and internet to apply! To apply, please prepare the listed required material and fill out the application form.

A brief proposal that includes why would you like to participate residency program, what do you plan to make, and themes of research for the duration of the program

A short biographical statement that includes information about your background and your practice, please do not send us the kind that lists exhibition history, etc..

Selected artists will be announced and contacted via email within two weeks after the application deadline

Prize summary: 
All residents receive a $60 artist fee on the last day of the residency
Prizes Details: 

All residents receive a $60 artist fee on the last day of the residency.

Contact & Links: 

Publication Opportunity in Volume 13 for Emerging Artists




Apply to have your work considered to be published in Volume 13. FOA is a platform dedicated to elevating the work of emerging artists. Our books include the work of artists who work in a variety of mediums selected by jurors from around the art world focusing on emerging art. FOA is the only art book dedicated to emerging artists of all mediums, and we help bridge the gap between artists and the art world.

Volume 13 will be distributed to over 50 galleries, curators, and institutions. It will also be available in retain online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Accepted artists will have a four-page spread of their work, information, and a short essay written by an art historian. Volume 13 will be juried by Marco Galvan, Alice Bonnot, Camilla Moresi, and FOA staff.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 






It’s been 3 years since we started to do pop up exhibitions in London and almost a year since we’ve opened the doors of our permanent gallery space in Aldgate. 

With support from artists and audience from all around the globe we have decided to make the next logical step into our ongoing ascendence in the international art scene, “SOLO SHOWS”.

Who can apply?

Artists of any age, from any country working in any medium. 

Is there a submission fee?

Yes there is a £9 non- refundable submission fee. 

How many solo shows will be? 

There will be 4 solo shows, a week each. 

In what period of the year will the shows be hosted? 

29 January to 05 February 2021 with an opening event on Friday 29 January 6 to 9 pm. 

05- 12 February 2021 with an opening event on Friday 05 February 6 to 9 pm. 

12- 19 February 2021 with an opening event on 12 February 6 to 9 pm. 

19- 26 February with an opening event on 19 February 6 to 9 pm. 

Who will cover the shipments costs? 

Each of the 4 winners will get a £350  budget from us to help with their shipping expenses. 

Who will cover the events cost? 

The events costs will be covered integrally by our gallery.  

Is there a commission for the artworks sold on the events? 

Yes! We take a 15% commission on each sale. 

What happens if another lockdown is coming? 

If that happens we will simply change the dates in accordance with the government guidelines. 

Who will select the 4 winning artists? 

A jury composed of 3 London based contemporary art professionals. 

Cosmin Constantin | London based artist and director of Boomer Gallery. 

Tabish Khan | Art critic specialised in London's art scene. 

Carolina Pastore | Independent curator. 

What is the selection process? 

1. All the submissions will be reviewed and from the total number of submissions the jury will preselect approximately 30 artists that will also be shortlisted on our website. 

2. After the preselection the 30 preselected artists will be contacted individually by our gallery and will be asked to send additional work (another 2 or 3 works that will help the jury in making the final decision). 

3. Finally- the jury will select the 4 winners. 

Important dates! 

the open call will run from 05 October until 16 November. 

the jury will preselect the 30 artists on 23 November when we will also add them on our website. 

On 30 November the jury will meet and select the 4 winners of the competition. 

the final results will be available on our website on 01 December. 


We don’t contact each artist individually in regards with the open call results so please make sure you check our insta and web pages on 01 December 2020. 

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Good luck to you all!

Prize summary: 
4 solo shows in our London based gallery.

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

RICE Open Call №3





RICE Initiative Open Call Nº3

>> eligibility

  • Artists of any nationality and age, evidencing a committed artistic career are welcome to submit their work.
  • All forms of two-dimensional and three-dimensional work in any medium are welcome, such as: painting, drawing, illustration, collage, street art, digital, printmaking, fiber, photography, installation and sculpture. There are no restrictions on the dimensions of work submitted.

>> selection process

  • The selection process will consist of three rounds of screening, the results of which will be notified to all candidates.
  • The second round of screening will result in:
    • the shortlist of artists who will be featured in Vol. 3 of RICE · The Contemporary Art Magazine Celebrating Equality and Inclusion . All shortlisted artists for the magazine will also be able to submit 5 to 10 artworks to be auctioned in partnership with
    • a list of 50 artists who will receive a voluntary and free 30-60 minute online session (via Zoom or Skype) through our Feedback Program, to receive career-focused feedback on their proposals and constructive advice of improvement for the future.
  • The third round of screening will decide on the list of artists who will participate in a two-week long exhibit at MUTUO art gallery in Barcelona, Spain, in February 2020.
  • In accordance with our Open Call Quota System, at least 70% of selected artists will be women or members of the LGTBQ community or racialized persons, and 30% of selected artists will be cisgender males. (Read more on why we are doing this in the ABOUT section on our website). Our first open call received less than 5% of proposals from the latter group of artists, hopefully this time we’ll receive more proposals from them.
Prize summary: 
Get your work published and exhibited in Barcelona!

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

100 Photos - Exhibit in Berlin




Want to take part in a group exhibition in Berlin?
With a worldwide network of photographers
Here’s a cool exhibition idea: Let’s find awesome photographers from all over the world and exhibit their best 100 pictures in an exhibition in Berlin during the second half of 2020.

Let’s make it even better and print a catalog with these photos and send it to art lovers (& buyers) world-wide.

Contact & Links: 


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