Woman Scream Festival 2024 Call for Volunteer Events Coordinators

For over a decade, the Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) cause has spread its message of hope around the world, getting hundreds of people, groups and solidarity institutions involved in the social mission of becoming emissaries of those women who suffer or have suffered different forms of violence, through the celebration of socio-cultural events where the main goal has been raising awareness among the population about this serious issue, uniting all kinds of arts.

2024 Poetry Residency

Call for Poets!

In recognition of the 28th anniversary of National Poetry Month in April 2024, Bethany Arts Community (BAC) in Ossining, NY is offering its fourth annual residency focused on poetry.

Literary Arts Thematic: Form & Constraint - Spring 2024

Pictured: Program faculty - Daniel Levin Becker (left) and Ian Williams (right). 

Banff Centre’s Form and Constraint Residency focuses on authors of fiction and poetry who use form and constrained forms – rhyme, metrics, Oulipian constraints - to create opportunities for new and unfettered expression.

This self-directed residency offers the opportunity to work away from the concerns of everyday life. Delve deep into your creative project and take advantage of the artistic community of your peers around you. This residency provides opportunities for consultations with mentors, readings, and optional group sessions led by guest mentors that allow creators to explore techniques, aspects, and devices that you may find useful in your practice.

The Artists Forum Juried Arts Competition

THE ARTISTS FORUM invites artists to showcase interpretations for the phrase: Techno-Feudalism. Techno-feudalism, a recently coined term by Greek economist and politician Yanis Vaoufakis, is the transformation of capitalism by tech platforms, done by exploiting the labor force through new technologies.

An example of this concept would be companies hiring people to work from home or through and app, but not paying for employees computers, car repairs, or the infrastructure needed to perform their work.

An expansion on this concept covers the manipulating of media to better serve a political agenda, such as running bots on niche topics that create a sense of divisiveness or political unease.

Call to Artists: Collage Poet in Residence

MERZ is partnering with Kolaj Institute to offer a solo residency to one artist who works at the intersection of Poetry and Collage. 

Over a two-week period, the Collage-Poet-In-Residence will live in the Bothy at MERZ and work out of the MERZ Gallery to make a body of collage poems that will be presented as part of World Collage Day 2023 in Sanquhar and be published in a future issue of PoetryXCollage. Kolaj Institute will consider the publication of a chapbook of collage poetry.

Emerging Writers Residency: Poetry 2023

This two-week writing program supports new writers in poetry at varying levels of accomplishment, from not-yet-published writers to those with one published book. In this workshop-based residency, you will work closely with our faculty, Suzanne Zelazo, Sharanpal Ruprai, and professional guest Helen Hajnoczky, to expand your practice and focus on improving writing skills.


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