Brashnar Artist in Residence Summer 2023





Brashnar Artist-in-Residence (BAiR) is an artist owned and operated urban artist residency program located in the neighborhood Hrom on the west side of Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. BAiR is a multi-faceted residency program allowing resident artists the freedom to explore the potentials of their practice while experiencing Macedonian culture through group related activities.

Why the neighborhood Hrom? As an artist led project, Brashnar Creative Project aims to directly influence the process of decentralization of the arts and culture in Skopje. Introducing the possibilities of contemporary artistic practices to the local and surrounding neighborhood for gaining new perspectives and knowledge further strengthens the bond between Brashnar Creative Project and the community.

While residing at BAiR, residents live in an open, communal style environment situated in a family-oriented neighborhood. During their residency, residents are encouraged to embrace the local culture and to engage the surrounding community while living at the Art House. Residents also take part in maintaining Brashnar’s organic gardens at the Volkovo Project Space and participate in living a sustainable lifestyle.

The residency program is open to all visual artists and writers that strongly encourage work utilizing innovative and traditional forms of art making along with collaborations, artist-led projects and socially engaged practices. This is a self-directed, process-based residency with no obligation or expectation to complete a body of work, but artists are expected to engage with the community during Open Studio events organized by Brashnar that take place the last week of each month.

Brashnar Artist-in-Residence offers work and living space for up to 4 artists/writers for stays of 1 month (4 weeks) with 1-2 staff artists living with the residents in the Art House during the residency season. While residing at BAiR, residents live in an open, communal style environment situated in a family-oriented neighborhood. The living area of the Art House includes: 6 private bedrooms (residents are provided with a bed, linens, pillows, blankets and towels.), 2 and half bath with washing machines for resident use, 2 fully equipped kitchens stocked with basic staples, seasonal vegetables, fruit and fresh herbs from our gardens, 2 community rooms and 4 balconies. 

The studio area of the Art House includes: 4 private studios (three are 140 square feet (13 square meters) and one is 220 square feet (20 square meters) with 7 foot (2.2meters) high walls), 1 shared studio (420 square feet or 40 square meters with 10-foot or 3 meters high walls). The studios are outfitted with worktables, chairs, easels, drawing board, storage areas, clamp lights and hand tools (power hand tools are available upon request). Work clothes, studio rugs and re-usable material (variety of paper, used bicycle tubes, glass, wire, cardboard, various old metal objects, thread, yarn, plastic containers etc) are also available for resident use. The studio area also has a bathroom and a small kitchen with outdoor common area for coffee/tea. An outside area around the house can also be used as an open-air studio or as an installation space.

Resident artists are expected to participate in all aspects of the residency program. A guided tour of the surrounding neighborhood and city center either as a group or individually (depending on resident arrival) during the first days of the residency. Informal meeting and welcoming traditional Macedonian dinner for all resident artists prepared by Brashnar staff members. A short informal presentation of artists’ work at the beginning of the first week. Garden related activities up to twice a month totaling approximately 2 – 4 hrs (planting, harvesting fruits and vegetables, garden maintenance, food preservation, pickling, making of marmalade, pinjur, ajvar). 1 – 2 short group trips to locations outside Skopje (Lake Matka, Mountain Vodno, Katlanovo natural thermal bath, Observatory Kokino etc.). 1-2 scheduled group dinners per week. Up to 2 traditional Macedonian group meals at Volkovo Project Space prepared by Brashnar staff members. Cultural exchange night through meal preparation, cultural dances or other forms of cultural exchange. This is a self-directed, process-based residency with no obligation or expectation to complete a body of work, but artists are expected to engage with the community during Open Studio events organized by Brashnar that take place the last week of each month.

Currently we can support artists that work with disciplines in the following fields: drawing, printmaking (linocut and woodcut), painting, mixed media, new media, digital photography, bookmaking arts, sculpture/installation, performance/video art, interdisciplinary arts, literature, socially engaged practice and cultural research.

The fee for individual artists and writers is 500 Euro for 4 weeks (1 month) and 450 Euro per person for collaborative groups of 2 for 4 weeks (1 month). Expenses for artists related to the residency include materials for studio practice, travel expenses to Skopje, food/meals not from our gardens, any possible travel or other related travel around the city to events. 

The residency season runs from May 2nd through September 30th.


Brashnar Creative Project Panko Brashnarov #17 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia 1000
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Kathmandu international artists in residency (KIAR 2023)







Space A is Kathmandu (Nepal) based non-governmental autonomous, non-political, no- profitable, and the Artist Initiative with the goal of establishing a stable platform for critical analysis, reflections, open discussions, information exchange, collaboration, and interactive communication. It aims at contributing to interdisciplinary contemporary art practices by setting up research, discursive events, exhibitions, and educational, and residency programs.

Kathmandu international artist-in-residence program (KIAR) is an initiative of Space A, a significant hub in the field of contemporary art both locally and internationally. The goal of the KIAR is to create an intellectual space where the residents will get the chance to penetrate the local cultural and socio-political contexts, as well as to combine their artistic practices (research, production, etc.) with meetings, lectures, and other discursive events with local and international artists, cultural experts, critics, and curators.

Brief Description of Residency

Nepal is the Best Value Destination to travel to. Nepal’s cultural landscape is every bit as diverse as its physical one. The spectacular Himalayas comprise the highest mountains on earth and boast a surreal landscape of snow-covered peaks sure to leave a powerful impression. The Himalayan country of Nepal, situated between India and China, offers some of the best access to these mountain peaks, where landscapes vary from subtropical valleys (complete with banana trees) to alpine forests (home to grazing yaks).

Customs and traditions differ from one part of Nepal to another. A conglomeration lies in the capital city,  Kathmandu, where cultures are blending to form a national identity. Kathmandu Valley has served as the country’s cultural metropolis since the unification of Nepal in the 18th Century. A prominent factor in Nepali’s everyday life is religion. Adding color to the lives of Nepalese are festivals the year round which they celebrate with much pomp and joy. Food plays an important role in the celebration of these festivals.

Capital is surrounded by a valley full of historic sites, ancient temples, shrines, and fascinating villages. Kathmandu is an incredibly diverse historic city with breathtaking Newari architecture, and centuries-old Hindu and Buddhist religious sites. Stepping into Kathmandu is like stepping into another world that everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. Kathmandu is a result of diverse cultures and lifestyles, a long history of faith and beliefs, and arts and architecture. Therefore, more than just a city, Kathmandu is a living museum.

KIAR is an opportunity to travel back in time and relive history as well as experience natural beauty. This year we are going to organize a one-month-long residency (30 days) and a two-month-long residency (60 days). There will be four Residency programs. Each time max. 2 applicants will be selected.

(* If participants are interested, KIAR will arrange 7 days of trekking during the residency program. But participants will be responsible for all expenses for Trekking. This year we have selected Langtang valley to Kyanjin Gompa trek and Annapurna Base Camp – ABC trek.)

Who can apply?

Visual Artist / Painter / Sculptor / Ceramist / Print Maker / Performing Artist / Musician / Writer / New Media Artist / Curator / Film Making / Theater Artist / Architecture / Art Critics /Researcher

Duration / Period of residencies (one month / 30 days or two months / 60 days)

1st period:  April

2nd period: May / June

3rd period: July / August

4th period: September

Residency conditions

*Internet Connection / A private room during the residency / Shared working space during the residency / Access to shared spaces (kitchen, toilet, bathroom) / Laundry (once a week) / Possibility to organize workshop/debate in the residency / Promotion through social media / Human and technical resources / Connections with the local cultural scene

Working language(s)

English / French / Farsi / Hindi / Bengali / Nepali

Expectations of the artist

Presentation / Workshop for children or college students (optional) / Exhibition or open studio or research presentation

Expenses paid by the artist

Residency fee / Travel / Supplies / Material / Daily expenses / Food / Volunteer Fee (if needed) / Health insurance / Expenses for Trekking (if participants are interested in trekking)


Space A. 1981 Tanka Prashad Ghumti Sadak, BabarMahal, Nepal
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Connect India





Arts at CERN and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia announce a new open call for the Connect programme – “Connect India”. This second edition offers one joint residency for two artists, one from Switzerland and one from India. The residency is fully funded, and it is aimed at artists with a distinct interest in a cross-disciplinary approach and a strong engagement with fundamental science.

Connect is a collaboration framework that was launched in 2021 by Arts at CERN and Pro Helvetia to serve as a platform for interactions and dialogue between artistic and scientific communities across the world.

Based on the same model as last year’s edition, Connect South Africa, the international format of Connect India will bring an artist from Switzerland and an artist from India together to participate in a residency at CERN in Geneva and at the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS) in Bengaluru. This residency exposes the artists to two unique scientific facilities as well as the fundamental research that is conducted there. While CERN offers a unique range of experiments in particle physics, the ICTS engages in research areas that include statistical and condensed matter physics, physical biology and mathematics.

Artists interested in applying to Connect India are invited to submit a proposal detailing a process of artistic research to be carried out in dialogue with CERN’s and ICTS’ scientific communities.

Online applications for Connect India are open from 3 November until 12 December 2022. On 23 November, Connect Info Day will give applicants the opportunity to find out more about the residencies and put their questions to the Connect India team. A jury of cultural experts and scientists will select the winning artists, who will start their residencies in 2023. The winners will be announced in February 2023.

Prize Summary: 
CHF 6000 and costs
Prizes Details: 

– Living, accommodation and travel expenses

– CHF 6,000 stipend for each winning artist

Geneva, Switzerland Bengaluru, India
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Open call for Artists Round 57 : October - December 2023






Since 2007 "PILOTENKUECHE" is an international art program based in Germany's new art capital Leipzig. The independent project is run by artists to support and empower artists.


The International Art Program invites 12 Artists from around the world for each round, to work together in our 465m² communally used studio space and realize two exhibitions during their stay. The studio is located in a romantic, remodeled old barbed wire factory. With its exposed bricks large windows, high ceiling, and above all underfloor heating, this environment is inspiring. Our concept strives to create a communal space that can lead to experimental collaboration and discourse between participants, as well as with the greater Leipzig community.

Our program is multi-faceted. Firstly, it includes visiting artist studios, exhibition spaces, project spaces, exhibits, and going on gallery and museum tours. Secondly, a preview exhibition or open studio event presenting initial work, takes place mid-way through the residency. Furthermore, scheduled consultations and critiques, culminating in a final group exhibition. During the final exhibition, the studio becomes our exhibition space. the project publishes an article about each artist on our website and offers documentation to all activities, including installation pictures from the openings. Starting each quarter, one round of our residency program is 3 Months. The program is open to all disciplines, we offer basic tools, but assist if special ones are needed. 

Accomodation costs are additional, the project offers one apartment which hosts two artists. We have a network of people who host our artists on a regular base.


The primary languages in use are English and German. 
The artists receive all documentation necessary to apply for funding and the visa processes. If required, the project assists with additional individual reference letters. In Addition each accepted artist is offered a partial stipend in kind, provided by PILOTENKUECHE. Furthermore we maintain engagements with several friends, to get in contact with the Leipzig art scene and increase the artists visibility.


Studio space

  • one furnished studio of up to 36m²  per artist in our 465m² large communal loft. 
  • under floor heating
  • concrete floors
  • wifi, and utilities
  • access to basic tools
  • approximately twelve international artists per round
  • shared use of tea kitchen
  • moveable walls that convert into exhibition space with areas of up to 150m² 



  • studio, gallery and off-space visits and museum tours
  • artist presentations
  • Friday potluck lunch
  • selected artists participate in our events & exhibitions:
    • preview exhibition / extended open studio: 
    • final exhibition




  • individual consultations by agreement with curatorial advice and critique
  • assistance with visa processes, funding / scholarship applications, artistic / theoretical / logistical questions
  • curation, event & exhibition organisation for the final exhibition
  • web-, graphic-, & advertising / press design, its production & release for the project 
  • documentation of the project
  • ‘Welcome to Leipzig’ letter & guide
  • general administration, organization & coordination of the project 


We are an independent, artist–run residency program with the aim to support artists and connect them to the city in a way that is unique to each artist. For to cover our expenses and to enable us to work, we have to charge a fee for participation. For more information check our cost breakdown



  • participation fee: 1900 EUR / 3 months per artist, total costs. this also which includes the 
  • prior payment of 450 EUR per artist required to hold their place on the program. this payment is only refundable by cancellation in writing 3 months before the start date of the residency. otherwise it goes towards the total fee)
  • the fee covers the studio & the participation cost
  • travel costs, art materials & living accommodation are additional, the project offers to rent a room in an shared apartment, that hosts two artists
PILOTENKUECHE INternational Art Program, Franz-Flemmingstrasse 9, 04179 Leipzig

Entry Fee:

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ISSP Riga Residency 2023 Open Call







ISSP Riga Residency welcomes photographers, artists and curators working within photography to apply for 1-3 month residency in Riga, Latvia. There are no limitations regarding age, background or photographic style of the participants. The ISSP Riga Residency provides an opportunity for concentrated work on a personal project informed by interaction with Riga and its residents (or elsewhere in Latvia), or much needed time to rethink and complete ongoing work. The residency calendar is based on full month slots, from the first to the last day of the month. In 2023, the Residency is open from the period January – December.

The participation fee is 350 EUR per calendar month and it covers accommodation costs. Travel and production costs are covered by the resident. Three selected artists from a Nordic or Baltic country will receive a scholarship of 500 EUR, residency stay free of charge and covered travel costs to Riga.

What we offer:
- a private room in a comfortable residency apartment in the center of Riga (3-bedroom apartment), shared with 2 other artists. The rooms are spacious and equipped with working tables; the artists share a common living room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, wifi, scanner, printer.
- a possibility to use the library and extra equipment at the ISSP premises;
- contact with a dedicated staff member to provide local support, and access to the ISSP local network;
- a possibility to meet with the local community at an artist talk, and to organise a pop-up exhibition or a small workshop.

What we expect from the residents:
- to work on their artistic project in Riga / Latvia for the period of the residency;
- to be open to present their work to the local audience in the form of an artist talk or other public event;
- within one month upon the completion of the residency, to send us a selection of the images produced for publicity purposes.

ISSP and the ISSP Gallery: Berga Bazārs, Marijas iela 13 k.3 Riga, LV-1050 Latvia
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APPLY NOW: One Month SELF-LED RESIDENCY in the Cotswolds, UK. SOLO use of beautiful artist studio





UK Residency Opportunity for contemporary artist/writer 2023 late March to beginning May, ideally 30th March - 3rd May.

The Hide Artist Retreat is offering a one month part-funded residency, near Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK while its founder, Alice Sheppard Fidler, is on residency at PADA Studios, Lisbon, Portugal.

The UK residency opportunity is suitable for an independent, self-lead contemporary artist or writer, looking to develop their practice.

The cost of the residency is £1,995 for just over a month = 35 nights  (£57 a night, usually £122 a night) and includes accommodation in the Shepherds Hut and solo use of The Hide studio with plenty of natural light, work surfaces and art reference library, optional support from The Hide's local artist network, giving access to art events, critique and company, and site support from family members.

Once the applicant has been chosen, the full months payment via BACS will be required to secure the place.
Any cancellation made within 48 hours of booking with receive a full refund. 50% refund for cancellations made up to 21 days before arrival. No refunds within 14 days of stay.

The Hide Artist Retreat, near Stroud, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, UK
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