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Artudio International Artists Residency (AIA Residency)







Artudio is hosting a year around Artudio International Artist Residency (AIA Residency) program for two multidisciplinary artists which could last anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. As a group of visual art practitioners in Nepal, we intend to create an art space for not just artists, but individuals from all walks of life; for them to reflect on themselves, self-realize, be able to critically think and bring about transformative engagement through contemporary art practices, initiatives, exhibitions, residencies, workshops, and visual arts education. Artudio aims to create a sustainable art ecosystem and uncover the creative potential of its beneficiaries through the support of an extensive network of professional contemporary artists and art communities. As a platform, we intend to give you space and time to dive deeply into your creative processes and projects in an artistic environment.




As an Artist-in-Residence, your participation is designed to be both supportive and inspirational and forges lifelong friendships, professional relationships, and future collaborations to inspire and further develop your practices. We aim to inspire artists to be productive, creative, and interactive since we will be providing you with an opportunity to meet and interact with the extended Nepali art community. We believe that the space we provide is a liberal space with reasonable fees and an opportunity to be exposed to Nepal’s contemporary art scene, and cultural and geographical diversity. 




We are located on Chhauni hospital road, Kathmandu, Nepal neighboring the Swayambhunath Stupa (one of the oldest historical sights of Kathmandu valley). Our location offers the perfect amount of greenery and easy access to the cities as well. We are not only situated near a UNESCO world heritage site (Swayambunath Stupa) but we are also amidst three notable museums namely, ‘Military Museum’, ‘National Museum of Nepal’, and ‘Natural History Museum of Nepal’. Along with that, popular hiking destinations like Ichangu Narayan and Jamacho from where you can see an impeccable view of the Kathmandu valley are also close by. You can get access to the ring road within 7 minutes of walking. With our location, we allow you to experience the best of both worlds.  

Moreover, Kathmandu Durbar Square (a UNESCO world heritage site), which hosts the old royal palace is only 3.1kms away from where we are situated. Other notable places in our locality include Dharahara, also known as Bhimsen Sthambha, which is situated 2½ km east of Chhauni; Maru, a historic neighborhood and one of the most important cultural spots in Nepal; Thamel, known for its nightlife and is quite popular among tourists; Asan, a ceremonial market and residential square; etc. 





USD 750 

Application Fee

Final presentation or open studio


Developing and conducting a workshop for children and youths within the period of the residency (This workshop can be based on the form of art your practice)



USD 1650 

Application Fee

Final presentation 


An open studio


Developing and conducting a one day workshop for children and youths within the period of the residency (This workshop can be based on the form of art your practice)



USD 2300 

Application Fee

Final Presentation 


An open studio or an exhibition (group/solo).


Developing and conducting a 3 days intensive workshop for children and youths within the period of the residency (This workshop can be based on the form of art your practice)



USD 2950 

Application Fee

Final Presentation 


An open studio/ Exhibition


Developing and conducting a 4 days intensive workshop for children and youths within the period of the residency (This workshop can be based on the form of art your practice).



USD 3500 

Application Fee

Final Presentation 


An exhibition.


Developing and conducting 5 days workshop/masterclasses for children and youths within the period of the residency 



USD 3750 

Application Fee

Final Presentation 


An open studio


A solo exhibition


Developing and conducting a week-long workshop/masterclasses for children and youths within the period of the residency

We would love to receive one of your works created during the residency to save as an archive for Artudio’s collection. (This is completely optional). 



We allow artists to bring one companion. If in case you would like to bring a family member or a partner along with you then $5 per day will be charged.

The fees must be paid after your arrival during the initial phases of the residency. 




 (Inclusive of the Fees)

One spacious bedroom, with a balcony viewing the Swayambhunath Stupa,

One shared kitchen space including, gas, gas/induction stove, refrigerator, one microwave oven, and basic kitchen utensils 

One common toilet with a shower (with hot water),

A shared workspace with one individual desk each to work on your projects,

Access to good wireless internet, however, you must bring your own laptop,

Electricity and water facilities.

A common washing machine for the whole building,

Airport pick-and-drop service,

Weekly housekeeping services, (Housekeeping services include dusting, changing sheets, and cleaning restroom only.)

Black and white printing services (A4 size), and photocopies,

Networking opportunities in the Nepali art scene,

Organizing exhibitions and presentations (in Artudio space) with invitations for these events,

Gallery, Studio, Museum, Library, and Site Visits (once a month as per artists’ needs)

However, if you feel as though you need more space to work on your project, you will also be given shared access to our studio space below. Moreover, we also have a restaurant (Pizzalaya) in our building if you do not feel like cooking!




Flight Expenses


Exhibition Curation

Printing promotional materials

Personal Travels


Daily Expenses

Health Insurance

Expenses for trekking (if interested)

Out-of-valley travels




Book your space at least one month prior and we will get back to you according to our availability! 

We will also be providing you with invitation letters, recommendation letters, certifications, and documents to help you with funding and travels.




Visual Artists




Print Maker

Sound Artists



New Media Artists


Video Artists

Film/Documentary Makers



Art Critics



Creative Influencers



Get the application form here:


Chhauni Hospital Road, Swoyambhu-15, Kathmandu, Nepal
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International Open Call / Brno Artists in Residence 2023






Brno Artists in Residence is happy to announce an international Open Call for visual artists, curators or theoreticians of any nationality, gender or age for a two months residency stay between June – July 2023 hosted by The Brno House of Arts, in Brno, Czech Republic.


The residency is intended to provide a platform for focused work, research, study, activism, regeneration and free exploration of any kind. BAiR’s elementary philosophy is to create a space for free artistic expression without the pressure to produce a complete and significant presentation outcome within the time- and space-range of the residency. The wellbeing of our guests – be it artists, curators or theoreticians – is our top priority.



The Brno Artists in Residence program regularly hosts artists-in-residence since 2016 and is a key constituent of the Brno House of Arts' conceptual framework. A top floor of the House of the Lords of Kunštát, which is one of the two headquarters of the institution, has been refurbished to provide facilities for accommodation and work for artists in three studios.

The Brno House of Arts international residency program has been launched with the objective to develop opportunities for an exchange of ideas and opinions between the Czech and international art scene. Visual artists in various disciplines, curators and contemporary art theoreticians are invited to take part in the residency. BAiR’s residency program operates in close interconnection with the G99 gallery to create a space for focused work and presentation of up-to-date approaches in contemporary art.


The Brno House of Arts is a contributory organisation funded by the Statutory City of Brno.

The artist´s residency is financially supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture.

Prize Summary: 
40.000 CZK (ca 1600 EUR) artist fee
Prizes Details: 

The Brno House of Arts provides

– artistic stipendium: 40 000 CZK;

– accommodation and open studio space at House of the Lords of Kunštát in Brno, CZ;

– available technical equipment and workshops;

– production assistance and consultations by the employees of BAiR


Artists obligate

– to stay in Brno at least 75% of time;

– take part in the Open Studios event;

– to elaborate a final report from the course of the residency

Brno Artists in Residence, House of the Lords of Kunštát, Dominikánská 9, Brno, Czech Republic
Contact & Links: 

Call for entries 'Artist at Soane Residency'






To mark the 200th anniversary of its installation, Sir John Soane’s Museum is beginning a programme of restoration, new multi-layered digital interpretation, and the launch of the Museum’s first residency programme. Sir John Soane’s Museum is inviting creatives to take part in Artist at Soane, a new residency in its Drawing Office.

Drawing must be central to all applicants’ practice. Entries will be accepted from individuals and collaborations. The Museum is keen to encourage residents to engage with departments across the Museum including the archive, library, education and commercial activities etc.

The Selectors will be looking for a high-quality self-directing practitioner who will use this new opportunity to best develop their practice and who will use the residency to best enhance the work of the Museum. 

There will be an honorarium of £1,500 per artist or collaboration, to cover materials, travel and other expenses. There will also be the possibility of an allowance for each artist on a case-by-case basis, to help cover accommodation.  

Contact & Links: 

Open Call: Six Minutes Past Nine (9’6”) Pilot Digital Residency Program






Call for submissions for a virtual residency opportunity centered around moving-image and third space. 

The moving image mimics and relays the accelerated motion of today’s world. It has the potential to not only mirror the present moment, but to reconstitute experience into the digital and the metamorphic. The moving image can look into the future, imagine and reify the movement of signs and symbols existent in our imaginations of what is to come.


Closing date for applications: 16th May 2022 5pm

Residency period: 30th May 2022 - 22nd July 2022 (With possibility to extend)


Open call:

We’re inviting 1 or more artists or collaborative groups who work with moving image to submit their interest in developing work (new or already created) within an open and experimental digital environment as part of Six Minute Past Nine’s exciting 8-week pilot residency.

The work itself does not need to be digitally or technologically focused but we are looking for submissions with a focus of using the space in interesting and experimental ways.

The selected artist or group will receive a digital residency space within the New Art City platform, in which they are free to experiment and explore the use of the space in presenting moving image practices. 

The artist or group’s work will be promoted on Six Minutes Past Nine channels and will have the opportunity to publish and promote the final virtual residency space. 

As part of the residency program, Six Minutes Past Nine will invite you to a symposium in the UK in 2022, which will include talks, discussions and screenings centered around moving image and third space opportunities.

Please note that the selected artist or group will not be expected to engage with the residency space for a specific number of hours - it is up to you how you use the space. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about their practice and who will be excited by the opportunity to work within an expansive digital platform as well as helping us to develop and understand artist support needs.


About Six Minutes Past Nine (9’6”):

Six Minutes Past Nine is an explorative third space platform which exists to promote radical understandings of the moving image, and aims to nurture and promote ground-breaking moving image artworks through supporting the development of moving image artists and research across the UK and internationally.


About New Art City:

“New Art City is a virtual exhibition toolkit for new media art with a focus on copresence and experiencing digital art together.” More information can be found on New Art City’s website.


Selected artist or group will receive:

A residency space in New Art City for the development of the artist’s digital practice (usually costs £15pm).

An artist’s bursary of £100.

The opportunity to publish the residency space on the New Art City platform.

Feedback and technical support from Six Minutes Past Nine’s project co-ordinator and co-curator.

Technical support from New Art City through their discord channel

The opportunity to network with other UK based and international artists working in moving image. 

Inclusion in the digital programme across social media platforms and the Six Minutes Past Nine website.

Invitation to Six Minutes Past Nine symposium.

The opportunity to be a formative influence on shaping the Six Minutes Past Nine platform for future residencies.

The opportunity to be part of the Six Minutes Past Nine community.



Full name.

Email address. 

Relevant online presence (Instagram, Twitter, website etc.)

Examples (1-3) of moving image work (Links to YouTube, Vimeo or other online platform).

Titles and length of work submitted.

Description(s) of work submitted. If submitting more than one work, you can describe works in general, or individually, but please stay under 200 words in total.

A 150-300 Word artist statement describing 


The open call is open to emerging, early career or established artists working in moving image. Applicants must be 18+. Collaborative applications and collectives are also welcome. 

Submissions must be existing moving image works, or proposals for moving image works alongside your existing portfolio. The only requirement for successful applicants is that they have an existing artistic practice which focuses around or includes moving-image.  

Inclusion and Diversity:

Six Minutes Past Nine is dedicated to equality and diversity in all aspects of its platform. We encourage submissions from moving image artists of all background, ages, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, people with neurodiversities and identify as having a disability. 


Your information will be kept securely in line with General Data Protection Regulations.

If you have any questions about the Six Minutes Past Nine platform or the submission or any additional requirements please send an email to the email address provided.

Prize Summary: 
Bursary of £100
Prizes Details: 

The successful artist/group will receive a bursary of £100.

Contact & Links: 








ARCUS Project’s artist-in-residence program provides opportunities for emerging artists in the field of contemporary art to cultivate their artistic creativity and vision. Located around an hour from Tokyo, a residency at ARCUS Studio allows participants in the program to come into contact with the contemporary art scene in Japan as well as devote themselves to their creative endeavors in a calm environment while interacting with the local community. Through the support the program offers from its dedicated team of coordinators and regular tutorials with a curator, artists are able to search for and explore approaches in their practices and undertake new challenges in their artistic expression.

The program particularly emphasizes research-based practices and presents the initial results of these processes at open studios. It welcomes ideas for artworks and projects that develop out of encounters with people, the land, and culture, and aspire to form critical spaces that are open and international.

Program period
August 30 through December 7, 2022 (100 days) 
The schedule is subject to change.

The applicant must:
--- be an emerging artist engaged in contemporary visual arts or other related fields.
--- possess a nationality other than Japanese.
--- be resident outside Japan and able to enter Japan legally.
--- have completed his/her educational program as of August 2022 and not be enrolled at an educational institution during the program period unless it is a PhD program.
--- be in a state of good health and able to carry out daily activities on his/her own.
--- have an English-language ability proficient enough to communicate with other artists and staff.

Program Provisions (Full-funded) 
The artist is provided with 180,000 JPY for living expenses, 450,000 JPY for artistic activities. A studio, accommodation, and round-trip airfare are provided. 

Application Deadline
May 13, 2022 (23:59:59 UTC+9)

To apply, please visit:

For your reference, please visit our online Open Studios for 2020-2021 resident artists:

Prize Summary: 
The artist is provided with 180,000 JPY for living expenses, 450,000 JPY for artistic activities.
Contact & Links: 

10th International Summer Campus at Künstlerstadt Kalbe






Call for Application
10th International Summer Campus 2022
from 18th July to 4th September 2022

Künstlerstadt Kalbe, an innovative project in the Altmark region (Saxony-Anhalt) with the goal of countering demographic change through art and culture, is awarding scholarships for a working residency for the 9th time.

In accordance with the concept of a social plastic referring to Joseph Beuys, Künstlerstadt Kalbe sees itself as a place where the creative power of art is to be unleashed in order to build a free, sustainable and liveable society.

For six weeks, national and international artists of all disciplines (fine arts, literature, performing arts, music, film, photography, media art, interdisciplinary projects) are invited to participate in such a social sculpture in Kalbe and to contribute their own project ideas.

The scholarship includes

  • Free accommodation for the scholarship holders
  • Temporary, exceptional studios and working spaces
  • Basic stock of working materials, tools and technical equipment
  • Funding of a travel allowance and, if applicable, a supplement to the visa fee (exclusively for international fellows)
  • Artist sponsorship of a Kalbenser during the stay
  • Possibility to exhibit your own works in the gallery "die 8" and during the light art festival.

Contribution of the scholarship holder

  • Participation in weekly studio tours with artist talks and presentation of own work
  • Presence of the artist during the residency
  • In addition, there is the possibility to organize further program points, e.g. in the form of an exhibition, performance, reading, workshop or other formats

the call is addressed to

  • national and international artists, collectives or students of all disciplines: fine arts, literature, performing arts, music, film, photography, media art, interdisciplinary projects
  • without age restriction
Contact & Links: 


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