MindAIness: Digital intimacy

BcmA are excited to invite performance artists to participate to our performance month in Berlin in May 2024

GLOBAL OPEN CALL: DAF's 'Emerging New Media Artists' educational programme

Global opportunities for Young Artists: Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture opens applications for 'Emerging New Media Artists' educational programme

The exciting educational programme will be hosted in the soon-to-open Diriyah Art Futures centre, the Middle East and North Africa's first facility dedicated to New Media Arts.

Data Dreams - Call for Digital Artists

"Data Dreams" is not merely an exhibition; it's a journey into the ethereal, where the digital and the subconscious intertwine in a mesmerising dance of creativity.

Collide Copenhage

Arts at CERN and Copenhagen Contemporary welcome proposals for the second edition of Collide Copenhagen. Artists and collectives from any country are invited to submit their proposals for a fully-funded two-month residency shared between CERN in Geneva and Copenhagen Contemporary.

The selected artist will devote this period to artistic research and exploration, in dialogue with physicists, engineers, and laboratory staff. After the residency, a development phase will follow, during which the artist will define and produce an artwork to be included in an exhibition at CC in 2025. Throughout this journey, artists will receive curatorial support from the Geneva and Copenhagen teams.


The Arts Exhibition and Performances organised by Bristol Art Gallery and Unconventional Computing Lab UWE Bristol.


Protocognition refers to the ability of non-living creatures and substances without a nervous system to acquaint themselves with information, recognize stimulatory spaces, accumulate knowledge, and develop wisdom. It encompasses various processes such as sensing, decision mapping, learning, reasoning, believing, and even exhibiting emotional states through chemical and physical substrates.


Privacytopia 1st Edition

We are excited to announce our Open Call for Artists for the first edition of the international Privacytopia Festival. Privacytopia is a nomadic arts event, travelling to a new EU city each year. The inaugural edition will take place in Ghent, Belgium, in March 2024.

We are inviting creative individuals and/or collectives from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to submit their work for consideration to be showcased in our first edition of the Privacytopia Festival.



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