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Ibrida Festival delle Arti Intermediali








Ibrida, festival of intermedia arts is launching an open call for the 2019 edition.
Ibrida Festival will be held in April 2019 in Forlì (Italy). The festival is particularly focused on videoart, experimental cinema and live performances that have video as an important part of the exhibition. ( Ibrida is about artistic contaminations and works that mix different kinds of mediums. The festival is curated by Vertov Project, art directors Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo.
- Participating is free of charge.
- Deadline: 10 February 2019
- Each artist may submit up to 3 works, also in different media.
- For submitting, please cut and paste the entry form below attached as a word document wit three screenshots. Please rename the images, by using – your name / title of work / 1,2,3…

- The festival doesn’t pay any fees for the projection of the video.
- For the live performances the festival offers: food and accommodation during festival, travel and expenses support.  Invitation letter, under request.

What we are looking for:


  • Video Art - Experimental Film
  • Performance live ( min25- max 40 minutes)

Video art - Experimental film:  video (duration: min. 1 minute, max. 10 minutes, preferred HD, .mp4 or .mov (H264 codec) – we are looking for videos using the audio-visual medium in an innovative way and that mix different kinds of media.
interactive image – online/offline multimedia – Virtual Reality (resolution up to 1920 X 1080p, preview online)
Live Performance: Performances that interact with videos
Entry form
(please use for each submission a separate form)

Home address:
web site:

medium : video- live performance

Link for preview:
VIMEO or YouTube



Additional information - projects, drawings, links, anything that can support you work - in case of live performance you can send us a list of technical needs.

The submitter declares and confirms that he/she is holding all author’s rights and gives permission to include the submitted work during Ibrida Festival and use images (screenshots, etc) for non-commercial purposes free of charge.

Signed by (submitter)



Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Magmart | video under volcano






Magmart | video under volcano is an international videoart festival, which over the years has seen the participation of more than 1400 artists from +80 different countries, with thousand submitted videos.
The Festival is open to all international videoartists. Partecipation is free.
Between all submitted video, will be done a final selection based on vote of a Jury composed by experts. 
Any author can participate with max 5 video.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Open Call for Film & Video Artists: Ramsgate International Film Festival




The 3rd Ramsgate International Film Festival returns in June 2019.

The festival will present new works by local and International independent filmmakers, championing diversity on-screen and off. Complemented by a programme of unique live events, workshops and seminars from high profile industry professionals, RIFF 2019 is set to be the most exciting year yet.

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival is seeking to expand beyond the screen in 2019 and curate a fringe of visual arts, projection, moving/interactive pieces, AV installation, workshops and more to bring the town's landscapes and locations to life. 

You don't need to be local, but your expenses should be considered in your budget - grants are available up to £1,000 (but realistically expected to be under £500).

Contact & Links: 

OPEN CALL for New Short Film or Audio for ArtSwarm, theme: South America




ArtSwarm is a fortnightly video and audio art programme for YouTube featuring only new, original content created by artists.

We need new content to broadcast each episode and are calling for new video or audio pieces to play of any sort, from experimental works to animation, poetry, drama, music or soundscapes, or anything creative. The main criteria is that work must be new, not shared online or previously published, and available for free public broadcast. You can find terms and full details here:

Episodes have an optional theme. The theme for Episode 19 is South America, and the deadline is 12pm on Sunday December 2nd.

ArtSwarm is published on alternate Fridays on YouTube. You can view any episode here:

Contact & Links: 

5th open international contest Freedom of Form




Interference Foundation – the main organiser of the Interference Festival of Visual Communication Forms in Gdańsk – is pleased to open the contest “Freedom of Form”, inviting entries of visual works in one of two main categories.

1. MUSIC VIDEO [max 10 minutes]

The international contest has an open formula - it is addressed to individual authors as well as companies, legal persons, organisations, institutions, and artist collectives. The main aim of the contest is to select the best, the most aesthetically and creatively outstanding short visual works. Another aim is to collect works representing a broad spectrum of visual projects for presentation at the festival. The contest also aims to facilitate the presentation and promotion of young artists’ work.


Main contest – The Grand Prix in amount of 2500 zł [gross value] sponsored by the City of Gdańsk will be awarded in two main categories to authors of the following visual forms:

- Music Video

- Experimental Short Visual Form.


Other prizes / distinctions:

- Audience prize in amount of 2000 zł [gross value]

All works shall be submitted to contest serwer

A condition in participating in the contest is filling in a submission form and transferring the film to the contest serwer.


Submissions will be accepted till 30 November 2018  [till 12AM UTC+02:00]. Every entity / person is allowed to enter two works maximum, with the proviso that every work is submitted to a different category. It is not possible to enter the same work in more than one category.

Only entry works made in 2016-2018 will be considered.

To get more information about the contest you can write to us at

Contact & Links: 

Analog | Digital - Beacon Gallery's 2019 Call for Art





Blinking rectangles of various sizes dominate our digital daily lives. Cameras and sensors capture our every move. Networks, algorithms and protocols, document, predict and alter our behavior. Theoretically, human beings are more connected than ever before.

But are we?

While some view the analog to digital transition as a great equalizer and a unifying force, others see it as quite the opposite—a secularizing, divisive means to a lonely, uber-fractionalized society.

Regardless of where you stand on the matter, it is inarguable that the shift from analog to digital has influenced almost every facet of our lives—from how we consume information and exchange goods to how we meet, date, shop, and travel. In virtually every industry and in every home, the analog to digital transition has had a profound impact.

What we want to know is: How has the analog to digital transition impacted you—the artist? How does it make you feel? Cynical or hopeful? Free or confined? Connected or marginalized? How has it affected your work? Has it freed you or constrained you?  

In the medium of your choice—painting, mixed media, video, sculpture or photography —Beacon Gallery would like you to explore how the Analog to Digital transformation has impacted your work, your identity, your family, your community, your (metaphorically) “pixelated” view of the world at large.

You are invited to include a poem, a paragraph or an essay to be published along with your artwork explaining your experience, if you wish, as well.

Submissions are open from October 5 to November 30 2018 via Call For Entry


Show will be up from January 11 - February 24th 


Guidelines: (see Terms and Conditions on Call for Entry for an exhaustive list)

Competition is open to all artists 18 years and older.

Each artist may submit digital samples of recent original 2D or 3D artworks (artwork must be framed and/or ready to hang (wired or d-rings) or otherwise display) in any medium.

The image submitted must accurately represent the art being submitted. 

Video artwork may be submitted.

 Artists are responsible for any display needs such as pedestals, etc. unless otherwise arranged with the gallery (NB international artists – please contact gallery regarding shipping display needs for 3D works)

If work is accepted, artists are responsible for shipping costs to and from the gallery. 

NB: The gallery is not responsible for any works damaged in transit to/from the gallery or from any damage resulting from poor framing.  

A non-refundable fee of $35 entitles the artist to submit up to 5 pieces of artwork for consideration. Only one image per artwork, please.

The gallery may decide to accept any number from zero to all 5 pieces for the show.

You may submit work as NFS but need to submit a price for insurance purposes.

For all sales, Artist-Gallery split is 50%-50%

Submission of your entry is considered acceptance of the terms and conditions of the competition.


For any questions, please email: 

Fee Detail: 
35 USD
Contact & Links: 


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