La Vienísima announces the first feminist photography contest PERSPEKTIV_A on the occasion of International Women's Day. An initiative that arises with the aim of giving visibility to women artists and photographers, promoting the achievement of a more just and egalitarian society, promoting feminist movements and stimulating the creativity of participating women.

MUYA Open Call - 幻化纬度 (Transform & Unique & Latitude)

About MUYA:

MUYA is an artist and designer independent subscription and WeMedia art platform based in English and Chinese languages. We hold the respect and love for the art and look forward to hearing from more and more diverse and unique artistic thoughts. We are aiming to build an art interview space and a platform for individuals.

In the time of 2020 and 2021, although we had a tough time in 2020, it will not stop us from moving forward. Whenever we are working, we are still working hard for a better future step by step, day by day. What did you do in 2020? And What are you planning for 2021? MUYA is welcoming our new publication plan for next season. We are looking forward to your submission!!



Crossed by the current context, we think in the necessity of researching the possibilities of the artistic work, bounded by the social distancing provisions we look for alternatives of coexistence through the artistic activation of our Shop- Window. Different voices have drawn our attention to the increasing vigilance and control by the state and society in general.

Open Sculpture

Deadline for Submissions: MAY 31, 2020, Duration: JULY 1 - NO DEADLINE , Application fee: FREE , Location: NO BORDERS

Artists are invited to propose up to 3 works that are relevant to the subject, sculpture and installations. Works must stand in nature or urban space.

OpenSculpture are discovering relations between open spaces, nature and human influence. Help us to build a network of sculptures with reminds of social relation and human influence to landscape.

Artist Competition in 2020 for the next edition, front cover and 6 pages of interview and images!

Take the chance and be the winner of the next cover for the Gallery M & Art agent's international art magazine, which will be released October 1, 2020.

The winner will be presented when the magazine comes out!

Deadline for submission is July 30, 2020.

We are looking for artists in different media!

paintings, photographers, sculptors, college and textile artists into  the contest

Everything is closed and no one knows how long this virus Coronavirus (COVID-19) going to be.

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Over 6000 readers at Gallery M & Art agent's magazine.



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