#OctopusStory Open Call for Proposals - Installation and Art Direction

#OctopusStory Open Call for Proposals

Project Background

Portsmouth is a city surrounded by the sea. Changes to the health of the ocean have an impact on the city, from pollution to rising sea levels we are as affected as the creatures that live in the water.

A nine-month long project is working with people across the city to produce a large-scale immersive audio-visual installation and theatre performance inspired by the ‘Octopus Medicine’ poems by Becci Louise. This will encourage audiences to develop a connection with the ocean, both as an otherworld and an eco-system upon which our own, terrestrial lives, thoroughly rely.

Open Call For Female Artists

Kato Wong Gallery are giving female artists a space to discuss their feelings about recent upsetting events. There have been murders of young women in London, the Roe Vs Wade controversy amongst others.
You are invited to respond with artwork, either pre existing or new. Anger will be part of the discussion, but you are encouraged to educate both men and women about your experiences, your bodies, sexuality.
We invite female-identifying artists anywhere in the world to apply, regardless of experience.

Sleeve Shock

Sleeve Shock and Birth Sleeves? are two complementary exhibitions and talks events running in parallel from Monday 3rd until Sunday 16th October. (Frieze London 2022 runs from 12-16th October).

They are intended to provoke discussion around the human skin as a primary signifier of identity. The dialogue between the two shows will enable comparative views from different life phases, and evoke a trans-humanist perspective on identify conflict.

This is an open call for artists to take part in Sleeve Shock, which could provide an opportunity for artists from outside the capital to exhibit in the London art scene.

Birth Sleeves?

Exeter Contemporary Open

Exeter Contemporary Open presents a significant annual showcase of emerging and established contemporary artists working in any media from across the UK. Established in 2006, the exhibition has come to be recognised as one of the UK’s most prominent contemporary art competitions, acting as a showcase, springboard and platform for some of the best new work from the most exciting artists working today.

Artists may submit up to four artworks, through the online submissions form, from which the exhibiting finalists will be selected by a panel of art-world professionals. The panel will particularly be looking for work that reflects current directions, themes and concerns in contemporary practice.  


Hello London Actors!

Univeristy of Arts London Film & TV course are looking for great talent to be lead in an exciting drama titled 'Maggots'. We are in urgent need of actors to come in and showcase their skills. Auditions to be held on the 16th of May. 

Feel free to contact us by number - 07908557210 

Or email -

Or social - @Maggotsfilm

Visions in the Nunnery 2022

Visions in the Nunnery is the Nunnery Gallery’s renowned showcase of moving image, digital and performance art. The biennial open call is an opportunity to be part of one of the most varied and exciting presentations of moving image in London.

Each year we invite lead artists, celebrated for their innovation in the digital field, to head and inspire the exhibition programmes. This year Patrick Goddard and Emily Speed will be leading Visions 2022. Each will be exhibiting work as part of the show, and their thematic ideas will guide the selection process and set the tone for the wider exhibition.  

Open Call Details 

WHO | Moving image, digital and performance artists 


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