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Contemporary Arts Fair Discover:Gather:Give



Arts Fair, Stratford-upon-Avon, Regional and local artists, 3rd to 5th November

An exciting and eclectic free contemporary arts fair gathering the very best local and regional artisanal work. 

Finissage | Alasdair Gray A Life in Pictures




Alasdair Gray Finissage Image

Alasdair Gray Exhibition Finissage Event

A final opportunity to see the debut London Exhibition of one of Scotland's most celebrated artists. Alasdair Gray, writer and polemicist now in his eighties, is finally shown in London.

Leyden Gallery is delighted to be hosting  Alasdair Gray’s first London exhibition of paintings, illustrations and prints.

The exhibition has been well received by both the press and public and closes on the 9th September.

Do not miss this fabulous opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the work of Alasdair Gray. Works are also available to purchase.

Alasdair Gray | A Life in Pictures

Join us at Leyden Gallery and the artBar on Thursday 7th of September from 6 - 9pm when we will be celebrating the show with a finissage, to which you are invited!

Please book your FREE ticket via Eventbrite as spaces are limited!



Newcastle Scholarship Winner Announced




Bethan Martin - Stage Scholarship Winner

Huge congratulations to Bethan Martin for winning a year’s scholarship with us with The Stage newspaper, which is the oldest and most prestigious performing arts publication in the UK


Announcing the winner of The Stage scholarship Huge congratulations to Bethan Martin for winning a year’s scholarship with us and The Stage newspaper, which is the oldest and most prestigious performing arts publication in the UK. Bethan, age 14 from Ashington, has been selected as the winner in a recent talent competition and will be awarded a year’s free tuition, which equates to more than 100 hours of exceptional performing arts training worth up to £800.

Hannah Robinson and Mya Stewart were awarded runner up prizes.

IMG 5400

IMG 5412

Thank you to each and every student who entered, you were all wonderful and we encourage you to try again next year. This wonderful opportunity gives all children the chance to join in because all that is required is a love of performing arts regardless of formal training. Participants simply had to send in a simple two-minute video highlighting what they can do from the Razzamataz curriculum. So that could be anything from a musical theatre song or dance, a drama piece, a pop song or street dance.

For Bethan's winning entry, she decided to perform 'I Dreamed a Dream' from 'Les Mis'.

Bethan said “I am absolutely delighted at winning the scholarship. Razzamataz Newcastle is a big part of my life and has given me the confidence to achieve what I thought was impossible. I am looking forward to further opportunities at Razzamataz in the future”

Now that Bethan is part of Razzamataz Newcastle she will have the opportunity to participate in many of the exciting events that will happen in 2017/2018. These include a whole host of performing opportunities, masterclasses with industry experts and the chance to audition for a leading talent agent as well as the chance to perform in London in the Indigo at the 02. To find out about availability at the school or to put your name on a waiting list, contact Principal Kayleigh Redford or Email: or Tel: 07772577855 / 01914 065372.

Music Therapy Podcast Needs You





Music Therapy podcast has the musical remedy for anything life brings you. If you'd like us to find the perfect song for your situation please get in touch. Just email us with some background about what's going on for you - you can use a fake name if you like - and we'll let you know if we can feature you on the show. It can be anything - good or bad. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

Email:   Twitter: @musictherapyldn


How to increase your chances to get selected in art exhibitions




Laura I.Gallery

The question all artists are asking themselves is simple:

How can I increase my chances of being selected in art exhibitions, calls, and other art competitions?
To answer that, it’s important to understand that the discipline require to create art is no different than what it takes to market, sell, and showcase it to potential buyers and art lovers.
Before you apply for any such opportunity, ask yourself why you need to be a part of a particular exhibition. In other words, make an effort to understand how it could affect your career prospects.

Before you can answer that, make sure you know what you want:

  • Do you want to sell your work?
  • Do you want to inspire the world with your art and showcase it?
  • Could their prizes help your practice progress?

In this article, we would like to help you answer these questions and help you take the right decision.
It’s a known fact that it only takes a person to change your life completely. So, it’s important that you do showcase your art as much as possible anywhere you can, within the boundaries of your financial capabilities.

Being featured in any exhibition or display affords you better chances to be discovered; hiding your work in a studio space does not.

Being part of an exhibition can help you meet people and open new doors for you:  new collaborations with artists, networking with professionals, friendships with art lovers.
While not everyone you meet will have an interest in purchasing your work, their support will still be an asset along the way. Feedback is the most priceless gift you can get.
The power of word-of-mouth should not be underestimated. A fine word of encouragement along with a recommendation to a friend or manager could potentially create a chance to make a name for your practice.

It could also increase the chances of selling your art and creating even more opportunities for your art to be seen in other exhibitions and showcases.

Showcasing your art at all times is very important. Displaying it in a coffee shop is fine, but featuring it in a gallery will open up a lot more doors.

The gallery is one of the official professional voices in the art world. Collectors expect that a gallery has a fair knowledge of the art world and will act accordingly. Which means that if a gallery is willing to take a risk on an artist and agree to dedicate their resources in helping that artist, then they must be extraordinary.
In turn, everyone will be drawn to the artist and their work. We know for a fact that some of our artists – who previously had never had the chance to be exhibited in a gallery like ours – attracted a lot more interest after art professionals recognized their talents.
Now that we have established that it’s important to showcase your work anywhere, let’s see how you can increase your chances of having your work exhibited.
First of all, read their terms and conditions. We have had artists who submitted work in sizes bigger than we had requested. Despite the fact that their art was really good, we could not accommodate their work in our gallery.

In addition to that, make sure that the work is framed properly, if suitable. We have had work where the glass came off the frame which resulted in damage to the frame.
As an artist, you are trying to leave behind a legacy. To accomplish that, you also need to make sure that the quality of your materials is exceptional. When you are trying to sell your work, you are expecting someone to treasure it for years to come; your materials must accommodate that and be in great condition.
If you want somebody to love your work as much as you do, then you must really show you love your work by presenting it in the best way possible.
Think of it like having a job interview and dressing in casual clothing, showing up at the meeting and expecting that everyone will love you for who you are. In an interview, you must present yourself at your best, as a professional.

That kind of selection has nothing to do with what you are actually capable of doing and what ideas are running in your head. Instead, it has everything to do with showing respecting towards your art as well as the people around you.
Take good pictures of you art when you submit it for consideration for an exhibition. Good quality pictures not only show your work in its best light but also show that you care about what you do.
It tells buyers and collectors that you take your career very seriously. Nobody wants to work with an artist who doesn’t show commitment and shows signs of giving up in the future.
You must then be willing to be a part of a great show. You must show dedication and commitment to the event you are applying for. Sharing a nice message of how important it is to be selected in the exhibition is going to take you a long way.
Your own job does not end the moment you bring your art in the art space. In fact, that’s only the beginning of the journey.
Think of how you are going to use that opportunity and start building connections, supporting others, and sharing each other’s work. All of those factors will define the success of your show, construct a profile of the type of artist you are, and demonstrate your visions and aspirations.
Don’t be dissuaded if you have already done all this and haven’t made it to an exhibition of your choice. You should keep trying because dedication is appreciated.
If your work fits our criteria for this exhibition, please apply now and get your work out there for people to see and recognize.

Calling All Artist to Exhibit at Laura I.Art Gallery




Calling All Artists...
Laura l. Gallery is inviting ambitious artists with innovative, original work to submit for consideration to our special exhibition,”Now, That`s What I Call Art”.
”Now, That`s What I Call Art” is a new opportunity for unique talents whose work celebrates great imagination, innovation and excellence in their medium. The gallery’s vision is to organize a high profile competition on a unique concept: recognizing contemporary art that embraces the very best of human creativity.
Laura l. Gallery invites submissions from emerging or professional artists working in any medium or discipline, with any subject matter; whether this is painting, drawing, print, sculpture, 3D work, sculpture maquette, installation, relief, ceramics or art jewellery.
The project is designed to have a meaningful impact on the career or these extraordinary and talented artists, and the Laura l. Gallerywill devote significant time and effort in promoting and selling the work. It will also provide an opportunity for the artists to win amazing prizes that will boost their careers to the next level.
In terms of these prizes, the gallery’s superb sponsors IceHouse Quarter, in collaboration with Rooff Property LLP, are providing free studio spaces with amazing views of the Roder River to three selected artists to create their magic!
The Business Award winning Barking Enterprise Centre will also offer professionally enriching sessions to help artists create financial security from selling their art.
This will culminate in a showcase at our London gallery this September, where the prize winners will be selected on the private view by our sponsors.
To allow us to fully appreciate your work, we recommend submitting at your earliest convenience.

This is an exhibition in which over 30 artists will be selected based on the quality and ambition of their work.


  • 3 Prizes total worth 2400£ in studio FREE RENT, with view of the River Roder, in London, sponsored by Icehouse Quarter in collaboration with Rooff Property LLP .
  • 3 Mentoring Sessions for 3 artists from an arts industry professional sponsored by Business Awards Winner Barking Enterprise Centre to help artists create financial security from selling their art.
  • The honour to be selected in our exhibition
  • Also a small number of artists will be selected to participate in the celebrated Affordable Art Fair next year.
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