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Scottish International Short Film Festival 2023






SIFF is a new, international short film festival based in Scotland. SIFF will screen outstanding short film, animation, docs, experimental and video art.

An international jury will select the 7 winning categories including, SIFF Best International Short Film or Video 2023, which will receive £500.

Submissions are now live, and open to all at: 
Earlybird deadline is August 1st 2022.
We have created SIFF to showcase exceptional, international short film, whilst also addressing the imbalance of under-represented groups of makers and stories within film festivals. We understand that some short film and video blur the lines of typical film festival categories, so we also enthusiastically encourage non-traditional and experimental formats.

The stories of and by women, girls and non-binary people are underrepresented in film festivals, so we want to encourage submissions from woman, non-binary people and/or anyone telling stories about women, girls and non-binary people.

For our first year, we are screening the festival in Scotland's largest city and creative hub, Glasgow.

For further reference you can view the selections of our sister film festival: Barcelona International Short Film Festival.
You can view the trailers for the BSF 2020 selection and winners on our Vimeo page: 
You can view the BSF 2020 Programme here: 
We look forward to seeing your work!

Prize summary: 
Prizes Details: 

SIFF Best International Short Film or Video 2023 - prize of £500.

Best Performance (laurels)

Best Cinematography (laurels)

Best Animation Short (laurels)

Best Documentary Short (laurels)

Best Experimental Short (laurels)

Best Special FX (laurels)

Best Audio (laurels)

All work selected for screening will receive SIFF 2023 OFFICIAL SELECTION laurels.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Earlybird fee: £10
Contact & Links: 

IN TERRA - On earth - Open call for Athens exhibtiions






We here at SIILK GALLERY are looking for artists from all walks of life around the world for our 2022 exhibitions. As things are reopening back up here in Athens, Greece we are taking submissions from photographers as well as installation artists and video for June/July and the Fall September - December group shows.

The Bohemian neighbourhood Metaxourgeio is a cultural and artistic neighborhood brimming with performing arts theatres, studios and galleries showcasing the works of Greek and international artists. It centers on leafy Avdi Square, a popular gathering place set amidst lively bars and fashionable shops. Street art adorns brick walls and green spaces, while neoclassical buildings house cafes and small-plate restaurants.

How the exhibits work:

At Silk Gallery we offer 3m of wall space for a 1 week exhibition. Your work will be curated alongside other selected artists from around the world to exhibit at our space. We will have an opening evening for each exhibition with press attendees, we will have private viewings as well as local and international coverage of each event event. We are also open to artists exhibiting with us to do presentations, workshops and discussions if they wish while they are exhibiting at Siilk.

The exhibition program includes:

1 week exhibition at Siilk Gallery
Private view/press viewings and other publicity
Design and printing of invitations, mail out and social media invites
Curation & Installation of works
Photography of work / installation to be featured online and in press
Opening event with music and drinks sponsor
Pop up events throughout the week at the gallery space

Payment & Pricing:

The price per 3m wall space is €200 participation of exhibition.

We take 0% commission on works sold.

If you are unable to attend the opening - works can be delivered to Kallergi 20, Athens, 114 37, Greece.

We can also organize printing in house and if you are looking for external funding we are happy to send an invitation after confirmation of exhibiting to support any applications.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
€200 participation fee
Contact & Links: 

May Fair Showreel Open Call






Presented by Mayfair Art Weekend
Sunday 26 June, 12 - 5pm
The May Fair Hotel, Stratton St, W1J 8LT

25 May

Mayfair Art Weekend is an annual celebration of London’s internationally renowned gallery district. The ninth edition is taking place 24–26 June 2022, with exhibitions and events to enjoy over the weekend. Included in the events programme are the Gallery HOP!, Mayfair Sculpture Trail, May Fair Showreel, family activities and more!

On Sunday 26 June, the third May Fair Showreel will be dedicated to the work of moving image artists, to take place in the luxurious screening room at The May Fair Hotel.
We are delighted to invite artists from around the world to nominate their moving image artworks for inclusion in this exciting part of the Mayfair Art Weekend programme.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

ins nirgendwie - digitale utopien






Call for Exhibition | Accepted: AR-Art, Conceptual Art, Digital Graphic, Digital Painting, Installation, Photography, Performance, (Post-) Internet Art, Sculpture/Plastic Arts, Video, VR-Art

„The gestalt of all artistic utopia today is: to make things of which we do not know what they are.“ Theodor W. Adorno, Vers uns musique informelle

„The network is our contemporary intuition of infinity.“ Alan Liu

Within the modern idea of progress, fuelled by technology, there always shimmers the hope of a better tomorrow, whenever and however that may be achieved. The contemporary expression of this vision is the Californian utopia, manifested in the transhumanist Singularity movement, which speculates on a technical superintelligence that will help solve all of humanity's problems - both hope and horror.

But it is striking that in many places today utopian thinking has been replaced by hard realism. The current fear of the dystopia threatened by climatic, technological and hygienic changes forces us to take a sober look at the few options that seem to remain to prevent brutal social changes.

Today, technical solutions give many people hope that global climatic and pandemic events can be brought under control: Where would we be if we could not use genetic engineering to develop vaccines and medicines? And aren't wind turbines, smart electricity technologies, hydrogen and e-drives - enabled, controlled, accelerated by IT technologies - also technical answers to the problems of man-made climate change?

For many people, however, it is disturbing that the technology utopians of the 21st century like Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg and others have become unimaginably rich and thus unimaginably powerful with their IT companies. And even more disturbing is the fact that IT technologies are capable of massively restricting our individual freedom through total control, see the Social Credit System in China. Here too: Digitalization offers hope and terror at the same time.

So if we look at the current scenario of digital utopia in our culture, we see that it is complicated. That is precisely what interests us. For the unmanageable, the obscured and the only in the making offers art a fantastic playground. Moreover, art itself contains a utopian moment, it refers through the now of its material to the idea of the possible, the yet to come, reflected in the imagination of the viewer. Perhaps this is why many digital artists deal with utopian perspectives. So how does digital art approach the theme of "utopia"? What view do the artists have of the future? What dangers do they warn about? What utopian dreams do they give space to - virtually or in real life?

>>> You are a digital artist? Then take part with your work in the big group exhibition at the Weltkunstzimmer, Düsseldorf, Germany, 7 - 23 October 2022

Deadline for this call: 15 June 2022


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Visions in the Nunnery 2022





Visions in the Nunnery is the Nunnery Gallery’s renowned showcase of moving image, digital and performance art. The biennial open call is an opportunity to be part of one of the most varied and exciting presentations of moving image in London.

Each year we invite lead artists, celebrated for their innovation in the digital field, to head and inspire the exhibition programmes. This year Patrick Goddard and Emily Speed will be leading Visions 2022. Each will be exhibiting work as part of the show, and their thematic ideas will guide the selection process and set the tone for the wider exhibition.  

Open Call Details 

WHO | Moving image, digital and performance artists 

WHAT | We are looking for moving image, audio, film sculpture and performance works, preferably recent. There is no theme, but the tone of the programmes is set by this year’s lead artists, Patrick Goddard and Emily Speed. Selection will be based on innovative uses of your chosen medium.  No more than three entries per artist.  

WHERE | The Nunnery Gallery, London 

WHEN | 7 October – 18 December 2022


Moving Image | We are looking for single screen works of up to 10 minutes in duration. We do have limited space for small film installation / monitor based work, or longer single-screen pieces. If you are submitting an installation, please provide additional information describing the work, including presentation equipment, dimensions, space requirements etc. Please be aware that we cannot always provide specific equipment for installation-based works. We also accept silent film works and audio-only work. 

Performance | We are looking for live works up to 15 minutes in duration for the Visions 2022 performance events. Please describe the work’s mechanics, including equipment, dimensions, props, space requirements, number of performers etc. If possible, a taster clip via video-link is always useful. 




Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
£10 per entry
Contact & Links: 

Audiovisual Collaboration: Building & Performing (phase 2) with Romain Tardy, Loran Delforge, Zoe Mc Pherson, Alessandra Leone And Stacie Ant





CAMP is a residential arts facility in the French Pyrenees. It's a place where great art is made, new movements are formed, new ideas are explored and groundbreaking people are nurtured. CAMP is located in Aulus les Bains, the last village before the France/Spain Pyrenean frontier chain. The location is spectacular - we are nestled at 750m above sea level, surrounded by snowcapped peaks over 3000m high, ancient forests and cascading waterfalls. There are eagles, lammergeiers, vultures, ibex and bears. Walk out of the residency, and within ten minutes you are completely alone in one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in Europe. Aulus les Bains is also a spa village - there are hot water springs, and a thermal spa in the village to take advantage of the healing and relaxing properties of the water.
Workshop dates: 08/06/2022 - 13/06/2022
This is the second in a two-week series exploring the space and connections between audio and visual art - the first workshop is here. Both workshops stand alone, they are complete events within themselves, and can be taken separately. However, for maximum depth of experience we recommend signing up to both and staying two weeks. What's more, if you sign up to both, you get a 50% discount on the second one and free accommodation in between the two sessions! Just book workshop 1, and drop us a line for your discount code.

This workshop is aimed at musicians interested in adding visual dimensions to their work, visual/installation artists interested in delving into sonic elements, and anyone with an interest in exploring the space where audio and visual arts meet, whether in a live performance, installation or studio/workshop environment.

Over five days, you will explore a wide range of subjects, techniques and approaches, with expert guidance from five of the most exciting artists in this field: Romain Tardy, Loran Delforge, Zoë Mc Pherson, Alessandra Leone, and Tarik Barri.

Days 1 & 2

Working with AV installations in a site-specific context, with Romain Tardy and Loran Delforge. For more than 10 years, visual artist Romain and music composer Loran (aka Before Tigers, Squeaky Lobster) have collaborated on various AV installations around the globe: from mapping projections on cactii in Mexico to a giant low-resolution LED matrix in a desert in China, their complementary artistic practices have used the continuous challenge of working in unusual places as the cement of their artistic collaboration.

For their two days, the duo will discuss the process behind their creations, and will also propose a hands-on approach with a simple and participatory AV installation that will take advantage of CAMP’s beautiful surroundings.

Day 3

Audiovisual duo Alessandra Leone and Zoë Mc Pherson have been creating, collaborating and curating audiovisual projects together since 2018; they founded AV label and platform SFX in 2020. On day 3 of the workshop, they will give an insight into their audiovisual collaborative process, working on audiovisual albums, pieces, and performing audiovisual shows. Collaborative practice is important in their work, and within SFX - they’ll present tools for better collaboration within the creative and presentation process.

Themes and methods that will be approached during the workshop include creating music for visuals, creating visuals for sound, visual and sound techniques, creative process, team building, professional AV environment, etc.

Days 4 & 5

We'll close out the workshop with days of immersion into the otherworldly visionscapes of video artist Stacie Ant. Stacie Ant is a new media artist currently based in Berlin. Stacie draws on her experiences as a female artist while developing the critical views of our technologically-saturated contemporary society that inform her work. Using 3d animation, installation, and augmented reality, she reinvents elements of contemporary culture through fictional, maximalist narratives. She has created mind-blowing visuals for DJ Hell, Uncanny Valley, Mr Eff and others, and has exhibited worldwide.

Using AR and face filters, audio-visual Instagram filters and more, Stacie will work through a variety of practices for creating videos and performance visuals for music.

Contact & Links: 


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