Fuseless Fan OPEN CALL

Fuseless Fan is calling all artists and collectives who want to collaborate and become part of the project!
We will be selecting art to display at our events, exhibitions, to feature in our zines, and to be sold online and at our mobile stands.

If you identify as part of an underrepresented community, regardless of what your art is and looks like we welcome your application and want to hear from you!!
!!at any point during our collaboration we may offer you the possibility of becoming a resident artist!!

Theatr Clwyd: Three Public Art Open Calls

Theatr Clwyd and studio three sixty are delighted to announce three open call opportunities for public art commissions.

Theatr Clwyd is Wales’s leading producing theatre, and one of only four theatres in the UK that builds sets, makes costumes and creates props in-house. The venue is currently undergoing major redevelopment, with the aim of creating a more sustainable, inspiring and inclusive building, where world-class art can thrive for generations to come. Public art is at the heart of plans for the new building.

We are currently inviting applications from artists, theatre-makers, writers, and collaborative design teams for three specific projects:

Rockland Arts Festival

January 26 - February 9, 2024

Rockland Arts Festival is 2 weeks of FREE online & in-person arts events!

DEADLINE: December 1, 2023
ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists (all mediums) age 18 and over and arts organizations in the United States.
FEE: No application fee.

Sci-Fi Poetics: The Intersection of Passion & Technology

New Publication! NothingNew Press explores the Surreal & the Spiritual thru collages, photos, paintings, & poetry. Seeking submissions to our Thematic Gallery--Sci-Fi Poetics: the Intersection of Passion & Technology. Consider the mutuality of the human body & the human-made machine. Any era, any aspect of sensation, consciousness, & perception. Speculative Sci-fi made visual!

Edition 3: The Enigma of Objects | Call for Submissions

CALL | The Enigma of Objects | Call for Submissions - Sept 2023

Edition 3 of The Enigma of Objects is accepting micro-stories about objects that emit sound and act as records of our memories. Open to artists, writers, musicians and others. All that’s needed is a photo of your object and 200 words about its relevance to the current theme :

The upcoming edition is titled RECORDS. I invite objects capable of holding music and emitting sounds. The terms “music” and “sound” are defined quite loosely for the purposes of this edition. The focus is on memories that live on in objects and nest in the sound waves they release.

Fresh Hell

The theme for our fourth issue, Fresh Hellcomes from a famous quotation attributed to wisecracking American satirist Dorothy Parker:

"[Parker’s] way of looking at life was incurably pessimistic. Confronted by the unknown, she immediately prepared for the worst. Ordinary occurrences—the doorbell or a ringing telephone—made her wonder 'What fresh hell is this?'"


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