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Mixed Media Artist







*1 month stay at Mauser EcoHouse Artist Residency in Costa Rica  (April, May or June, 2021)

*Shared room accommodations

*Continental breakfast and gourmet, vegetarian dinner Monday thru Friday

*Access to 1.5 acres of charming, green, outdoor studio space

*Pick up and drop off SJO airport (shuttle service-days and times apply)



*Airfare to and from Costa Rica (SJO)

*Medical and travel insurance

*Lunches, all meals on weekends


Deadline to apply is September 30th/Winner will be chosen on October 5th, 2020.


We look forward to your application and good luck!


Video of the Residency and surrounding area:

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InBreak Residency







Dea Studios invites artists of any discipline, writers, and preachers to participate in the InBreak Residency, a collaborative virtual process that will enable participants to collectively explore themes of art, faith, and race in the United States. Over the course of three months, residents will engage in a program that includes selected viewings, readings, and dialogue prompts. The residency will culminate in a live or virtual event, a series of virtual exhibitions, and publication possibilities. 

This residency is ideal for those who are interested in engaging questions of art, faith, and race in the United States in a collaborative setting. Residency participants are expected to attend all cohort dates, to actively contribute to the collective dialogue on the themes presented, and to submit completed work by the end of the residency. The residency comes with a project stipend.

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BRIClab: Film + TV Residency






BRIClab is a multi-disciplinary residency program created to advance opportunities for visual artists, performers, and media makers. 

The BRIClab: Film + TV residency track incubates innovative and ambitious storytellers working in both established and experimental forms of media. 

Applications are now open for the inaugural 2020 BRIClab: Film + TV residency, which runs from November 2020 through April 2021. Applications require a project description, media creator bio(s), and work samples.

We are accepting project proposals in the following disciplines: film, TV, podcast, multimedia, animation, post-production, other (something new and unexpected). 

Prize summary: 
Three residencies will be awarded to create opportunities for emerging and mid-career media makers.
Prizes Details: 


  • A stipend of $2500
  • Access to courses through BRIC's Media Education program at no fee
  • Access to BRIC production studios and post-production resources
  • A mentor with industry experience relevant to your project
  • A collaborative cohort community with group critiques and access to BRIC networking events
  • A public presentation of your work upon completion of the program
  • Access to industry gatekeepers through professional development workshops and collaboration opportunities
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3 free residences - 3 weeks - december 2020





Deep in the Spanish inland, on a wooded estate of 25 hectares, lies the ecologic artist’s residency arteventura. A distinct philosophy of autonomy and back to basics form the foundation of the residency. The finca covers an area of 25 ha of century old oaks which our visiting artists can fully enjoy at any time. In the front part of the finca we converted an old ruin into a 250m2 communal studio with an inside and outdoor workspace.
Artists in residence can choose between two types of  accommodation: There are 2 individual flats of  ±40 m2, equipped as a flexi-workspace. Next to the studio we offer a 2 bedroom apartment that can be used by a single artist (bedroom +  workspace), or by a duo that wants to work on a joint project. We aim at a maximum of 3 artists (exceptional 4, duo working on a joined project)  in residence at the same time. 

Thanks to the friends of arteventura, we can offer the first free residences. We will invite 3 artists to live and work in this magical place, where artists wander and get inspired. Where they are engaged in research and development. Where the emphasis is more on the trajectory then on the results.  The foundation is brand new and still growing. Depending on how many donations we receive, we will extend the funded residences. 


Prizes Details: 

• Selfcatering apartment
• Communal atelier

Not included
• Transport
• Material
• Food


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COM UNIDAD - Virtual Artist Residence OPEN CALL





Correlacion Contemporanea is a self-management project that develops initiatives that question the current system of production, diffusion and research of contemporary art in Peru. Since 2016, Correlación Contemporánea aim is the exchange between students, young and professional artists, encouraging a space for horizontal dialogue in order to stimulate the creation of new possibilities in our artistic environment.

COM UNIDAD is a virtual artistic residence based in Peru that proposes the creation of a collaborative network made up of cultural actors related to peruvian history, art and community practices, from traditional art to contemporary art, through the management of projects, artistic education and archaeological practices in order to generate the continuity of community work from a context of isolation and social distancing that the new normal proposes us.

The work program aims to rethink the development of community art practices through virtual strategies that build a network of community initiatives of creation, management or education based on the collective research of the main cultural, social and geographical axes of Peru.

For this purpose, COM UNIDAD, proposes a research work divided into three cycles, three regions and three months, in which the group made up of residents, collaborators and coordinators will carry out a constant exercise of dialogue, exchange and analysis of the forms of life and social organization that develop in the coast, andean and jungle of Peru.

> Contemporary art as an affective and community tool in rural areas.
> Cultural scene and autonomous management.
> Pre-Hispanic Peruvian culture (Cosmovision, language, rituals, and others).
> Post-pandemic community art.

The COM UNIDAD residence offers a residency program developed in 3 Months / Cycles* in total, which correspond to the 3 regions of the country:

1. COM UNIT - Amazonian jungle: three weeks
2. COM UNIT - Coast: three weeks
3. COM UNIT - Andean highlands: three weeks

*Participants can choose to carry one or two cycles separately

N ° OF PARTICIPANTS: According to availability

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 18, 2020

RESIDENCE PERIOD: October, November, December 2020

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Creative Practice for Contemporary Dance






This six-day online workshop brings together emerging choreographers interested in broadening their understanding of composition and choreographic thinking, and mid-career makers looking to refresh their practice in an environment of shared learning. 

Amid the global pandemic, this workshop will take advantage of both the restrictions and benefits of online art making, using practical experiments, discussion and targeted research to support the deepening of each participant’s artistic practice. 

The workshop will examine “choreographic thinking” as a continuum of actions and assumptions shared by both choreographers and performers. Participants will take on both roles on a daily basis, choreographing and performing every day, working quickly and intuitively and taking advantage of the specifics of our current living situations. Participants will share their work with the group and join in giving and receiving mutually supportive feedback. 

Working in a spirit of rigour that includes lightness and play, the goal will be to bring intuitive knowledge, and curiosity, into an easy dialogue with a critical mind.

The workshop is hosted by faculty, including veteran choreographer, Christopher House, outgoing Artistic Director of Toronto Dance Theatre and Co-Director of Banff Centre’s biennial program, Choreography Across Disciplines.

What Does the Program Offer?

Areas of focus will include:

• Editing, distillation and enhancing specificity 
• Remixing and adaptation 
• Resurrecting the exhausted 
• Developing written scores 
• Expansion within limits 
• Choreographing with objects 
• Relationships with sound 
• Foreground/background: space as poetry
• Playing with anticipation
• Who is this for?
• What can dance express? 
• Stealth counterpoint 
• Foregrounding liveness
• First thought, best thought?

To support our research, we will engage with readings and performances available online as examples of diverse compositional and philosophical approaches. Participants will be encouraged to engage one-on-one or smaller group online dialogue with others outside of the official meeting hours, and the program director will be available for individual appointments. 

A shared online document will serve as a bulletin board and a place to collect questions and further observations on each topic. We will address issues such as the ethics of representation; the pressure to innovate; the traps of self-sabotage; and the social and political questions of this extraordinary moment in our world.  

Against this backdrop, this workshop will engage with an evolving list of compositional considerations derived from film, music, architecture, literature, visual art, theatre, and choreography; participants will be encouraged to add to and personalize this list in support of their own practice. 

Who Should Apply

This program is open to artists worldwide, and will be conducted in English. Emerging choreographers interested in increasing their compositional awareness and broadening their definition of dance, as well as mid-career makers looking to refresh their practice by questioning assumptions in an environment of shared learning, are encouraged to apply.

Program Dates: September 28 - October 3, 2020
Application Deadline: September 2, 2020
Apply online: 

Prizes Details: 

*Financial Aid of 100% of the program fee is available for this program.

Contact & Links: 


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