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Dexter Jones Award Residency





The NSS Dexter Jones Award Residency at Chesterwood, in Stockbridge, MA, will be given to an emerging sculptor working in bas-relief. The award is funded by an endowment in memory of Dexter Jones, past Fellow of National Sculpture Society. The residency will begin on Monday, June 1 – June 30, 2020.  ELIGIBILITY: sculptors born between 1980 – 2001 may apply. Candidates must be citizens of or residents in the United States with a social security number. Candidates must be available to live and work at Chesterwood in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts for the month of June 2020.  A car is essential for transportation around the region. 


One-month residency and the winning sculptor will also be awarded a $1,000 stipend by Chesterwood from the Lee M. Weiser Memorial Fund, in support of a sculptor-in-residence.

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UNCSA Choreographic Development Residency





The Choreographic Development Residency is a 5-week program to foster the development of new work by emerging to mid-career choreographers of exceptional promise. UNCSA Summer Dance will award four choreographers the opportunity to further their choreographic research and create new dance works by providing studio space, dancers, personal mentoring with Helen Pickett, weekly workshops and access to participate in daily technique classes. Participants will receive room, board and a stipend.

The residency culminates in a performance of the work set on students in UNCSA’s summer program at UNCSA’s Stevens Center. Through this initiative, UNCSA School of Dance looks to deepen its mission of developing original works, supporting artists and giving back to the broader community. Choreographers will be chosen from an open call for submissions. 

Choreographic Development Residency June 21 – July 24, 2020


The residency will consist of daily technique class (optional), morning mentoring sessions, workshops, and lectures, all led by esteemed Summer Dance faculty and guests.  Afternoon rehearsals with a cast of dancers from UNCSA Summer Dance will follow. In the evenings, choreographers will have access to UNCSA’s beautiful studios for further choreographic research.

The residency will culminate in a performance of the work. Video documentation of the work will be provided. The UNCSA Summer Dance Final Workshop Performance will be held July 24, 2019, at the Stevens Center.



The program is looking for emerging and mid-career choreographers who exhibit a strong choreographic voice and exceptional promise. Two Contemporary choreographers and two Contemporary Ballet choreographers will be selected.

UNCSA’s Choreographic Institute is ideal for candidate’s that are open, creative, and driven. Though much of the time is structured in mentoring sessions—from application processes to costume design, much of the time on your own. We aim to give recipients the time to focus on creation, process and both personal and professional development. We hope to provide tools for this development, including but not limited to rehearsal studios, pre-professional and professional dancers on selected evenings, a library, mentors, an extensive arts library, a gym, etc.


This residency is two-fold in priority—one is your development as a choreographer, and the other is the work set on the students. The caliber of the work is expected to be high, with a prepared plan coming in to the session. We also expect recipients to coach and create a rehearsal environment in which  students can learn, be pushed and be supported. They are high school age students of varying, and the main stage choreography will be set on them. One of the intended outcomes of this residency is for there to be reciprocal growth between you and the students you are setting work on.

Choreographers must have two years of choreographic experience.

How to Apply


NEW APPLICATION DEADLINE FEBRUARY 10th. Selected choreographers will be notified by March 10th, 2020. In the body of the email include your name, address, email and phone number. Indicate which category you are applying for: Contemporary or Contemporary Ballet (you may only apply for one).

Include the following attachments to your application email:

Your choreographic C.V. in pdf format
One letter of recommendation in pdf format
An artistic statement (one page maximum) in pdf format
A link to a 5-minute video example of one of your choreographic works from the past three years. Video should be a 5-minute consecutive section. Prefer works with four or more dancers, since selected pariticpants will be choreographing on 15+ UNCSA summer students.

There is no fee to apply. Partial applications will not be considered.

If you have questions about the Choreographic Development Residency or the application process, email Summer Dance director Ashley Lindsey at




Four selected choreographers

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Artist Residency Opportunity for 2020/2021





PlatteForum, as an artist community, supports the creation and presentation of new art and ideas by contemporary artists. By supporting working artists, PlatteForum generates dialogue in the larger community about the role of the artist in society. Located in a rich urban context, PlatteForum’s dynamic, artist-centered residences are built upon the notion of engaging the broader community in the creation of new work, where artists, youth, and the public collaborate. Each resident artist becomes a catalyst for innovative and expanded thinking about what art is and can be.

Residencies at PlatteForum are competitive with over 100 applications and only four to five slots awarded each year. Each residency gives the artist the time, space and support to extend their work and share their ideas with the public. Artistic excellence, innovative ideas for engagement and collaboration with the public, and a diversity of ideas, genres, and methodologies are paramount in selecting artists for only four to five available slots in the Artist Residency program each season. Residencies are typically 6-8 weeks in duration. Residency timeslots follow the approximate schedule:
Residency A: Sept-Oct 2020
Residency B: Jan-March 2021
Residency C: March-May 2021
Residency D: June-July 2021
Residency E: June/July 2021

The Artist Residency program is open to artists in all genres and disciplines. Applications from established professional artists, emerging artists, and graduate students are welcome. We encourage local, national, and international artists to apply. Artistic excellence, merit, and creative ways for interacting with the public as articulated in the application are important criteria in the selection process. Applicants must be able to speak and understand English. There is a three-year waiting period for former residents (for example, an Artist Resident from the 2018-19 season is not eligible to apply until the 2021-22 season).

PlatteForum is a member of the Alliance of Artist Communities, an international organization that advances creativity. Community connections nurtured by collaborations and partnerships with organizations, schools, and individuals that extend the artist’s aesthetic are integral to each residency. The PlatteForum approach — teaming creative residents with youth and the community — makes a valuable contribution to our city’s cultural discourse, fosters personal growth for the artist, and positively impacts the lives of participating individuals. PlatteForum’s uniqueness gives artists, youth, and community members opportunities that they might not find elsewhere.


STIPEND and SUPPORT: PlatteForum provides our resident artists a stipend ($250/week) to help defray artist expenses, staff support, program administration, workshop support, youth workshop supplies, opening event, press releases, and invitations.

FACILITIES and SERVICES: The facility is over 4000 square feet with dedicated open studio (2,000 square feet) is surrounded by staff offices, kitchen, and restrooms.

HOUSING: Guest housing will be provided by members of the PlatteForum community for out-of-town artists.

MEALS: A full kitchen is available for artists’ use.

COMPUTER/INTERNET ACCESS: Computer, wireless internet, and wireless printers are available throughout the facility.

ACCESSIBILITY: Studios, grounds, and all public and private areas are accessible to people with limited mobility and wheelchairs.


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BAROQUE BLUE: Ionion Art Experience




HOW DOES IT WORKS: The call is open to artists, architects, designers, performers, musicians, writers, who will be able to apply individually or in multidisciplinary groups. The call is reserved for all those who work in the field of environmental art or Land art through visual, performative, photography, video, applied arts, eco-psychology, writing, site-specific interventions, musical installations, relational art etc.

THE PLACE - Santa Caterina, is an Ionian seaside place in the province of Lecce (Salento, Italy). It was born as a defensive outpost against Saracen attacks. There are, in fact, two 16th century watchtowers, placed in an elevated position above the sea, built by the Spaniards, to counter the Ottoman raids. The coast is jagged with stretches of rock and sand. The sea is clean and blue flag in the south of Italy. It is not far from the towns of Lecce, Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca.

ARTISTIC RESIDENCE: The artistic residence, an ideal and often idyllic place, becomes a fundamental stop for artists, who want to seek a new inspiration for their art, to live a unique experience that allows them to get in touch with nature and with other artists . A locus amoenus, an opportunity for cultural exchange and deep involvement that leads to concrete enrichment not only from an artistic but also a personal point of view. The residence offers a stay of research, study and relax in an area rich in history and culture in which the landscape and architectural wonders encourage and stimulate new creative productions. The villas hosting the participants - not far from each other – both are located in the naturalistic context of Santa Caterina, a few hundred meters from the sea and city center.

DATES: The residency art program has a total duration of 14 nights (From June 23 to July 7, 2020), with the possibility of participating even for just one week (from June 23 to 30 or from June 30 to July 7). Participants will have the opportunity to live in the same living spaces, cook together and live the experience of total art. All the services are available in the villa for a pleasant and stimulating stay.

CURATOR: Unlike other residences, BAROQUE BLUE, together with the participants, hosts the curator Dores Sacquegna, whose her role is to help the artists in their sensory experience of the environment. Each one will have individual feedback and all together will participate in round tables. During this period, conferences, live performances and interactive workshops will be held to discuss contemporary issues relating to the visual art sector and the creative industry (cultural appropriation etc.). All participants will receive the Certificate of Participation.

ART PROGRAM: BAROQUE BLUE is mainly based on supporting and stimulating creative processes through a full immersion in nature and art, a seductive isolation from contemporary frenzy. The artists will be able to conceive and create their works freely (with free theme) and site specific in the natural environment as Land Art projects or other with events open to the local community.

EXCURSIONS: An eco-sustainable itinerary between art and nature, for an authentic contact between people and places. Participants have the oportunity to explore fascinating places and live in close contact with the surrounding environment, but also to relax in the fresh waters of Salento, without sacrificing work and / or conviviality with other guests. A series of sustainable excursions will alternate between paths in the countryside, dry stone walls, paths between straw and olive trees, visits to marine museums, karst caves, ancient villas, historic centers, urban, ancient oil mills and hypogea, Byzantine crypts and much more .

PUBLICATION & REPORT: During the residency, all photographic, audio and video material will be collected and a multimedia and multisensory catalog can be created and published on the Primo Piano Special Project website as an interactive map and documentation also for other participants. The residence and its participants will be advertised and channeled through press releases to newspapers and magazines. Complimentary press kit.

APPLY NOW! The closing date for submissions is 30 APRIL 2020


Participation Certificate

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Are you looking for excitement!?

A bit of culture shock to shake up your style!?

Do you dare to work collaboratively!?

MiXER residency programme is a 3 week collaborative "playground" where artists from widely different art-forms and cultural backgrounds can engage, share methodologies and inspire each other. Through the task of working in pairs, they are given an opportunity to regenerate their creative dynamism; exchange, experiment and develop new ideas with no fear of failure while learning valuable insights from other art forms.

MiXER originates from the suggestion of accessing creativity from the perspective of randomness, experimentation and urges opening up new channels for communication.

The selected artists from diverse artistic disciplines are paired up to work collaboratively on a new body of work; furthermore their task is to assemble an ARTISTS’ BOOK covering the leading aspects of their collaboration:

  • The residency ends with a PUBLIC PRESENTATION of the completed project,
  • The designed ARTIST’S BOOK is published as a limited edition artifact;
  • all but two copies of the published book remain to the participating artists.

We are looking for cultural & disciplinary diversity thus we are encouraging applications from artists representing the widest possible range of perspectives and demographics. Creative individuals in all fields may apply; regardless of whether visual artist, musician, writer, theorist, dancer...

Each residency at D’CLINIC starts with an art-dinner followed by a “meet the new artist” event, organised at one of our partner institutions; here artists are asked to share (have a presentation) their artistic experiences with the peer group and other interested crowd.

For additional programs, detailed info and the application form please visit our webpage!

warning: collaboration can create unique products, working methodologies, and techniques, and have an immediate impact on your creativity!

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Banff International Curatorial Institute Fellowship Fall 2020





Program Overview

The Banff International Curatorial Institute (BICI) Fellowship supports established curators, arts writers, cultural critics, and researchers in focusing deeply on the continued development of their work. The program allows for self-directed research over an extended period of 12 weeks within the creative and intellectually stimulating environment of Visual Arts. Participants are selected by an international jury for this unique, fully-scholarshipped program.

In addition to focusing on their own practice, participants will engage with each other as well as artists-in-residence in Visual Arts programs—meet with them to grow their networks and expand their research, visit studios or hold office hours, join reading groups, share knowledge through presenting research in progress, as well as engage with Banff Centre’s curatorial and artistic staff. The BICI Fellowship coincides with the Banff Visual Artist Fellowship, and participants in both programs are encouraged to work closely together.

While in residence participants may work on the continuation of an existing project, the early development of a substantial new project, create work towards a confirmed external publication or exhibition, or conduct research involving BICI publications and Banff Centre’s permanent collection and archives. Projects and research that are timely, socially relevant, and of high artistic merit will be considered as well as participants who are generous and willing to engage with the creative community.

What does the program offer?

This program provides an extended period of time for writers, curators, and researchers to develop non-studio based work and pursue critical research.  Scheduled programming is light to allow for self-directed project development, and opportunities to connect and collaborate. 

Participants can attend talks and presentations by faculty and guests of Visual Arts residency programs and Walter Phillips Gallery, and expand networks through connecting with artists from around the world.

Participants will have a private office that is accessible 24 hours a day in which to work.

What length of residency is available?

This program requires a full time commitment with the understanding that absences will be minimal. Alternative dates cannot be considered.

Who should apply?

This program is open to mid- to- senior-level curators, arts writers, cultural critics, and researchers exploring original topics within visual arts.

Applicants should have an established exhibition/publication record, have completed formal training in visual arts at the post-secondary level, or equivalent experience and recognition from their peers. 

Dates: September 14 - December 04, 2020



*Financial Aid up to 100% covering tuition, light flex meal plan, and single on-campus accommodation is available (travel and other expenses are not eligible).

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