Artweek Chinese Magazine Chief Editor




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We are looking for an experienced Chinese art magazine chief editor. ArtWeek was a famous art weekly in the West Coast of the United States in the 70s. After 40 years of operation, it ceased publication in 2009 and only the online version remained. Currently, the new team expects to create an art weekly magazine for the Chinese market (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The magazine is under preparation, and the Chinese online platform is also under preparation. We are currently looking for an experienced magazine chief editor in advance.


  • Have relevant industry background experience
  • Be familiar with the Chinese art industry
  • Be interested in and passionate about the media industry
  • Have the passion to create the most professional Chinese art magazine



Work location:

To be determined based on the final establishment of the company and team, maybe Beijing, Shenzhen, or Guangzhou.


  • Lead the editorial team to develop and implement the editorial plan
  • Be responsible for the content of the magazine, including articles, interviews, reviews, etc.
  • Work with writers, photographers, and other contributors to produce high-quality content
  • Manage the magazine's budget
  • Promote the magazine to potential readers and advertisers

寻找有经验的中文艺术杂志主编一名, artweek的前身是70s年代美国西岸著名的艺术周刊, 运营了40年后在2009年停刊后仅剩下网络版本, 目前新的背景团队期望打造一本面向中文市场(大陆,港澳台)的艺术周刊物,杂志正在筹备中,中文网络平台也在筹备中,我们目前提前寻找有经验的杂志主编.
要求:有相关行业背景经验, 对中国艺术行业熟悉, 对媒体行业有兴趣及热情.有理想打造一本最专业的中文艺术杂志.