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   The artist's task is to awaken the viewer's imagination. My goal as a photographer is to evoke the viewer's imagination, trigger it, bring it to life. No one can create a picture better and brighter than the viewer's own imagination. It just needs a push, an impulse.

   My name is Dmitry, and I am a photographer. I create realistic-style photos depicting people in everyday life. However, most of my works are pictures with stories, with a narrative.

    The idea of creation such works is to photograph images with embedded stories and attempt to describe them using various techniques (interior details, clothing or props, lighting, model's pose, facial expressions, gestures, and so on).

    The people on these photographs are not just models; each of them is a participant in some events, a hero of their own story. And in each story, there was a past that happened just a moment before the viewer approached the photograph. There is also a present frozen while the viewer looks. And there is a future that will come as soon as the viewer steps away from the image. Each viewer has to examine the present himself, speculate about the past, and anticipate the future. What was in this imaginary past and what will be in the future entirely depends on the imagination of each viewer.

Mother and Daughter.
The Man and the Boat.
The Man with the Gun.
The Room #304. Three.
The Late Arriving. #1.

DmitryErsler is an awards-winning worldwide advertising and fine-artphotographer with more than 20 years of experience. He born and raised in Moscow,now based inThailand. He studied photography under the guidance of his father from an early age and later graduated of Moscow School of Art and Photography. He published internationally. Dmitry creates color images that seem to capture people engaged in every day life,but are in fact largely staged and lit in cinematic style.He is the winner and prizer of many international competitions.

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United Kingdom



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