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Driven by curiosity, I pose the question of how societies construct their original functionality in creative domains. I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist who has gained international recognition from gallery representation since the 2020 summertime when the Covid hit across the world. 

My curious character is a product of my upbringing from a very conventional background in South Korea. My journey started as against the second level of appreciation to artists who apply the innermost intangible qualities of their imaginations in most spheres of life. 

The fashion education system at the London College of Fashion was always within the realms of commerciality and academia that helped  50% of my vision glowed, but for the rest of 50% was a huge setback to enrich my foundation on academic research in a global aspect. I believed world art studies should get along within the ideological domains, even in the most commercial field, the fashion market.  

The hallmarks of originality are such hard work from rejecting a default and taking on controversy to explore a much bigger print of existence. The hallmarks of the brilliant mind with an independent complexity in hearty dignity can forbid the hindrance of challenging the bottom line of the safety net.

It has been a long-distance journey to get on with what I imagine for representing the best self. My softness and tenderness on people I love was the main reason to have a pervasive effect on my art. I was full of disdain for people's non-supernal minds to reach them with having a bonded feeling.  It was somehow the fundamental cause why I was so into creating the tangible visual translation to the most uncertain atmosphere, circumstance, and psychological-emotional movement in the human brain. 

It was a difficult task to make something new happened from nothing grounded without a guide hands. As my characteristic traits, questioning peoples' s level of brilliant minds, I never had a single chance to find a helping hand from others. So, I have stood myself all alone to take rein or cards in my hands to make my future progress. But, I believe there are lots of people who are willing to see more connections between people, want to strive for sharing the fundamental purpose of life. Because, I was impressed by how beautifully the human being exists to demonstrate as the definition of someone's purpose for living and ambition. I believe that the dream of each beautifulness visualizes in real life bring us to see the inner voice with our own eyes.

The Flattening of My Last Moment
Medium: Digital Painting Size: 65 x 65 cm Year: 2021 At the end of her life journey, the sunflower remains as a happy sunflower, peacefully moving her down to the ground with a full of newborn souls included to the world. 
The Eye of the World
Medium: Digital Painting Size: 65 x 65 cm Year: 2021 The centre of your eye on your heart is living inside you, naturally getting the inherent power to see the world, mimicking into the picture of your imagination. 
All Is Love
Medium: Digital Painting Size: 65 x 65 cm Year: 2021 I admire the world greatest artist, Rene Magritte, who was the most paradoxical artist among the others in the past world where he lived. He felt overwhelmed by loneliness, living in the history of ideas rather than living in the history of the world. I strongly feel that he lived only in his imagination, thinking through his head, geared to change effectively to the world. That honesty to the world made him so isolated and trapped into sorrowful darkness. He constantly challenged physical laws that consist of an unalterable status for the sake of universal events. Amazingly, his ideas were delivered to the concrete surface of his living platform to create his values.  When it was raining outside the suburban areas, he spent the day like he spent some other days spiralled into depression. Feeling alienated, standing the fine line between himself and all most identical selves, but slightly different, became blurry at the last moment of existence. It seems he was in his metaphoric loneliness through the raining outside when he drew his famous painting, titled " Golconda"  but, I depict the rainy selves as the visual enlightenment about loveable multiple identities to the bridge of happiness to love.
Good Morning Kiss
Medium: Digital Painting Size: 40 x 40 cm Year: 2021 All the hidden loving souls inside you can embrace all the good things happening for your bright future. All the sunshine seems to come to you as if you are the most lovable one on the planet.
Individuals Life underneath the Avoca Apple Tree
Medium: Digital Painting Size: 40 x 40 cm Year: 2021 Human being has developed themselves in a unique form of self-location under the subjectivity in the present society. The solid self-construction under the dominant cultures leads the whole planet, effected our daily lives deeply. We know the concrete image of rules and regulations are doom to demolish by the new forms of concepts or notions from the next generations. The purpose of human existence should be from discovering the most authentic and genuine living statements we haven't seen yet.

Jenny Han is originally from South Korea, studied Fashion at the University of Arts London and graduated in 2017. She worked partially as an illustrator and a private art tutor for young children in the middle of her education years. Previously, she was engaged in fine art studio works during her 20s in South Korea for three years. Now, she is living in Belgium since 2019 summertime. The complicated self from her whole engagement into identity journey through educations and experiences lead to being a multi-disciplinary visual artist.

She was intrigued by cartoon-based storybooks, making her enthusiasm to see reality as an abstract figure of platforms. She loved the dreamy lanes of focusing eyes into the philosophical world. The majority of her works contribute to linking the syntax of image makings that she tries not to use any of the previous inventions experimented by other artists.

Currently, she works with taking some whimsical abstract figures and cartoon based illustrated resources into one particular 2D format and then re-format the subjective images, remaining equivocal resemblances, and familiar symbols. Typically, her adoration of the sunflower became her loveable symbol of creation.

Every piece of her artwork has been set as a range of sunflower series that explains the personal depiction of human life story. Sunflower itself represents multiple creations that contain the whole validity of recreational meanings beyond what the eyes see in the world. All the floral associations depict sunflowers, but with every aspect of details, consciously and unconsciously using all packages her skills, both for redefining figurative and abstract languages with colour theory and expressing inner-self into the particular natural object.

At present, she is grateful and appreciative for gaining genuine connections between international artists and art lovers through her fan-based responses on her Instagram gallery. She was thrilled by getting some of her artworks featured via @yngspc and@contemporaryartsclub. Besides, she was one of the 6th and 7th edition's finalists on @prismaartprize. Thankfully, she had a chance to participate in the first edition of the group exhibition, titled "What is Art", in December 2020 at Boomer gallery. Her work has quickly drawn interest from several galleries and social media to get featured.

Features &  Publications:

• One of the 4th batch of honorable listed online featured artists on @thecontemporaryartsclub, Aug 3rd 2020 (Artwork Title: The Key of Heaven / Media: Digital Painting)

• A featured Artist on @yngspc via @yngspccommunity (Artwork Title: Release My Inner Self / Media: Digital Painting)

• A featured artist with the artwork, titled " I Always Kiss You, And You Can Put Your Smile Back", one of the 7th edition's finalists on @prismaartprize

• A featured artist with the artwork, titled "I Love You to Your Bones", one of the 6th edition's finalists on @prismaartprize

• A featured artist in the 1st edition of Boomer Art Magazine 2021

• A featured artist in issue 16 of Artist Talk Magazine 2021 

• A selected artist in Artfolio Magazine 2022 ‘A curated collection of the world’s most exiting artists’

Interviews: han/?fbclid=IwAR1_LXuLn_xWx92IBy0d9tXRhcMXwszqoQR5cmEOc3XV VFmMZndfAF-uejE


• The Circle Foundation of the Arts/ The CFA Artist of the Month, August. September : a  featured artist on CFA website, August 25

• The Visual Art Open UK & International Art Award, listed as  a shortlist, August 30 


• At Boomer Gallery (December 4 - December 10, 2020) -Title of Group Exhibition "What is Art" 

• At Boomer Gallery (July 4 2021) -Title of Group Exhibition “ Boomer Week”

• At M.A.S.D Milano Gallery (Jun 25- July 04, 2021) -Title of Group Exhibition “Coming Out” 

• At Holy Art Gallery (Jun 18 – Jun 25, 2021) - Title of Group Exhibition “Symphonia”

• At Holy Art Gallery (Jun 29 – Jul 06, 2021) – Title of Group Exhibition “Utopia”

• At M.A.S.D Milano Gallery (July 23 –August 03, 2021) “PARAISO”

• At The Capital Culture House (Aug5-Aug15, 2021) “FLUORESCENT” 

Solo Exhibitions:

At Art Show International (a solo exhibition offer granted, 14 July, 2021)

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