Marina Rayzuki

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Marina is a Japanese born painter and illustrator based in Berlin. Marina' work can best be described as a prolific and instinctive outpouring of twisted, technically graceful, humanoid shapes and organic free flowing forms, culminating in complex, challenging and alive compositions. Marina' art is the art of the swimming, yearning, feeling psyche, from the moment the pen or brush hits the paper to the moment its in the eyes of the viewer, the work evokes an emotional and very much human response, it hits us on a gut level, the crooked characters and dreamy lines, its art that sucks us is by our most primitive aesthetic satisfactions and holds us down by the brain, very much similar to the jarring surrealist subjects in her work, - another case of art imitating life or life imitating art? This is all due to the fact that the work speaks to us on a instinctively human level. 

The dirt blew up and the clouds sunk
Trigger bloom
Republic of Korea
United States
New York
Unite States
United States
United States
New York



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