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Originally from Austria, Marco Riha has started his  long creative  journey  in Sri Lanka in the early nineties. The self-taught artist he kept on painting and travelling for some years until he found in Mexico his creative home base. The visual arts fascinate Riha, like the possibility of screaming without making a sound. Art has given him soul searching opportunities and the realisation of being on an artistic quest.

Over the years the artist has been experimenting with different mixed mediums. During his early symbolic phase he mixed water colors with crayons and had a long fascinatiin with oils. In his current abstract works, that include some socio-political pieces, he mixes inks with oils and spray paint.

Bob Marley's song 'One Love, One Heart' came to mind once I finished this painting in July 2021. It represents to me the ultimate love hymn to all of mankind. I can only wish this painting releases the same high vibration of unity consciousness - love through creativity, love through art - I am sure, it's no coincidence, there is Art in HeART:)

2011: Galerie am Schillerplatz "wanderjahre" Vienna,  AT

2013: Hotel Asiana "behind the surface" Dubai, UAE

2015: Las Galerias "exposición de arte" Puerto Morelos, MX 

2017: ArtBox.Project Basel, CH

2018: Olympus Tours, "alas"  Cancun, MX

2018: La Verdad Noticias, MX, Issue 01  

2019: Jardin Botanico, "artistas por la paz" Puerto Morelos, MX 

2019: ArtBox Project Miami, US

2019: WOTISART? Art Magazine, London, UK Issue 12

2020: AlTiba9, Contemporary Art, Algier, DZ Issue 04 

2020: Art Habens Contemporary Art Review, London, UK Issue 09 

2021: Arte Visual Mexico, MX, Issue 01

2021: Winner of the Special Prize, Mellow Art Award, Japan 

2021: Virtual Lockdown-Exhibition by Fitzrovia Circle, London, UK

2021; Saatchi Gallery, London, Colour of Life

2021: FOLD Gallery, London, Colour of Emotion

2021: Tokyo International Art Fair

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