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I believe that our self-liberation begins when we are honest with ourselves. We live inside a dream. The life you see around is just a refraction in your eyes, interpreted by your mind.
This is what my art is about.
I am the eye, helping you see the world the way only I see it.

I create Magic Realism, immersing you in the state between past, future and the present, between dream or reality. It is subtle, fragile, elusive and vanishing. And irrational.

My camera is a medium for a visual dialogue. Certain elements are consistently present throughout my practice: translucency, layering, attention to light, the use of blur versus sharp.
My photographic approach is based on a constant light technique, that understands light as a living medium. Negative space and air in an image invite you to introspection.

I am an explorer. The paradoxical encounter between sublime and disturbing showcases the richness of existence through human states, be they mental, emotional or physical.
Exploring the boundaries between divine and infernal I seek the fine line between light and darkness. Somewhere beyond it, I believe, there is complete freedom.

Having challenged our hidden or unknown parts, having faced them head- on and having accepted them, we drive through the labyrinth of dreams, to our true selves.

I am the eye, helping you see the world only I see it.
The beautiful stranger
Encourages viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness between strangers, the countless stories that unfold in the world around us, and the universal emotions that we all experience
Deity emotions
Admiration of enduring spirit and resilience of women throughout history.
Meta Meta Medieval
Regardless of the era, woman navigate joy, sadness, love, fear, and myriad emotions that define their human experience.
The veil
While time may pass, the essence of human emotions and connections remains unaltered.
Crossed fingers - wish for luck!
Self - expression as a leading power

Maya Shi is a Russian-born and Singapore–based Artist-Photographer.

She was brought up in Moscow. She used to visit the Bolshoi theatre and its creative atmosphere not only made her become deeply passionate about ballet, but also gave her the first perceptions of the body lines and beauty.

Her education as fashion photographer at Moscow Academy of Photography and New York Institute of Photography provided Maya with the tools to create her visual language.

Education and professional experience became the foundation for a workshops and classes called "Director's methods of dealing with the beginner model".

Having travelled all over the world and having worked on TV, Fashion Weeks etc in different countries, as a result, in 2018 she won an Award of “Top 100 world Fashion and Glamour photographer” presented by 35AWARDS (International Photography Awards), and other rewards.

Now Maya explores her path as an Artist-Photographer, being deeply interested in metamodernist ways of expressing her ideas about human nature.

United Kingdom
New York City
Greater London



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