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My painting serves as a captivating showcase of the remarkable capabilities of paint, leaving a profound impact on both the artist and the viewer. It embarks on a journey of new and exhilarating experiences for me. Immersed in the splendor of the natural world, encompassing vibrant fauna, flora, pristine beaches, and serene parks, draws abundant inspiration. Fascinated by the potential for our aspirations to materialize through present- moment manifestation,  delves me into the depths of my consciousness to create abstract representations of the inner and outer realms of the mind. During moments of meditation and reverie, music becomes a wellspring of inspiration.I relishe the malleability and inherent vitality of paint, akin to the fluidity of pouring techniques, which relinquishes control and bestows each painting with its own distinct and magnificent character.

Inspired by space I have always been fascinated by planets' rocks the solar system and this piece was inspired by what other planets could be out there that have yet to be seen and what they could look like. This is a look at the imaginary planets surface of the planet Double space Hints of colour with grey and black rock formations and the blue prints of a space buggy.
This was also Inspired by space and our solar system this is a Supernova a powerful and luminous explosion of a star. When it explodes you get a wonderful array of colours popping out but not visible. This is my abstract interpretation of this occurrence

Born in London, England in 1980, the self-taught artist embarked on a remarkable artistic journey during the midst of the global lockdown. Seeking solace and respite from the chaotic world surrounding her, painting emerged as a source of inspiration and distraction, granting her a newfound inner peace, harmony, and tranquility. With minimal academic achievements and wavering motivation from her earlier school years, she took a decisive step and enrolled in a local evening class, seeking to connect with fellow artists and acquire novel and captivating painting techniques. This transformative experience bolstered her confidence and provided the much-needed encouragement to pursue an online B.A. (Hons.) degree in painting—an unimaginable aspiration that became a reality. Through her artwork, Trudy consistently communicates her emotions in a positive and profound manner, allowing her innermost sentiments to manifest on canvas. Notably, her dedication and talent were acknowledged with a certificate of merit, recognizing her exceptional participation in the esteemed international selection of the Luxembourg Art Prize in 2023. Art remains an ongoing voyage of self-discovery and expressionism as well as a spiritual practice for Trudy, an enduring passion that she hopes will inspire and empower others to persevere and pursue their dreams

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