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I have always loved animals and Native American culture since very young, and I love creating a larger message with each piece I create.  What I am looking to accomplish with each piece determines which medium I choose, given each has its own unique aspects, and my works are realistic and detailed to help viewers feel the same passion I do and have the impression that they could reach out to touch and feel the texture of an animal's coat, feathers, or fur. There has been a lot of damage done over the years, and one of my goals is to become so successful that I can make a major impact in this beautiful world to help animals, nature, and Native Americans recover and thrive once again. 

The Fury Within
This Freehand Digital Drawing features the fury of an angry tiger
Can You Feel My Soul?
This acrylic painting focuses on a gorilla's face where you can feel his Soul by gazing into his beautiful eyes
Strength And Beauty
This acrylic painting features an African Elephant with the sunlight coming thru a tree behind him.
Wakanda Forever
This acrylic painting features the main characters of the hit movie "The Black Panther"
Gazing Into The Soul
This Freehand Digital Drawing focuses up close on this leopard, close enough to see his Soul thru his eyes.

With a strong background in art and music, Kathy S. Copsey is a self-taught, freelance artist who has won numerous awards for her artwork, which has reached as far as two different Kung Fu schools in China and her books as far as Australia.  She specializes in animals, focusing on acrylic paintings with texture and freehand (digital) drawings and enjoys working with several other mediums as well including pencil drawings, writing, music composition, photography, and videography.  She finds inspiration from many sources, with the strongest influence from Native American culture and animals, and many of her pieces come from dreams and visions she has received. Her artwork has an unique style and realistic look, giving you the impression that you could reach out to touch the texture of an animal's coat, feathers, or fur. You can read more about Kathy and see more of her work on her website at https://kathycopsey.com.   Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay up-to-date for new releases and upcoming shows.

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