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My inspiration came from nature and pop culture. The documentation of culture and the question of how they can be presented in a creative way is a main theme of my work. The work tries to express this with the help of physics and technology. The materials I use have a very wide variety and go across traditional and digital media.

I consider myself a fish out of water. The experience of living in The United States has helped me understand the cultural power we could have once we learn and respect the culture that has grown into our identity. Though I haven't been home through this period, I am still able to get ideas from the culture that nurtured me when I was young. And the fish out of water is learning to breathe in the air and going through evolution.

I am constantly exploring ways to channel my Mongolian culture that gives me another identity. Coming from this under-recognized background, it took me a while to learn to appreciate my minority cultural heritage. Working with the existing information that no longer has a perfect system, I implant my own imagination and create a futuristic atmosphere to add to the culture to keep growing new fruit from the tree. 

As a beneficiary of art, and with gratitude towards the community that accepts me, I believe in the healing ability of art making. My art demonstrates how life extends beyond its own subjective limits. By challenging the binaries we can continually reconstruct between self and other, and reach a higher agreement on creating a space for everyone to thrive.

Bmore Tastes Like This - Ramen Utsuke
Bmore Tastes Like This, a collection of 3D rendered graphics featuring the best Baltimore restaurants and their cuisines.
Tiger Energy - Power, Mindfulness and Pleasure
Tiger Energy is a project inspired by the Lunar Year of the Tiger. Tigers are natural creatures that live in the wild. Being powerful, mindful and having fun are part of their way of living.
Year of The Tiger
Celebrating 2022, the Chinese zodiac year of tiger
Our City Baltimore
The image focuses on the culture and people of Baltimore/Maryland. By drawing portraits of people such as the late The Wire actor Michael K. Williams, climate justice organizer and MICA student Nadia Nazar, and eye doctor Lisa Abrams, thel design celebrates distinguished people related to Baltimore. With elements of Baltimore Club dance, queer skate and aquarium, the desiign appreciates the diverse culture. And the “Stop Asian Hate” protester represents the efforts towards social equality.
My fourth cousin has always been the someone that I look up to. She is beautiful, smart and cool. I have learned a lot from her, went on many adventures with her and every time I need help she is the first person I think of. She has introduced to me what the world is like, letting me know about the diverse culture beyond what I can see with my own eyes and giving me the courage to go out there and explore. While she stays in our hometown, Inner Mongolia China, as an educator and teaches other kids how to dream. She is my hero.

I am a Baltimore, Maryland based illustrator and street artist. I graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with an Illustration Practice MFA and collegiate teaching certificate. 

Grew up in beautiful Inner Mongolia China and heavily influenced by street culture, my practice comes from my passion for nature, the street and everything in between. I use visual tools, both traditional and experimental, to tell the stories of the underrepresented and what we need to shed light on.

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