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“When you sit in front of me, you become me.”
“It starts from touch, It is generated by touch, It communicates through touch, It will end with touch.”
Touch is a kind of memory. Did you touch your laptop, computer, or your telephone today? In the Western World, “To see the world in a grain of sand, a heaven in a wildflower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.” This work discusses the touch between machines and humans. The touch left a mechanical memory deep inside the machine and input of the human’s mind. When we sit in front of devices, we become like them. In the end, what we can be left, the memory could be our last words and evidence of this world. Video can watch from here: https://vimeo.com/493526565.

Machine Girl & Love Code
It starts and inputs from the human body language "touch" to the machines get received, transformed, and stored. Touch becomes an electronic memory, and it is also a substantial body language to convey our emotions. Living with the cyber net, the relationship between us and machines reflects human emotion and social reality. When we sit in front of the screen, we become them. In the book Machine Girl & Love Code, I collected all the poems I wrote about the Machine Girl and transformed my fingerprints left on each letter on the keyboard to a group of "fonts," similar to the electronic code -- Love Code. Input and output, the side-by-side book design describes the touch conversion and emotional memory between physical and digital. In 2020, we were isolated from the outside world at home because of the Coronavirus for a long time. In work and life, a lot of bridges are built through machines. This book brings many people to rethink machines' cooperative roles from another perspective and reflect them with machine emotional humanities. The girl is not for the gender is for personal outcomes. The machine is not a device that is a reflection of humanity's empathy. And the love code is a visual language of this interactive and transforming magical process. Details in this book can see from here: https://machine-art-girl.net/machinegirl-html/index.html.

Yutong Liu is an independent graphic and visual designer from China. She is co-founder of MUYA (https://muyaart.com/) and currently teaching as an Adjunct Faculty of the graphic design department at VCUarts in the USA. She got an MFA in Design - Visual Communication at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Fine Arts in the USA and a BFA Visual Communication Design at Luxun Academy School of Fine Arts in China. Her work based on machine sympathy and cyber humnanities, research on material and immaterial, visual languages using, exploration on printed and digital publication. Her works are selected or awarded by AIGA(American Institute of Graphic Arts), ID(international design awards), The One Show ADC, and A' Design and Competition, etc.

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