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Making art to me is a profound process of personal discovery and development. My work manifests beauty and seeks the inner creative significance to reach those who appreciate classical ideals while still being inspired by contemporary ways of speaking about human values.

I am fascinated by forms and textures existing in nature and am compelled to express their meaning, unique purpose, and beauty in connection to human experiences through my work. Visual language interpretation with its dynamic expression and energy brings intellectual stimulation and develops an emotional response. The creative use of symbols illustrates visual metaphors and offers an insight into an idea or a concept.

My processes combine thoughtful, conscious decision-making and spontaneous, intuitive solutions to create compositions. Recognizing the psychological influence of elements and generating visual narrative revealing the invisible within the visible and its emotional link to human experiences helps me develop aesthetically pleasing meaningful artworks. Each of them is a deliberate effort to communicate viewpoints originating moments of self-discovery. 

My favorite medium is oil paint because it provides an expressive ability and flexibility to create and achieve remarkable results. For sculpture, I enjoy working with clay. I also use sculpted metal wires, mesh wire, modeling compounds, and other materials to explore different textures.

Oil on canvas, 40"x30" Addiction is a symbolic representation of dependency expressed in a cycle of repetitive events. The contradictory experiences and compulsive behavior of an addict interfere with controlling intense urges to take a drug. Powerlessness in making the right choice brings a person to an edge between good and evil, life and death. Rising above the darkness, embracing the enlightenment - are my biggest hope and greatest desire for any soul exposed to self-destruction.
Patterns of Life
Oil on canvas, 24"x24" Patterns of Life" is a central piece of a collection. It speaks of the choices and decisions we make while selecting our path and facing its outcomes. Life experiences shape our identity and behavior and determine our success or failure, our worthiness to ourselves or others. It is fascinating to create a composition when each element transforms into another and builds new possibilities. Metaphorically, each pattern represents a life experience influencing our way of living, making us who we are. My goal is to inspire and motivate great values, make more fulfilling choices to flourish through the lifetime - as a small investment into humanity's wellbeing and see the world as a better place to live in.
Oil on canvas, 30"x 40" "Hope" is the thing with feathers – That perch in the soul – And sings the tune without the words – And never stops – at all" - Emily Dickinson. I am a firm believer in hope as an engine to better myself and the world around me. It brings strength during a difficult time and opens possibilities for a better future. Hope motivates us to fight for what we care about and inspires vision. Vision brings out the best in people and improves humanity. Hope stayed with us even when nothing else left. It helps us overcome our challenges and extends its arms when other sources fail. It pushes heavy clouds apart to bring the sun out. It warms us up when it's cold. It is always ahead - to break through, lighten up, and drive us into a better, bigger, refined future.
Oil on three canvases, 36"x 48" This artwork is a deliberate effort to communicate ideas that create moments of self-discovery. The most magical journey begins with a brush in my hand and imagination implementing the visual poetry of life. So many layers of "Nostalgia" are experienced through time and space, evoking contradicted emotional responses. Moments we tirelessly cherish in our memory with pleasure and sadness as if doomed in a circular cycle of recollection significant events.
Soul Purpose
Oil on canvas, 30"x40"

Irina Howard was born in Ukraine in 1969 and currently lives and works in New York City, USA. Her work is centered on painting, sculpture, and design. She draws inspiration from organic texture and composes her themes giving physical form to a conceptual idea. She embodies personal experiences and philosophical views through her artworks, expressed via visual language elements (e.g., lines, shapes, forms, textures, and colors). Her current series of works explores the challenges in life and their influences on the development of the human soul. 

Irina began drawing at an early age as a means of coping with personal and family tragedies. Feeling powerless amidst the injustices surrounding her, she was compelled to shout out to society and emerge with the belief that the artist has no right to contribute any more pain to a world full of struggle and despair. After leaving her born country, she found her new life in a more secure and fulfilling environment with the opportunity to pursue her passion for arts. 

Irina studied art at the City University of New York and Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and presented at the world's largest fine art trade shows. She is an award-winning artist for excellence in oil painting. Her artworks belong to several private collections in various countries. 

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