April PleinAir Salon Online Art Competition

The 14th Annual PleinAir Salon is an online art competition with 12 monthly cycles, and is open to a variety of mediums and styles. It’s not just for plein air painters! We invite a variety of top master artists, museum directors and gallery owners to judge each month. All monthly winners are automatically included in the Annual Competition where the Grand Prize winner receives $15,000 and has their painting featured on the cover of PleinAir Magazine, the #1 representational art magazine at Barnes & Noble.

In addition to a total of $50,000 in ALL Cash Prizes, winners receive exposure and recognition through our various magazines, websites, newsletters and social media platforms.

Gallery Ring BLUE Online Art Contest

Gallery Ring announces an art contest and exhibition all about blue.  The artwork must be driven by the colour blue, which must occupy the majority of the territory or be the focal point, purpose, subject or meaning of the composition. The deadline to submit work is Thursday, May 23rd 2024.  The fee is $20 US for 1-3 artworks.  

New Visionary Magazine - Issue 11

New Visionary Magazine, Issue 11

New Visionary Magazine is a print & digital publication featuring contemporary artists, exclusive interviews with leading art world professionals, art career resources, and more. We are seeking artists from around the world to feature in this issue. Selected artists will each receive a 2-page spread, including a custom article written about their work by our head writer.

New Visionary Magazine is brought to you by Visionary Art Collective, a New York City-based Contemporary Art & Artist Development company. Our mission is to uplift artists through magazine features, virtual exhibitions, podcast interviews, and our mentorship programs. 

RevArt Scholarship Program

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our esteemed RevArt Scholarship Program, which is worth over $1,000. Are you ready to unlock new avenues of artistic expression and propel your career to new heights? This initiative is designed to empower artists like you, providing invaluable resources to fuel your creativity and propel your career forward. 

RevArt is a hub for artists to advance their careers by leveraging technology, opportunities, and education. Whether you're working with painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, or mixed-media, we welcome artists of all styles to apply. At RevArt, we treat artists as superstars and provide tools and resources to support each stage of their art careers. 

Pale Space Gallery - Open call - DREAM

Open Call - Dream

Dreams, an enigmatic realm, an endless playground of imagination. Unfolding in the dark of night, they lead us through time and space, exploring the unknown depths of our souls. In our upcoming artist recruitment event, we invite you to join us in exploring this inspiring theme - "Dreams".

Dreams are both an adventure and a journey of the mind. They can be fiery desires, hidden fears, or indescribable joys. Whether in our daily lives or in the depths of nocturnal visions, dreams manifest in various forms and influence our existence in diverse ways.

Photography & Collage Artist Residency

The Photography & Collage Artist Residency will invite photographers and collage artists to come together in dialogue, learn from one another, and make artwork for a series of exhibitions that explore the intersection of collage and photography. Unfolding in two tracks over the course of a week, we will ask, What happens when a collagist picks up the camera? What happens when a photographer collages their pictures? Presentations will explore collage in theory, artist practice, the ecosystem of art, the state of photography, and the history of photography and collage. Artists will shoot on film, explore the dark room, and make collage with the results. Artists will also shoot digital images which will be printed as collage material.


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