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“Portrait” is a thematic art open call focused on the art of portrait. 

Supported by ArtWeek, selected works will be promoted through @ArtJobs instagram and newsletter to all connected galleries and publications.
Accepted Media : Painting, Photography, Illustration, MixMedia, Sculpture

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Nathanael Myers
United States
New York
As an interdisciplinary creator, I seek to kindle the notion of visual poetry, conceptually grounded, while fostering kinship amongst the mediums of visual art, movement, and sound. At the crux of my creative praxis lies ‘the divide of self’, the symbiosis of identifying with the LGBTQ community and...
Kelly Rose Adams
Kelly Rose Adams recognizes painting as a unique opportunity to expand upon reality. She layers visual metaphor with realist painting practices to describe invisible psychological themes. Adams is interested in the collective human experience, with a focus on hidden identity and shared emotion. Laye...
Laura Floyd
United States
The art that is most engaging and exciting to me focuses on the human form. I am less interested in a passive pose, as if the observer is invisible. I want to give the women I paint the power to gaze back at the viewer. The simple and direct acknowledgement, "yes, I see you looking at me," is someth...
Various Artists
The collective photographic works by Johannes Korstjens (VA.JKO) and Freddy Grant (VA.WAR), both members of Various Artists, have one thing in common, they were made without the use of a camera, or the camera was seen as a non essential tool. JKO and WAR usually score their material with the help...
Zoe Tsirkoudi
Hello artists, my name is Zoe, I am 16 years old and i am here to share my art.I like admiring other drawings and artworks i see on this site too.
Gary Duehr
United States
THE GREAT EMPTY In these infrared street portraits, citizens in face masks are caught in empty public spaces. Flesh and tree leaves glow as if irradiated. The COVID-19 crisis is viewed as a scene out of a dystopian sci-fi film. From "The Great Empty: A Renga in Time of Corona" by Gary Duehr...
Yannick Tossing
I am looking at the life of the everyday people. There is no need for glamour or drama to live a successful life. My artwork turn around personal experiences of a kid growing up in a middle-class family. Every family has their stories, no matter what kind. 
Mascha Naumova
Self-objectification isn’t contraposing objectification here. Instead, the ability to create and the desire to fulfill your own image of beauty becomes a tool of free choice. Mascha’s way of being by herself is much like Frieda Kahlo’s, who wrote: “I paint myself because I am so often alone and beca...