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“Portrait” is a thematic art open call focused on the art of portrait. 

Supported by ArtWeek, selected works will be promoted through @ArtJobs instagram and newsletter to all connected galleries and publications.
Accepted Media : Painting, Photography, Illustration, MixMedia, Sculpture

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United Kingdom
-Duality of womxn- Womxn exist in societies where their identities are predetermined or projected onto them, according to classifications such as race, gender, body type and religion.   Therefore, a womxn exists in duality. She has her own private knowledge of self and then there are soci...
This is a series of self-portraits discovering self-consciousness and honest representations. Inspired by the average appearance surveys and the story of the blind men and an elephant. It is both amazing and disappointing to realize that we can never actually see our faces. We always see our...
Zoe Tsirkoudi
Hello artists, my name is Zoe, I am 16 years old and i am here to share my art.I like admiring other drawings and artworks i see on this site too.
Amy Jackson
Amy creates a sense of comfort and warmth in her illustrations, echoing the past and future of Welsh culture. Amy is inspired by the world around her, creating art and illustrations that convey a message or a cause. She hopes to spark a new passion with a global audience, as well as in Wales, with h...
Yannick Tossing
I am looking at the life of the everyday people. There is no need for glamour or drama to live a successful life. My artwork turn around personal experiences of a kid growing up in a middle-class family. Every family has their stories, no matter what kind. 
Eva Cid
Portraits for the 21st Century. They are large-format portraits of great people, of brilliant people, inside and out, that combine the description of external features with internal ones. These portraits made with mixed technique are influenced by the old canopies of the West End theaters...
zi ling
United Kingdom
Zi Ling is a visual artist based in Bristol and Bath. She was born to the Chinese painter HuiTao Lin, a pioneer of the 85 New Wave Movement. Since the age of four, she received formal training from him in drawings. “When I am working, I believe in unconscious, allowing myself to freely during the...
MLuisa Melendo
I studied art in Madrid, Prague and Rome. I am based in Brussels where I work on developing my style, mostly in portrait painting. I work on projects on command, and more and more just on developing my own personal projects. For me, the art of portraiture is a search beyond aesthetics...