INTIMATE MONUMENTS: call for participants

Call for participants: for a digital, textual, participatory map-making initiative


We arrive at MONUMENT from the Latin monēre, "to remind," its roots indicating the centrality of the mind in projects of memorialization. A collaborative project of memory and its sites, material and mental, INTIMATE MONUMENTS is seeking to weave the intimate into a landscape of commemoration. 

How can intimacy––ever individual––speak collectively?

Participants will be asked to submit textual responses to a series of questions. All responses will be recorded anonymously, so as to center the collective voice.


Deadline to submit: 11/30

SOVO Issue 9: Sustainability

Sustainability describes anything that relates to maintaining ecological balance. SOVO// Magazine wants to present a unique collection of work addressing the topic of sustainability from many different angles. Current inspirations include environmentally focused writer's such as Eduardo Kohn, Donna Haraway, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Terry Tempest Williams, and David Abrams.

Call for Submissions to Bleen Zine Issue 1: STACKS

Bleen is a bi-annual magazine focused on perception and the continuous processes we undertake to understand ourselves and the world, the intricate systems we create in order to live, the systems we find ourselves in which have been created for us.

The STACKS issue hones in on the man-made structures and rules within which we operate. From architecture to social housing and beyond to heritage and psychogeography - this issue aims to examine the world as we made it.

All forms of visual or written communication will be considered - our priority is to feature works which explore the topic of the issue! 

Open Call - Issue 01 of Fragmented Magazine

Fragmented Magazine is doing an open call for their ISSUE 01! The theme is Location, so get creative!

Fragmented is a submission-based magazine celebrating imperfection. Submit your creative writing / articles / photography / video / mixed media for a chance to be part of Issue 01 - Location. 

Deadline is the 19th of October.

ig: @fragmented_magazine

Call for Submissions

Submissions are currently open for our upcoming issues. Send us your best visual art (painting, drawing, photography, digital), writing (poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, essay), or hybrid forms. Here are our general submission guidelines:

  • 1-8 visual art pieces - keep file size under 10mb; we will ask for higher resolution images if needed for publication; .jpeg file type preferred
  • 1-6 poems (submit multiple poems in a single file)
  • 1-3 pieces of short fiction (approx. 1,000-3,000 words) or flash fiction (under 1,000 words)
  • 1-3 pieces of creative non-fiction/essay (total length approx. 3,000 words max.)


“Animals” International Call - Art & Literature Journal - Deadline October 31, 2020

| Theme:

Animals are critical to our existence. Sometimes they are covered in fur; however, the diverse animal kingdom ranges from sponges to insects to whales. For ages, people have relied on animals for nourishment, transportation and labour support. They have a long history in art and mythology. Some of us have animal phobias. Pets bring us companionship, joy and healing. Wild animals awe us. We perceive characteristics in animals, such as the wise owl and the sneaky rat. People sometimes behave in ways described as animalistic. Share your literal, abstract or in-between concepts of ANIMALS.

| Eligible Submissions:


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