Call for Photography

Emergentes Portfolio Reviews 2024

Please notice the Portfolio review will be presential, in Braga, PORTUGAL.

PRIZES – 3.000€ + 1.000€ + 1.000€

The Emergentes Portfolio Reviews for 2024 are now open for submissions. Encontros da Imagem is excited to announce that our annual portfolio reviews — with a jury of internationally and nationally acclaimed professionals in the photography field — are returning to the historic city of Braga in September 2024. This Award offers a chance to meet with recognized commissioners, gallerists, curators and publishers, to present your portfolio, promote your work and receive valuable feedback and advice.

Encontros da Imagem - Photobook Award 2024

As part of its 34th edition, Encontros da Imagem - International Photography and Visual Arts Festival, is promoting the Open Call - Photobook Award EI2024.

Aware of the fundamental role the photobook has played in recent years in the presentation of photographic narratives, the development of creative processes, construction and experimentation with materials and techniques, Encontros da Imagem has sought to promote, since 2014, independent authors and projects through a competition aimed at highlighting and rewarding the best photobooks of the year, with a diverse jury with in-depth knowledge of photography and the publishing sector, which will result in a collective exhibition to be presented at the festival alongside the rest of its programme, as well as a cash prize.

Encontros da Imagem - Discovery Awards 2024

The goal of this open call is to give participants the opportunity to see their work exhibited at a renowned international photo festival and, consequently, promote their visibility.

For the 34th edition of the photo festival Encontros da Imagem, we would like to present different trends in contemporary photography. Highlight its democracy and richness in its different approaches. Therefore, all projects are welcome: from documentary typology works to others that explore the limits of photographic construction.

Open Call | Exhibition in China: Abstraction in Photography

Group exhibition at Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) in June 2024.

Münchner Kammerspiele x Der Greif: “Auf nach Woanders / Off to Elsewhere”

Münchner Kammerspiele x Der Greif: “Auf nach Woanders / Off to Elsewhere” is an opportunity brought to you by Der Greif in collaboration with the contemporary theater Münchner Kammerspiele.


Call For Photography: Abandoned

International Submission Deadline: 
May 15th, 2024 11:59 PM PST

Abandoned is an exhibition exploring abandoned and rediscovered objects, spaces, and structures. A popular genre in the photographic world is the trend of urban exploration ("urbex”), the exploration of abandoned or forgotten places to document the narrative of those who lived or worked there. Through the captured image, we can glimpse the ephemeral nature and memory of ourselves and our surroundings and preserve them before being lost to time and place. What do these structures and objects convey about society as we leave them to decay? What is the essence of time and place, and what-or whom-are we abandoning?


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