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NYC4PA Decay Corrosion Rust

“And behind door number 2 – a brand new…….”

US television prizes – all about the “new”.  Though we often focus on the new and shiny there is amazing beauty in the decayed, the corroded, the rusted and it can make images of those items so much more compelling and interesting.

Consider the textures and colors in an abandoned, dilapidated factory or prison, the rust on an old bike, contrasting plaster and lathing on a corroded wall and the myriad of possible captures in a junkyard.  Neighborhoods, disparagingly called "run down", are treasure troves of "decayed" tumble down houses, "corroded" discarded toys, "rusted" cars, trash cans and so on. 

Decay, Corrosion, Rust.... can take many forms; black and white, color, abstract - all photographic media are welcome. 

Discovery Award 2024

The Open Call for Discovery Awards 2024 is now accepting submissions!

The finalists will be able to see their works exhibited in Encontros da Imagem International Photography and Visual Arts festival in 2024, also having the chance to be a part of the annual publication.

The final projects will be evaluated and selected by an independent jury, nationally and internationally known in the visual arts field. We will reveal them very soon!

Finalists receive: Exhibition in the festival in September-October 2024
Winner receives: 1000€ (one thousand euros)

The Art of Street Photography

Call For Photography: The Art of Street Photography
International Submission Deadline: 
April 15th, 2024 11:59 PM PST

Street photography is a unique art form associated with a photographer's skill in capturing a moment that would have gone unseen without their intervention. A street photographer thrives in a time and place where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary, with their surroundings serving as a canvas for artistic expression. Whether it's capturing the energy of bustling streets or the quiet solitude of hidden alleyways, we invite you to share your vision of the human condition with us.

Unpublished Photo 2024


Entries for the 2024 edition of the international UNPUBLISHED PHOTO contest promoted by the Fondazione culture e musei & MUSEC Lugano are now open.Young photographers born between 1994 -2006 have the chance until 15.4 to submit their portfolios of 10 unpublished photos. The aim of UP24 is to embrace & attract new, young & emerging contemporary photographers, aged between 18-30. Now in its 5th edition, the competition continues to attract a growing number of young, global artists.There is no theme or fees to pay and 4 lucky winners works will be displayed in a public exhibition at MUSEC from 31.10.24 - 2.3.25.

Human stories

We invite photographers to submit entries to the open call “Human Stories” for our next online exhibition and magazine publication. Through this call, we aim to showcase documentary storytelling that defines the human experience. We encourage photographers to interpret the theme creatively. Whether through documentary, portraiture, photojournalism, or conceptual work, we welcome submissions that offer unique perspectives on the human condition. Explore human experiences, emotions, and stories through your lens and capture the essence of humanity.

Guest Room: Renée Mussai & Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński

Guest Room aims to spark collaboration. Curator, writer & scholar Renée Mussai, who pursues a special interest in Black feminist and queer visual arts practices, has chosen to collaborate with Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, a writer, artist & artistic researcher engaging in a process-oriented practice that deals with the condition of Black life in the African diaspora. Together, they have developed the following framework for your submissions: "Response-ability — Touch/Change — Otherwise".


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