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Verena Bauer

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My art is all about the aesthetics of people´s bodies. I really like to experiment with colours and forms. Therefore, I want viewers to look at my paintings in various angles to explore my paintings in different ways. Look closely, look from far away, see it as a whole, only look at special forms, only look at the colours -  it´s the viewers choice. But one thing is clear: all bodies are beautiful in their own way!

acrylic on canvas
acrylic on canvas

I was born on the 13th September 2000 in Austria. My education was and still is all about finance and money. I currently study Business Consultancy at uni but this is all for my head. What my heart is for is art. I have been into drawing and painting since I was a child. There was I time I could only express my feelings through my art and it really helped me cope with my life issues. But I still speak through my paintings altough it´s the viewers choice if they want to listen to them or not.

Republic of Korea
United States
New York
United States
Los Angeles



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