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Drawing is something I have always been pretty good at and something I was really into as a kid.

Throughout my primary school and high school years art was my favorite subject. I would always have teachers impressed with my artwork and drawings. They would often tell me I should try and do something with it.

I left school in year 10 and life took me in other directions. I didn't really draw at all after I left school. 20 years or so went by and then the coronavirus hit in 2020.

So being in lookdown and having a lot of time on my hands with not much to do, I finally picked up the pencils again, bought myself an artbook and began to draw. I'd forgotten how good it makes me feel and what a great hobby it is to have.
In most of my spare time now I'm drawing, whether it's working on a project, drawing different stuff I'm into or sketching superheroes and cartoon characters for my 6 year old nephew to color in. I really enjoy it and looking back I don't really understand why I ever stopped.

I'm working on a few different pieces at the moment, my first one I'm putting out for sale is one I've just finished called "Wild West Saloon Fight". As I'm currently working on others I will have more out in the near future.

Wild West Saloon Fight
The title pretty much explains itself. It's a wild afternoon as chaos has broken out in an olden day western saloon. It's an Idea I had in my head for a while. I've always been a fan of western movies, shows, stories and interested in that era of history, with the cowboys, gunslingers, outlaws and things like that. I've always found the movies and stories of this era exciting and entertaining. I wanted to create a detailed picture on the subject but also in a way entertain people when they look at it as well. I thought up as many different possible scenarios I could that may have happened in the wild west and really wanted to capture the atmosphere of an old western saloon. All up there are 86 people in the picture and 37 different situations taking place. Although this was a violent time in history and most of the movies/stories have an element of violence to them, the pictures not about glorifying the violence, I'm more so trying to make the violence comical. In the picture its midafternoon around 4 o'clock and the 37 different situations taking place include things such as shootouts, brawls, knife fights, robberies, saloon girls, drunks, gambling/card games gone wrong, pistol whippings, knee cappings, hostage situations, wanted outlaws/fugitives being captured and things such as bottles, chairs, stools and whips being used as weapons.
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