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As a fine art photographer, I define elegance within form by sculpting my subjects with shadows while painting their symmetry with light. The relationship that is formed between shadow and light leaves behind a void which I then use to excite the viewer's imagination beyond what is visually present. By capturing my subjects from unconventional angles I am able to defragment or contort the human body in abstract ways, which further excites the imagination. These techniques are the key accents that define my body of work before they are produced on either metal or fine art paper. 

Remus and Romulus
A struggle for conscious wealth on the eve of 2020 the US election.
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Lincoln Reconstruction
During the period of Reconstruction, which lasted from 1865 to 1877, Congress passed and enforced laws to bring the South back into the Union while protecting the rights and safety of the newly freed African Americans. During this time sixteen African Americans served in Congress, 600 in state legislature, and hundreds more in local offices across the south. It was the hope of Reconstructionists to build a free society equal to all. Unfortunately, Reconstruction would fall short of its goal with the death of Lincoln and the rise of supremacists. Since then, 143 years have passed, till now.
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Giano Currie, a Surinamese-born fine art photographer living in Miami, creates visual answers to the contemporary questions of our time. The genesis of his reasoning stems from his upbringing in one of the most diverse countries in the world (Suriname) and more recently; his time living as an immigrant in the United States. These contrasting experiences have given him a strong cultural compass which he uses to create conscious wealth in his photography. Giano is also motivated by the Hellenistic period for its appreciation for naturalistic beauty which is subjectively reflected in his work. 




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