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I’m intrigued by everything that makes me understand myself better. Being creative is a huge necessity for me and has always been a massive part of my life for as long as I can remember. Creating is the capacity to know what I feel, to be in touch with the self and to be able to then express it through my craft. During my creation process I feel like I can easily embrace my feelings and view them through another perspective. Each of my works that I have created have been extremely personal and the more I immerse myself in my work, the more I find clarity, groundedness and connectivity.

Using painting, drawing, and sketching I explore free and associative forms as well as the interactions between them. I use the practice of figurative expressionism painting because of my deep love for photography. When I think of a picture, I can’t help but think of a painting or drawing it. For inspiration, I look to photographers that shoot in black and white, people in movement and unspoken relationships help guide my sketches. In my practice, using my sketchbook as my camera allows me to communicate emotions often lost on film.

I choose to create an interplay using black, white (and everything in between) on paper or canvas to express what lies between the light and the dark. The warmth that this produces— even in the darkest colors, is a reminder that beauty can also lie in the shadows. The chosen contrasts, shades, gradients, composition and play between light and shadow mimics my life experiences and challenges the viewer to look deeper and more intricately.

There are many artists who have inspired me in my own creative path. I’m a huge fan of Marlene Dumas because she deliberately chooses to represent marginalized groups (ex. victims of sexism, middle eastern violence, racism, etc.) in her work. Most of her work is based on a photograph, which she cuts out from magazines or newspapers. With minimal means she manages to obtain a maximum effect by giving her figurative message through expressionism. Seeing other works helps me to better understand the concept or subject I would like to explore in the future. It helps me to discover which pathway would be best for me. Nemi, Karen Machiavelli, Michael Armitage, and Toyin Ojih Odutola are just a few of the artists that inspire me to further develop my craft.


Pris da Silva (b.1997 in Luanda, Angola) is an Afro-European expressionist painter descent from Congo & Angola. She lives and works in Brussels. Ever since little she has always been fascinated by her surrounding, which drowns her to painting them. Her distinctive personal style emanates her deep love for photography to explores her authenticity.

da Silva style is constantly developing, she marks her work by using black, white, and shades of gray monochrome and play with light and shadow utilizing acrylic, charcoal on paper or canvas. This interest was cultivated during her early 20s years and further developed when she got her atelier in Uccle, Belgium.

Her work has been featured in the Black Cherry Magazine and Ghent Kickoff Black History Month Belgium 2020. 

Painting helps Pris discovering herself day by day, through practice & self-awareness. As the artist explains, “Paintings helps me carry heavy emotions, it helps me to find out what type of feelings I might be going on, how I got it & whether I can really diffuse it inside of me, through expressing those feelings & getting to know myself.”

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United Kingdom



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