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Jack Zuckerman

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I am a young digital artist and photographer living and working in Boise, Idaho. I enjoy remixing old works of art as well as creating new perceptions of common subjects like clouds and shoes. When creating, I am thinking about maximizing color harmony, inspired by natural phenomena such as birds of paradise and sunsets. I like to turn subjects into objects - for example, the clouds in "Eidolons" turn from clouds (subject) into flashes of color (object) through a process of digital editing. In this way, I demolish the common meaning of the image and create a new meaning for the object which transcends our current perception.

With the appropriation artwork, I give new life to older and more obscure works of art in the hope that, someday, someone will do the same with my art. I take great joy in revering and honoring the artists of the past, especially those forgotten. 

Bokeh Lights
Digital art. Includes elements of a public domain Ukiyo-e woodblock print by Utugawa Yoshiiku
Work Credit: 
Jack Zuckerman, Utugawa Yoshiiku
Eidolons #1
Digitally edited photography
Work Credit: 
Jack Zuckerman
Shoe Scenes - Shoe and Leg
Digitally edited photography
Work Credit: 
Jack Zuckerman
Eidolons #3
Digitally edited photography.
Work Credit: 
Jack Zuckerman
Skinny Dipping in the River Styx
Digital art. Contains elements of a public domain lithograph print by Albert Kretschmer
Work Credit: 
Jack Zuckerman, Albert Kretschmer
United States
Los Angeles
United Kingdom



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