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CAMP is a residential arts facility in the French Pyrenees. It's a place where great art is made, new movements are formed, new ideas are explored and groundbreaking people are nurtured. CAMP is located in Aulus les Bains, the last village before the France/Spain Pyrenean frontier chain. The location is spectacular - we are nestled at 750m above sea level, surrounded by snowcapped peaks over 3000m high, ancient forests and cascading waterfalls. There are eagles, lammergeiers, vultures, ibex and bears. Walk out of the residency, and within ten minutes you are completely alone in one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in Europe. Aulus les Bains is also a spa village - there are hot water springs, and a thermal spa in the village to take advantage of the healing and relaxing properties of the water.
Workshop dates: 23/03/2021 - 05/04/2021
Awne is an approach to art making where natural farming, agroforestry, buddhism, cosmocentric farming, biocultural systems, forest gardening and biomimicry meets sound and art. By looking at different ways of positioning yourself as nature (instead of in nature) you can take a different approach to your own practice. By using and exploring this approach to your practice it might increase your awareness of different processes that occur around us, the complexity of these processes, the sustainability of your practice and your place as nature. 

The workshop will consist of an introduction to this system, how to apply it to your own practice (music/art/can also be applied to other fields) and how to lower your impact on the environment while being active in your field. During the workshop we will attempt to create a piece of sound/art/text/anything based on this approach.

The first session will provide an introduction to Awne - interesting voices in natural farming, agroforestry, buddhism, cosmocentric farming, biocultural systems, forest gardening and biomimicry. It will examine the sustainability and permanence of your own practice. The second session will offer a practical approach to Awne, and how to set up your practice. After a two week break to work with the ideas covered so far, the third session will look at the work produced by the group so far. The fourth session will examine technical approaches to sound and image in combination with Awne, and the final session will cover theoretical approaches to Awne, before going through the final results produced by the group.

Lars Holdhus (TCF) is a Norwegian born artist and musician who deals with language, codes, signs and signifiers. Influenced by genetic code, cryptography and complex systems of encryption, his approach to his practice and art-making in general is not in communication but an in-depth investigation that strives towards a goal of making it's own system - often one that is self-referential, or an inversion of signs and signifiers that fold back in on themselves.

Recent exhibitions and performances include Inflected Objects #1 Abstraction, Swiss Institute, Milan, EBM(T), Listening Room and Shattered Preface, OSL Contemporary, Oslo. Holdhus' works reflect a strong sense of rhythm, seriality and melody, as well as a deep immersion in technology. In his recent works, Holdhus has been addressing tendencies in machine learning, AI and human interaction. He is also a producer of electronic music and is releasing music under the moniker TCF with a release out on Liberation Technologies and Ekster. His forthcoming records will come out on YYAA Tapes and PAN, both based in Berlin.

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