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Carolina Martins


PhD Fellow

Carolina Martins holds a degree in Art Studies and a post-graduate degree in Literary and Cultural Studies (University of Coimbra).
She currently holds a doctoral scholarship from FCT and is currently a doctoral student in the FCT PhD Programme in Advanced Studies in Materialities of Literature at the School of Arts and Humanities at the University of Coimbra. She is currently writing a thesis on the perspectives of spatiality in graphic narrative installations, which focus on the potential of architectonic spaces as narration agents through an interactional dynamics with other spaces (paper, screen) that contributes for the development and unfolding of the narrative itself. The thesis will have a practice-based chapter for which the installation “VAST/O”, with Natalie Woolf, is being produced. She also collaborates in fields such as contemporary dance and comics and her personal creative views are better expressed through photography work.


Antiques & Fine Art Dealer

Loreta Karamincheva is an antique dealer, who travels the world on a hunt of unique treasures of art and antiques. By buying and selling she connects people with items beyond distance and time.
In 2007 Loreta Karamincheva graduates her Bachelor degree of “History of Art” at University of Manchester. Her education path crosses Birkbeck University in London, and finally the Sotheby’s Institute of Art where she attains a graduate certificate for the Arts program.
 In 2009 Loretta opens her first own art gallery. The young antique dealer was born on May 7th 1988. Loretta spends her childhood fully surrounded by antiques in a family of antique collectors as well and this is where her passion for this kind of craft comes from.
Sandrine Astier



Sandrine Astier lives and creates in Brussels, Belgium. Her work is a combination of portraits and landscapes, mostly influenced by religious paintings and music.
She has painted privately commissioned paintings for clients from all over the globe and exhibited her work in various galleries throughout Europe.
Skulls Art . Augusto De Luca



Augusto De Luca, (Napoli, July 1, 1955) is an Italian photographer and performer.  He has taken the portrait of many famous people: Renato Carosone, Rick Wakeman, Carla Fracci, Hermann Nitsch, Pupella Maggio, Giorgio Napolitano.
After his classical studies, he graduated in Law.He became a professional photographer in the mid 70’ies. He dedicated himself to traditional photography and to experimentation with many photographic materials. He is internationally known and his exhibitions have been held in many galleries and Museums; he has made commercials, record covers and photo books. His photographs are kept in public and private collections such as the International Polaroid Collection (USA), the Paris National Library, the Rome Municipal Photographic Archive, the China National Aesthetic Arts Gallery (Beijing), the Charleroi Photography Museum (Belgium).
Katarzyna Bielak



Im a polish student, on 3rd year of education art. I do linocut, sculptures and analog photography.
Anastasija Kadiša


Master of Composition/Music Theory

Anastasija Kadiša (*1985) is a latvian composer and an art-performance artist.
She studied a music composition and music theory at the Jāzeps Vītols Music academy of Latvia, experimental music theatre at the Cologne University of Music and Theatre (Germany), contemporary composition and electronic music at the Basel Music academy (Switzerland) obtaining a master degree in composition/music theory. Additional studies of fine arts at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel (Switzerland) obtaining a master degree in fine arts by Muda Mathis. Anastasija ́ s music compositions are characterised by having strong visual and emotional inspiration sources. However more complex ideas she embodies in art- performances using in different objects, sounds, lights, space and her own composed music in symbolic way. Anastasija is particularly interested in the biblical scenes, ancient greek mythology, philosophy and numerology. Her works have been performed in different contemporary music and art festivals such as: Jaunās Mūzikas Dienas (Riga, Latvia), Viliaus Veidai (Vilnius, Lithuania), Usedomer Musikfestival, Brücken, Donaueschinger Musiktage, SWR Schwetiznger Festspiele (Germany), Today ́ s Music (Rome, Italy), electronic music festivals d ́ BÂLE (Switzerland) and New Music Day@soniscope (South Korea), art- performance festivals ACT ́ 15 and ACT ́ 16 (Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Switzerland), The European Biennial of Contemporary Art MANIFESTA 11 (Zurich, Switzerland), Moscow Autumn 2017 (Moscow, Russia), International Video and Performance Art Festival IT ́ S LIQUID (Venice, Italy), Kiyonori Sokabe Duo Series 4 (Tokyo, Japan), Mantova International Biennial for Contemporary Art, Playsonic Festival 2018 (Frankfurt, Germany) etc. 2007 she has been awarded the Olģerts Zīverss piano prize; 2011 she becomes a member of the Latvian Composer's Union; 2015 - 2017 she is the Deutsche Bank scholarship holder for the academy of contemporary music theatre. She has been awarded the International Andrea Mantegna Prize for artistic value and Leonardo da Vinci - The Universal Artist Prize in fine arts. At the moment she is living in Basel, Switzerland.
Birdy Tg



Birdy Tg is a French multimedia artist (photographer, painter, sculptor), writer (novelist, philosophical essayist, poet) and music author/composer.
Passionate from his younger age by Art in any of its forms, beside Literature and Art studies, he has also become a Doctor of Science. A quite unusual career path leading to an atypical body of Art. Birdy Tg is, first of all, a storyteller and a philosopher. Birdy Tg uses his numerous skills, each its turn according to what he wants to emotionally express into the best way, each skill being complementary of the other and never a repetition of another. He never uses Visual Art as a simple illustration of his novels or his music (and vice versa) but as an allegorical enhancement to go further and deeper into the artistic purpose. Birdy Tg peculiarly loves the symbiosis and the synergy it brings so, helping him in his constant quest of a renewal of the 19th century Total Art Concept. Art critics describe Birdy Tg 's art as conceptual, philosophical, narrative, allegorical, oneiric, romantic, symbolic and encoded. His artworks often question on human nature and its weaknesses, human soul and its emotions, and on the great mysteries that man has always had to face through history, art, literature, philosophy, psychology, religion and science. In his visual works, Birdy Tg much often uses photography in a non-conventional manner. He mostly uses photography pixels as a painter works on his canvas with pigments and brushes. Moreover, he often gladly mixes painting, drawing, and photography altogether. His artistic goal is to recreate the splendour of the detail, the keen eye for it, the exuberance of keys and codes that made the great days of Classical Painting, but in a very contemporary expression, using all of the latest photography technologies and including new ones he patiently invents and develops. He certainly masters any kind of photography technics, from silver to numeric, from fashion runways to studio portraits, outside landscapes to architecture, from raw street shots to very specialized collage compositions. His favourite visual expression and skill are very large format mixed media complex frescoes in which he can include up to several thousands of single photographs together and require up to 6 full months of constant work for a single artwork, making his collage technic one of the most unique and achieved in the world. Birdy Tg ’s work requires a lot of time for its preparation and all the necessary preparatory shots, but even more for its implementation and finalization. Everything must be perfectly planned from the very beginning. There is no accident in his art. This is how he can create virtual sceneries made of thousands of small realities and make them becoming an evident ever-existing truth. His very large formats lead the viewer inside his personal universe, into a full-immersion experience, and involve the viewer into a true treasure hunt thanks to the numerous encoded details. With the help of all the clues, evidence and artistic references inside his artworks, Birdy Tg leads the audience to become true actors involved into the search then to take a stand about the underlying philosophical problematic he submits. Escaping from all traditional classifications, far from what is usually given to see in the nowadays tidal wave of images, Birdy Tg’ s unique style can easily be recognized at once. This is of course a very intellectual body of work, with many different layers of lecture, from the first aesthetic level up to the most hermetic one, in which everyone, from children to art aesthetes and specialists, can easily find his own pleasure and interest. Sandrine Gulian – Official biographer of the artist "AWARDS in 2018" "- BRONZE MEDAL WINNER at TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS (Tifa) 2017 - JAPAN" "« Fine-Art » Category for « Lux Ex Tenebris »." "- HONORABLE MENTION at TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS (Tifa) 2017 - JAPAN" "Portfolio Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series." "- 1st PRIZE at GALA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS – 11th POLLUX AWARDS (2018)- USA" "“Alternative Process” Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series." "- 2nd PRIZE at GALA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS – 11th POLLUX AWARDS (2018)- USA" "“Open Theme” Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series." "- HONORABLE MENTION at GALA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS – 11th POLLUX AWARDS (2018)-" "USA - “Manipulation/Collages” Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series." "- HONORABLE MENTION at GALA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS – 11th POLLUX AWARDS (2018)-" "USA - “Fine-Art” Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series." "- BRONZE MEDAL WINNER at MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS (Mifa) 2018 - RUSSIA" "in Portfolio Category - Fine Arts for ""Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues""." "- HONORABLE MENTION at the INERNATIONAL EYEWIN AWARDS 2018 for Birdy Tg photograph" "“Lord of Butterflies”." "- HONORABLE MENTION at the INERNATIONAL EYEWIN AWARDS 2018 for Birdy Tg photograph" "“Legacy Cells”." "- HONORABLE MENTION at the INERNATIONAL EYEWIN AWARDS 2018 for Birdy Tg photograph" "“lux Ex Tenebris”." "- GOLD MEDAL WINNER (1st prize - Best Creative Photograph) at the INTERNATIONAL EYEWIN" "AWARDS 2018 - New Dehli - INDIA" "- BEST DIGITAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2018 at the INTERNATIONAL EYEWIN AWARDS 2018 -" "New Dehli - INDIA"
Anaïs Sarah



Citizen / Writer / Wanderer