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It is ideal for artists who want to create in luxury in the tropical climate of Southeast Asia.
La Fenice Art Gallery makes this apartment available to selected promising artists for a few months every year.
An apartment with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms on 22 floor of a resort style condo with luxury swimming pool and stunning views of the city and a mountain covered by lush jungle and populated by monkeys and beautiful tropical birds. Located in Northern part of Kuala Lumpur, 15 minutes walk away from famous Batu Caves Temple. KTM public train service to the city is 15 min walk away. A ride to the center is about 20 minutes, cost 50 cents. The rental price includes utility bills. Use of swimming pool, sauna, gym.  
Local prepaid sim card with calls and internet will cost you about 50 cents per day. There is a coin laundry in the building, plus cafes, 2 supermarkets, shops, 7/11 and restaurants.
This studio is ideal for those of you who want to explore this booming part of the world and living a luxury lifestyle while creating and preparing your new future exhibitions. Most suitable for those who want to have an international career and enjoy an expat lifestyle in a big vibrant, multi cultural, multi racial, colorful South East Asian capital.
If you need to apply for funding from your government, we will provide an invitational letter for you.
There is a possibility of a solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur or online at the end of the stay, for those who come for a longer stay, have a big enough body of quality works and can finance their exhibition.
We currently have Open Call for the periods 2019-2020. DEADLINE: ongoing. 
Available to 2 artists:
1. Studio in front room with mini kitchen corner 27 m2 + 1 bedroom 12 m2 + shared bathroom in the corridor. Sleeping mat on the wooden floor, table, chair, ceiling fans. Stunning views from 22nd floor! View of the city, mountains. Big windows. Luminous! Use of swimming pool. 490 Euros per month, (+100 Euros if you bring a second person with you), 45 Euros per day, (+10 Euros for the second person).

studio 27 m2
 plus small bedroom 12 m2
2. Studio in Master’s Bedroom 15.5 m2 + private bathroom 3 m2. Stunning views from 22nd floor! View of the city, mountains. Big corner window and a smaller side window. Luminous! Use of swimming pool. Sleeping mat on the wooden floor, table, chair, ceiling fan. 390 Euros per month, (+100 Euros if you bring a second person with you).
master's bedroom - studio 15.5 m2 + private bathroom 3 m2
240 degree open view of Kuala Lumpur  from the room

3. Studio in Smaller Bedroom 12 m2 + shared bathroom 3 m2. Stunning views from 22nd floor! View of the city, mountains. Big corner window and a smaller side window. Luminous! Use of swimming pool. Sleeping mat on the wooden floor, table, chair, ceiling fan. 350 Euros per month, (+100 Euros if you bring a second person with you). Ideal for a writer or if you are working on small works.
small bedroom - studio 12 m2
At times there will be the third artist in the third bedroom. It is possible to have the whole place (excluding the third bedroom) all by yourself at additional cost.
The sleeping mat in the room is queen size which means you can bring your spouse/friend. In that case there is a 100 Euros increase for the second person.
On arrival you will be asked to pay 150 Euros deposit that will be used in case of damages or lost access card/keys. It will be given back to you on your departure day.

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A Retreat in Princes' Islands - Tab Residency Autumn Applications






Tab Residency program offers artists a residential space to devote time and focus on creating both individually and collectively and a gallery space to be used for solo exhibitions, performances, music collaborations, and spontaneous conversations.


Tasarim Bakkali (Tab), founded and run by artists, is open to all contemporary artists throughout the year. The residency periods are organized with open calls for three month periods and applications are accepted before the deadline of the open calls.



The Princes´ Islands are an archipelago off the Anatolian coast of Istanbul, Turkey, mostly car free, naturally and historically preserved area. Ten minutes walk from Büyükada port, the residency building is a four floored shared building, one floor for the studio spaces, one floor for accommodation rooms, one floor for common spaces such as kitchen and living room and a garden.


The residency studios does not contain any specific workshops so they can be used for many kinds of work. The studios are reorganized considering the needs of each artist. Please feel free to ask for other equipment or tools besides listed, depending on your needs. Disciplines involved can be visual arts, industrial design, fashion, interior design, conceptual art, literary arts, architecture, new media, performing arts (the artist should consider the size of the exhibition space), multi disciplinary works, any kind of recycle, upcycle or reuse projects.


Visual Art

New Media




Film Making




Performing Arts

Textile Art




Internet Connection

Electronics tools, printer, scanner, basic painting equipment, well equipped toolbox (drill, jigsaw, dremel, bench grinder...) and various materials to be reused for upcycle and recycle projects.

Musical Instruments





Woodworking Tools

What is expected of the artist:
The artist should prepare an exhibition in Istanbul for the particular gallery space.
Donation of an artwork is not mandatory but will be appreciated.
The artist should straighten out the needs and style of production beforehand.
The artist should be experienced enough to design and prepare an exhibition in a limited time. (1-3 months)
The artist should provide information about old works and exhibitions.
A residency fee of 700 euros monthly should be paid before the beginning of the residency.

What are the benefits of the program:
The residency in Büyükada offers the artists a quiet and peaceful living and studying opportunity, very close to the charming chaos of Istanbul.
The artist will have the chance to prepare a solo exhibition in Istanbul.
The exhibition will be exposed to the community via certain media channels.


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spätsommer artist residency





Annex:art is pleased to offer its annual Spätsommer Artist Residency program which take place in the late summer months from September 15 - October 31. This residency program is being offered in cooperation with Kleindorf-art located in beautiful Havelland County , about 50 miles from Berlin, Germany. The residency program is open to creative individuals working in any genre, including visual art, music and literature.

Dates: September 15 - October 31 (annually)

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la maison neuve artist residency - Ardèche




Annex:art is pleased to offer its annual La Maison Neuve Artist Residency, which takes place during the month of June. This residency program, which is being offered in cooperation with Sol 66, is located in the beautiful Ardèche region of south-central France - about 75 miles from Lyon, France. The residency program is open to creative individuals working in any genre, including visual art, music and literature.

Dates: June 1 - 30 (annually)

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ArtVenturists wanted

We’re looking for visionaries. Artists. Makers. Explorers of the miraculously phenomenal.  The ones who push the boundaries, who enlarge our space with new ideas, expand our sense of what is possible. 

A fresh perspective from the American West

Brighter skies. Wider horizons. Clear thinking. Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. On the edge of the continent, we invite you to expand the frontier of the art world. Forty minutes south of San Francisco, our studio is located along the ocean in Half Moon Bay.​

During your residency, you’ll have the ability to create art surrounded by rugged coastline and mountains. Work with passion and purpose. Engage with other participating artists. Collaborate, converse, build relationships, and be open to possibility.


Following your residency you have the opportunity to curate your own show at Art Ventures gallery in Menlo Park, CA. Centered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Menlo Park is home to Facebook, Apple, Google, Tesla, and many more. You won’t find skyscrapers here. Instead this low-rise landscape houses a mash up of startups, tech visionaries and entrepreneurs eager for the next new thing.

Use the Art Ventures gallery space as you see fit. Hang your work, build an environment, set up an installation, find your audience, and connect.

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Artist Residency in New York City - July 2019 - Register Today




Residency Dates: July 22 - 27, 2019 

Dacia Gallery is pleased to announce its Artist Residency Program in New York City. The painting intensive program will comprise of drawing and painting the figure from life, guest lecturers, a business of art course and gallery visits. Additionally, Dacia Gallery will host a group exhibition of the artwork you created during the workshop. The residency is open to all visual artists and will accommodate all levels of experience. Artists living in New York, national and international artists are invited to attend. This is a wonderful opportunity to study and paint in NYC, if you are interested in participating register today, spots are limited.

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