Tattoo Artist Residency

Are you a tatto artist with a NSW licence or  looking for an opportunity with a tattoo studio?  If you are who they want, then you will be eliable for for a subsidised residency at the Broken Hill Art Exchange.

Open call for Broken Hill Art Exchange Residencies

Residential Studio Centre, Broken Hill, Far West New South Wales, Australia

Available to individuals and groups from academic, business and / or artistic fields.

Suitable for field trips & environment related activities in situ.

The Broken Hill Art Exchange live - in residencies provide accommodation with private studios to all sectors and disciplines including the applied arts & crafts and visual, performance and literary artists.

Call out | Emerging Artists for Platform #22 Exhibition

Emerging Artists call-out

Platform for Emerging Arts #22

Proposed Exhibition dates 14 – 25 May 2019

This is a call-out to emerging artists who wish to participate in a curated group exhibition as part of Leyden Gallery’s quarterly lease programme Platform for Emerging Arts

The 2019 Christenberry Scholarship

The late William Christenberry was best known for his evocative photographs, collages, assemblages, paintings, drawings, and sculptures of his birthplace, Hale County, Alabama, and for his haunting vision of the American South.  As a teacher and mentor to hundreds of students at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC he was a guiding force for aspiring artists.

The Playground deeper

Saturday February 16th 12pm & 1pm 

The Playground deeper workshop on collaboration. 
'Tooling-up' artists of different disciplines in working together. 

Are you a visual artist, choreographer, musician, lighting designer, photographer, costume designer, dancer ?

This workshop is for you. Meet artists of various fields and connect. 

Tickets from £6…

Photo collage by Deborah Jaffe Elliot Franks Elena Fortin Photography

CALL | Self-Directed Artist in Residence | Call for Applications | Ongoing

Indulge in an affordable Self-Directed Artist Residency in the historic Caetani heritage house in Canada's wine country - the Okanagan Valley of BC. The self-directed residencies are open to emerging and established artists, writers and creatives (of all disciplines) for a timeframe between 2 weeks to 3 months.

Number of Participants

You are welcome to apply as an individual, as artistic collaborators, and as couples. Our 3 residencies consist of 3 private rooms sharing a second floor suite including bathroom, kitchen, living room, library and main floor entryway.



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